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The slump is over. Part 1 (Recent paint jobs)

Well, it’s not what I excepted. The break, I mean. What the fudge?! I was over occupied with tons of other things, and all of the sudden – I find this huge gap on my blog. No updates for ages. Recently, I finally added the entry to the blog (after a few months of break), and right now I need to catch up with  writing and showing of my painting jobs.

So, let’s sum things up for a start.

Still living in Spain, in small town of Canet de Mar, about 30 km north of Barcelona. For now, me and my wife decided to give up on travelling for some time and focus more on work. And the settled life is opportunity for me to paint even more, to train my painting skills and finally to get some extra cash of painting commissions…

…worry not. Soon, I’ll be on the road again (January 2018 if nothing unexpected will occur), and until then I’ll paint like crazy and try to be better painter. And believe me, 14000 habitants town is the perfect setting for that. Absolutely no distractions.

In a few following entries I’m going to catch up all the models I’ve painted in last months, plus except some extra content – battle reports, scenarios and more. No excuses this time. Back to blogging for good.

Ok, so first go my recent Infinity Nomads miniatures.

Reverend Moiras


…also known as half naked nuns with big nuns.  These are the miniatures that you can either love or hate. Well, you can have mixed feelings too. Like me.





Don’t get me wrong – these sculpts are great (like most of Corvus Belli offer), but there’s something about this nunspoltation idea I don’t entirely get…. (just personal point of view:)…


…but to be honest who cares. The models are fine and keep high standards of all Infinity range. One thing, though. The Moira pointing the sword straight ahead – it’s  an older model (not a current release) and if you look carefully, you can spot her. This model is little bit out of the rest. Ror sale on my Ebay page.



…also known as Kitty- Kitty Pink Gal ;). This is the model for all manga fans among Infinity players. The core of this game and its aesthetics is put into this model. Personally I love it (what a lovely idea for a doctor;). Some, may think it’s too cute for Infinity setting, which is after all – the war. Definitely, not a place for cute girl.

This model is for sale on my Ebay page.

Cassandra Kusanagi


The Sister Superior of The Reverend Moiras of Bakunin. Strange pose, I must say, but it makes sense. Very dynamic, caught in the jump at the enemy with a sword in one hand and a gun ready to fire in the other. One of the best model of Corvus Belli ever released, in my opinion.

Reverend Healer


Great Model. Female shooter bending one knee, aiming at enemy. Love the sculpt. I must say Corvus Belli manufactured great models with sculpts like that, and that makes me love almost whole Infinity range.

Riot Grrls







Crazy bad ass anarcho feminists of the galaxy. You don’t want to stay on their way. I’ve painted 5 of them, chosen by the client.The one flipping her middle finger (my favourite) is waiting for her way in the painting line:). Maybe later this year.



Not really sure, the purpose of this guy in the game. I painted him as a part of commission along with Moderators batch. As far as I’m aware, it’s quite old sculpt, not produced by CB any more.




And finally, the last but not least – The Moderators. The cannon fodder of the Bakunin. They attack and they die so quick. But, hey! They give the player so many precious orders. So, every  respected Bakunin player should have a bunch of them. I painted a few Moderators over last months. Right now, they have nice cosy home somewhere in UK.

All those Infinity miniatures were based by using resin bases from my favourite basing company – Micro Art Studio (Designed for Infinity Urban bases series). Simple and very effective solution for any SF models.

That was a nice batch of models I really enjoyed to paint. It made me a little sad though – selling my models and giving up on Infinity game. Well, that’s life. I mean, hobby life. You play games you like, but there are so many of them, and the time is limited. I needed to give up on something, to concentrate on other games. Infinity was unfortunately chosen to give up. I’ll be concentrating more on Oldhammer games and models for personal projects. But thanks to commissions, I have the opportunity to paint wider selection of models – like these Infinity or Malifaux (which will be coming in next post).

Until next time!


  1. Very nice mate, I absolutely love the orange on the first batch – so crisp and bright!! Works really well with the bright green swords too man, superb!

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