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The Greenskinz are coming!

The painting challenge, I got into, is about to start, so it’s time to reveal my intentions.

I got several unpainted armies in different states of completion. All miniatures are stored in boxes, cases or drawers, carefully organised by theme. There, are Undead, Dwarfs, Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs,  Space Orks…and a few more… they all should get my full attention one by one, slowly making a pile of unpainted lead a little bit smaller, but no… what I do?! I add another thing to the pile…Here I am -a self destructive hoarder 😉

It’s helpless case, so I don’t even pretend I’m able to do something with that.

Luckily for me it’s not the point here. Instead let’s focus on my next big thing:

The Waaghnificent Green Horde

To be honest I always wanted to do this. And recently a few thighs happened that triggered the start.

First, I mentioned the challenge I’m in – click here do read more about it. This is about painting honour. No retreat.

Second, personal matter. Horde vs horde. My friend, Adam, is doing  Halfling Army now, so there’ no other choice than paint a counterpart army – The Goblins. Little ones of The Old World! It’s your time!

Third, during Polish Oldhammer Weekend I was simply amazed how Greenskins armies are unpredictable, funny and annoying for the opponent. And I wanted that, man! To be part of that! Skaven are meant to be chaotic on the battlefield, but Orcs and Goblins! These guys are ultimate fun. Animosity, Shamans with explosive heads, Flying Suicide Goblins, (Fun)atics and more! So, ‘ere we go! ‘ere I go!

…and finally Fourth, I’d like to be this army based on alternative manufacturers models. And we live in truly blessed times now. There are so many hobby options – so many beautiful miniatures available. And Greenskins? They are literally everywhere:) I chose Knightmare Miniatures as my main provider, a few models from Foundry and only 2-3 Citadel models.

My army will look something like this:

102-axazpyus-goblin-commander-1Goblin King Glaxo Slimslom. Self proclaimed King of local Goblin clans: the big, nasty Black Goblins and tiny, sneaky Doom Goblins – Glaxo pulled local chieftains together and united two feuding clans under his command. Points: 182 /including 130 points for magic items of further choice/


95-qionnrcl-army-standard-bearers-1Two Brothers. Twin Goblin Brothers, with no actual name /simply known as Two Bros/. They proudly bear a big pole with King Glaxo Slimslom’s war banner. Points: 93 /including 25 points for a magical banner of further choice/.




88-ylscxn8x-bruja-goblin-1Gertrude, The Green Witch. One of the very few Goblin females ever appeared publicly. Incredible smart, and sneaky as hell. The rumour says that Gertrude is behind the surprising King Glaxo success of unification. Points: 234 /3. level Shaman. 75 points reserved for possible magic items/


77-owwjtqit-shaman-goblin-feral-1Glip-glop. Serious fungus addict and expert in that matter. And Chief Shaman of Doom Goblins tribe. Fungi are his whole life and his study of various species of fungi is well known across entire Goblindome. Points: 158 /2. level Shaman. 75 points for magic items/.



89-skfu7mkq-black-goblin-command-group-130 Black Goblins. Vicious lads. Desperately try to act and look like their bigger cousins – Black Orcs. Not entirely successful… Points: 208 /50 reserved for magical banner/


43-klp96jj2-grupo-de-mando-doom-230 Doom Goblins. Long distance relatives of Night Goblins. Living in the caves of Drakwald Forest, follow Glip-Glop The Shaman with fanatical obedience. Points: 245.5 /Boss with 25 points magic item. Magical Banner : 50 points. Two Fanatics/

93-deedbick-goblin-wolf-riders-510 Warg Pack. The wolf riders, elite unit of the King Glaxo court. Points: 156



74-krdqqirr-trebuchet-1Goblin Rock Lobba. Points: 66,5



78-bvy4ffp9-bolt-thrower-1Goblin Big Arrow Launcher. Points: 46.5



112-s1zge7cr-carruaje-goblin-3The Lupo Cart. Goblin Wolf chariot. Points: 85



doomdiverFlying Suicide Goblin Brigade. or simply The Doomdiver. Points: 100




giant trollRisotto, The Giant Troll. Incredibly dumb but faithful and effective bodyguard of The Goblin King. No one will pass trough him. Mainly because, no one ever tried. This guy’s too huuuuge and too scary! Points: 230./I plan to use home-made rules for The Troll Giant and the amazing Foundry model for Risotto/


99-rhinbjfo-troll-leader-1.jpgNoob-Noob and the Ladz. Infamous Troll Noob-Noob and his two henchmen. Looting human settlements on weekends. During weekdays – sleep all day and night. King Glaxo promised Noob-Noob shiny things and fungi. Noob-Noob didn’t think long and joined the cause… Points: 195



TOTAL: 1999,5 points

The story of King Glaxo Slimslom is barely an outline and need to be developed. And I plan to do this during the year, while I slowly will paint the models and all  details will be revealed.

Ok and finally, my pledge for the first stage of the challenge. Between November 1st 2018 and January 31st 2019 I’ll try to paint following models:

  • King Glaxo Slimslom. 182 points
  • Unit of Doom Goblins with fanatics. 275 points
  • Big Arrow launcher: 46.50 points

Total: 503.50

I see one major obstacle here. I actually don’t have any models for my army:) I already ordered all I need from Knightmare Minitures, but now I head to Thailand and I will receive the order in second half of December the soonest. So, I’ll have about 1,5 months to finish my pledge. Totally doable:) Wish me luck!

Disclaimer. Sorry, for no actual photos of the miniatures I plan to paint. I used the pictures of superbly painted Knightmare Miniatures and Foundry from their websites. They are just for presentation purposes.

…and meantime my rivals work on their project with painting journals of their own on the following blogs:

  1. Adam – Halflings /using Citadel Journal #36 army list/
  2. Piotr – Chaos Dwarfs /Big Hats, yo!/
  3. Jan – Lizardmen
  4. Jarek – Chaos
  5. Tomek – Dwarfs
  6. Max – Dogs of War

Good luck lads!




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