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Clan Pestilens… Doom of man-things! Yes-Yes!

Back to work! Yes-yes! And back to my beloved Skaven!

Some time ago I planned my next milestone in my Warhammer Fantasy Battle Skaven Army. Grey Seer Quicksqueek died in the battle and my army at the moment has no leader. Clanrats fled, Stormvermin disbanded and Doomwheels destroyed. Gloomy future lied ahead of Skaven… New leader is essential to rebuild the glory of Under-empire (look for Quicksqueek story in Battle Reports section),

So, last week I’ve just painted NEW proper leader (…and finally today I’ve found some time to make the photos).

You know, my army composition will differ a little bit from what I used to play until now. I’ll aim to complete Clan Pestilens mono army (maybe with Nurge Daemons allies as nice addition), so from now on I’ll paint mostly these sickness -spreading rodents:).

…so, here it is – my first representative of proud Clan Pestilens – Plague Priest!


The model is dated 2004 and it was released along with Lustria Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition. It has typical sculpt for Skaven of that era. The muzzle is full of sharp teeth is quite different from what we can see now days in Skaven – it’s longer and wider. Definitely bigger and more scary…

…and personally I love the miniature – big fat belly. Abscesses all over the body. Censer over the head. And lots of skulls – humans, Goblins, Orks, Dwarfs (no Lizardmen skulls though – the Lustria hasn’t been plundered yet:).


I had huge deal of fun painting this fellow. As usual I used Citadel Paints.

For Skaven flesh I always use Kislev Flesh with Reikland FleshShade. I know there are some painters who paint Skaven all covered with fur, but I always think of Skaven more like men than rats. Therefore I leave lot of skin with spots of fur here and there.

For coat I used Waagh Flesh (WF) and I lighten up it with mixture of white/WF.

Skulls. Lots of skulls here:. Traditionally – Ushabti Bone washed with Reikland Fleshshade.

Fur – black, with Stormvermin Fur  and Administratum Grey lightening.

..the best part started though with painting abscesses and spots. Cool stuff indeed:) First: Pink Horror (PH) then I gradually go for mixture of PH/Kislev Flesh. Washed gently first with Reikland Fleshshade and then with Carrobourg Crismon (CC). Little veins also painted with CC.It was pure sick joy painting these – I need to get some Daemons of Nurgle to master more skin diseases effects:).

For base – resin Wyrdstone Mines from Fantascape. My only ad the best choice for my Skaven project.


Idea for my new Skaven project is still growing in my head, but already I have some basic structure in mind. Goal: 2000 points of pure Clan Pestilens (in Warhammer FB 8th edition rules) commanded by Lord Skrolk. When Lord Skrolk is army’s general, Plague Monks become core option – so this will give me lots of choices, beside Clanrats or Slaves.


Generally I’d like to avoid selecting any specialist units from Clans Skryre, Eshin or Moulder. And absolutely no Grey Seers. Clan Pestilens despise Grey Seers…spit on them!

As special choice – unit of Censer bearers or two, and from rare – Plague Catapult of course:)

This will be pure fun army, not destined to win at any cost, but before I complete it – I believe I’ll play more mixed army – adding some Stormvermin unit or Doomwheel. This will be temporary solution, until I paint all necessary models. I brought to Asia with me, regiment of 30 Plague Monks to paint – so first step will be done soon:).

…and also I think about getting one or two units of Nurge Plague Bearers lead by Daemon Herald to add as ally. This will complete fluffiness of the army  – Plague will spread all across the man-things kingdoms. Pestilens will rule the world!

Even more Clan Pestilens possibilities are waiting for me in previous editions of WHFB. Talking about my favourite 5th edition here – Cancer Bearers were pretty badass there and frenzied Lord Skrolk had 8 attacks! These were the times! In 6th edition on other hand I have Lord Nurglitch’s himself (model waiting to be painted:) army list at my disposal. Blessed be Horned Rat! This will be so awesome!

So, long story short – Clan Pestilens rule OK!

Plans for near future: Friday I’m heading back to Bangkok and Saturday I plan to go to Battlefield Bangkok store where I’m going to play another Warhammer 40000 game. For some time now to I slowly paint my  Blood Angels  – first I painted them with Mephiston Red and washed them with Agrax Earthshade. Now I’m gradually adding some details. As many as possible. I hope I will finish them before Bangkok, but even if I won’t make it – they still will look good. Everything looks better than black prim miniatures:)

Until next time!


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