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Malifaux kids.

Edit (01.03.2015): I changed photos for better quality.

Ok. Here I go again. For the last few weeks I have pretty good run. Since me and my wife have tons of work to do, we do not have much time to wander around (plus we are in very well known area – Koh Chang in Thailand, where we were few times before:), so any free time I have – I paint. And I paint like crazy. Of course I watch carefully for any decline of quality. Any rush in painting matter is not desirable. Patiently I’ll reach all my goals.

Now, it’s the time for some Malifaux for a change;). I paint Malifaux in turns with Infinity, Wolsung and Games Workshop models, trying to shuffle between all my projects and slowly push them forward simultaneously.

…and it’s time for younger generation. Malifaux children to be exact:).

In Pandora “No Shelter Here” box there are several models – Pandora herself, Poltergeist, Sorrows and said children – Baby Kade and Candy.


Painting them were really unique experience. Rather rarely I have opportunity to paint such small miniatures. Everything is so tiny! My shaken, old hands are not stable enough to paint so small creatures;). I was forced to scale the heights of my painting skills to focus on barely visible Candy’s shoes;).

First kid, or rather baby is clearly Baby Kade:). B.K. is like worst nightmare infant haunting every character in many horror movies. It’s like Malifaux essence. Pure evil crawling around with the knife, laughing diabolically at the same time.  Honestly, if I met Kade in real life, it would have scared shit out of me.


And miniature? Rather simple. Small baby with the knife in its hand plus cool addition – teddy bear. I painted Kade using Ushabti Bone. That plus some slightly wash of Seraphim Sepia, gave it proper pale look, like every nightmare kid should have. I made its eyes white and hollow and hair- light grey. Not usual kid, am I right?

Kade’s obligatory companion – Teddy Bear will be one of the first miniature I plan to paint after I get back to Poland. They will look awesome together – small baby and huge bear. Like a cartoon couple (hellish cartoon, of course:).

…and the second kid – Candy. Sweet and as good as gold girl. The reference picture available on Pandora box presents Candy as dark, goth girl with black hair,wearing depressing colours. When I grabbed the mini in my hands, I almost immediately knew I want something different for her. Lovely piggy tails and old fashioned dress, just asked for another scheme.

Blond hair, and white/blue dress and white tights. Sweet and dangerous, don’t you think? Alice in Wonderland was the inspiration here. Of course, Candy is more like here twin evil sister. No way she can behave. Just look at that glowing skull along the candy sticks in her basket:).  And the same hollow gaze, like in the case of Baby Kade… the horror continues…;).


I tried here simple OSL techique – trying to make the skull glow. As base I used Moot Green (watered down), washed with Biel-Tan Green. Gently I highlighted the areas around the skull and here it is. I do not feel confident with OSL, but from time to time I go for it.

Bases  – Micro Art Studio is my number one provider in that matter. For Candy I used Cobblestone base and for Baby Kade – Wood base. Available in Micro Art Studio online store.

Baby Kade and Candy are part of Pandora ‘No Shelter Here’ box set, which is available in Wyrd online store or in many independent retailers like Wayland Games.

Next in line for Malifaux – Poltergeist and Sorrows. I will start these in about two weeks, painting them in one batch (the scheme is the same, so it’s natural course of action). When I finish them – I will have complete two crews for Malifaux – Lilith and Pandora, which give enough alternatives to play the game. In April, I will begin Operation Malifaux – trying to play as much as possible – and write battle reports for the blog, of course.

By the way – this week I’ve published my miniatures photo gallery. During last year I’ve gathered quite a few photos, so I’ve decided to finally open one:). You can find it in upper menu of the blog, or just click here. From now on, every miniature will be presented in the gallery. Furthermore, when the number of pictures will be too big – I will divide it to sub galleries presenting different game systems.

Plans for the future: Until 14th March I’ll be on Koh Chang – plenty of time to paint, I must say, so therefore I have pretty ambitious plans – paint all my Malifaux (3 Sorrows and Poltergeist), Infinity (Moderator, Reverend Custodier and Sin Eater) and Wolsung (Wandering Actor and Lady Ellendeane) models plus whatever Warhammer minis I manage to add to this batch (and I have quite few of these:). So, at least 9 minis in less than 3 weeks. Doable:) After Koh Chang trip to Poland!

Until next time!


  1. Wonderful painting, as usual. It amazes me that your work is so good it still looks without blemish even when magnified by the camera. You only need to collect Iggy and some Crooligans to have all the non-Outcast children from Malifaux now!

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    • thanks. really nice to hear that:) but you can’t even imagine how long I was working on them! too tiny for my skills, I tell you that! no more kids please! at least no soon:) …but yeah other factions – for sure. already bought McMourning box set, so Crooligans – some day as well:)


  2. Alternating activations also, on a higher level, change the whole experience of a wargame. In more traditional turn structures you develop a plan and then execute it. Sure, things might go wrong with this execution – that certain attack misses or that long shot miraculously works. However, you’re still basically picking a strategy and then watching it unfold. Malifaux’s turn structure is much more responsive. You never know what’s going to happen from activation to activation, and this makes it much more like a real fight – you have to constantly be adapting and responding to the punches your opponent throws.

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    • yeah, so far played once and I noticed the difference right away and it seems really complex at many levels. next week I’m going back to Poland and play Malifaux big time. I got two masters – Lilith and Pandora – painted (few more boxes unopened waiting for me) so it’s time for Malifaux!


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