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The Wight King

Few months ago I had this uncontrolled urge to buy miniature. Well, to be frank, I got this all the time 9who hasn’t? :), but now I buy miniatures I really need, or at least I think I need:). But few months ago – I was totally out of control. I saw bargains almost everywhere – and well, there were maybe steep discount, true that, but if I really needed so many Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire models? Or this Wight King I painted last week? The answer is: I don’t have a clue:).


The truth is, I really like to paint. It is recently my only leisure activity – I paint few hours a day, sometimes even longer. Sometimes, strolling across internet I stumble upon some sweet deal – I can’t resist – I imagine how cool I could paint that model and it everything else is too blurry – bid, add to the card, pay… and all of the sudden I have this Wight King in my collection, not entirely sure how I could use it…

So, I made a decision, some part of my collection is going to Ebay. I’ll paint these minis, make few pictures of them, and off they go. Maybe someone will buy them, maybe not. At least, I have clear mind and not have to worry about it any more. The purpose was set:).


As for the Wight King itself – when I look at the model, no wonder I grabbed it. One of the best fantasy model released by Games Workshop. And it comes with plastic base, so it’s actually full kit. Just assemble it and paint. Simple as that.


Whole model is practically entirely covered in armour. Beside fur and coat, he wears chain mail, shield and plate armour. On the head – helmet with the golden crown.

So, the idea was to paint the armour part like Wight King were buried in the tomb for centuries or longer. Chain mail rusted, plate dirty and old. To paint it like that I had to overdose washes. I applied Nuln Oil, Aghrax Earthshade plus little bit Biel-Tan Green over Ironbreaker. While doing highlights – I paint only those most prominent parts and leave the rest. The same with golden parts – helmet and the crown. Balthasar Gold washed with Agrhax Earthshade, highlighted gently with Gehenna’s Gold. On the armour few marks and scratches after many battles fought while the king was still alive. And here it is. This armour remembers the ancient history of the Old World.


The second thing – Wight Blade. At official referral Games Workshop photo, the sword is old and rusty. I don’t know how thing are right now – no matter 8th edition or Age of Sigmar, but I was raised during 4/5th edition of WHFB. And back then in mid 1990s – the blade was magical (it was inflicting D3 wounds if I remember correctly), so rust the sword would not seemed right for me. I prefer to paint it like a proper enchanted weapon – in this case greenish slight glow. Paints: base – Caliban Green, and blends from Warboss Green to Moot Green mixed with white. All covered with mix of Biel-tan Green with water, to make the transitions between colour look more natural.  And that way, Wight King has nice magical Tomb blade, as it should.


Red coat – different shades of red. Base: Mephiston Red, and highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet. Top layer is Wild Rider Red, as well as for edging. Whole surface covered with Aghrax Earthshade. And at very end – I added some dirt on the lover area of the coat.

And as I wrote – it goes straight to Ebay. I had my time, painting Wight King, but right now somebody else would do better usage of him. More than me, that’s for sure:).

Plans: Yesterday evening until late night, I sat and painted bases for my Skaven army. This will occupy me for quite some time – I have 120 Skaven to finally be properly based, and I have 2 weeks for it. I’m in a hurry, cause April 16th I’ll be taking part small tournament, and all models are about to be looking top notch. Tabletop quality is out of the question. Plus 30 Plague Monks to be painted. I believe I can do it, no big deal. I just need only 5 hours of sleep for next two weeks and focus only on hobby. Aaagh… Go for it!

Until next time!


  1. Very nice work – he looks great. I’m literally working on that very model right now (ok, 3 minutes ago) for my painting challenge after having it sit around for months and months half-painted.
    Interesting to see many of the same colour choices as well. The red, purple, gold in the same places. Stained, aged armour and chain. I haven’t started on the sword at all yet, but you’ve given me some interesting things to talk about there. I’ve rebased him, though and my fur is different, so there’s at least some elements that are more unique. 😉

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  2. Great work on that Wight – absolutely agree with you on that magical sword (even though I love rust that just isn’t the place for it). I also completely sympathies with you on the bargain hunting/compulsive buying (case in point – reading this post made me want to buy a Wight King…). Partly I think it’s the fact that GW and Forgeworld are clearing out so much stock at the moment – I keep seeing things I’ve always wanted and thinking “If I don’t buy it now I’ll be paying three times its value on ebay in a couple of weeks”.

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  3. fantastic work. and i identified with a lot of that post. i too struggle with self-control, and I too love painting and can sit for hours painting minis. it really is one of the finest pleasures in life.

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  4. It’s one of those figures that however you try to paint it differently from what you’ve seen before, the cloak just has to be red. Love your take though – way better than my effort, to the point where I want to strip mine and re-do it!

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