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Battle Report: Malifaux – Neverborn (Lilith) vs Arcanists (Kaeris)

In recent post I presented impressions I had from my first games of Malifaux. My final overall performance (without mentioning the final results;) was, let’s say, at least mediocre. Learning the rules, abilities and action – it all will take time to get it right.

…but I wasn’t discouraged at all. Quite opposite. I wanted more. Opportunity occurred few days after ‘Hunt for Soulstone’ event, when I had the chance to stand against official Henchman – Rafał, and his Arcanists. It may was like thrown in at the deep end, but what a hell! There is no better way to learn the game, than by getting heavy beating.

No new models on my side – Lilith and Pandora with some additions, but my options are still limited. I will get to painting Malifaux soon, and my faction will grow, but for now – it is what it is.

We played 50 Soulstones game and we used new Strategies and Schemes Pool.

Deployment: Flank

Strategy: Guard The Stash

Schemes: Convict Labor, Take Prisoner, Leave Your Mark, Search the Ruins, Show of Force.

I chose: Leave Your Mark and Show of Force.

The game took place in Nike Bookstore, former Faber-Faber Hobby Store.

Background Story


Humans! Here? Now? Always humans – like a disease spreading across the country. But humans, in The Ruins where Lilith’s Nephilims hid her case of Soulstones, now – it was no coincidence. It was deliberate action against proud, and rightful habitants of Malifaux. Cleanse the pestilence, kill all humans and protect my Soulstones! – Lilith ordered and Nephilims howled with blood’s lust. Their Mother’s words were the command, so they rushed at incoming foes with no hesitation.

Neverborn fighting for the stash:


Barbaros (with Nephilim Gladiatus)

Candy (with Fears Given Form)

Mature Nephilim (with Obsidian Talons)



Terror Tot


Lilith’s Neverborn


…at the southern corner of the site. Mature Nephilim hidden behind the trees:)


It seemed like splendid idea to hide the crate of precious gems and gold in the eastern fringes of Quarantine Zone. Abandoned ruins it was perfect spot. There was one problem though – Kaeris’s men did not expected disturbing surprise in the area. Vile creatures of night – those Neverborn filth hid their loot in the nearby site. Led by Lilith, that wicked witch, they were about to steal Kaeris precious stash. Oh, No they won’t! Neverborn will learn once and for all – do not mess with Miners and Steamfitters Union! They own this territory and anything in it!

Following member of Arcanists will try to deal with Neverborn in encounter for double loot:

Anasalea Kaeris (with Grab and Drop, Arcane Reservoir)

Johana (with Bleeding Edge Tech)

Firestarter (with Imgued Energies)

Mechanical Rider


Eternal Flame

Arcane Effigy





Kaeris and her crew.

Turn 1. Grab the stash!


Deployment. Two stash markers in the centre. Neverborn on the south. Arcanists on the north.


At the moment Kaeris noticed silhouettes at the horizon, she felt trouble is near. She was right, of course. Those damned Neverborn, claiming the land and all treasures on this side of The Breech. She will give them a lesson. One by one, they will burn in infernal fire. With that thought she ignited Flare and almost instantly the area around Kaeris blazed in flames. Willie, Eternal Flame, Arcane Effigy, Johana and Mechanical Rider – they all started to burn!

And actually that was 100 % sane idea – they all gained ability to fly carried by Wings of Fire. They all flew to the centre of the site trying to secure both pieces of loot. Time was the essence!


Mechanical Rider came to left stash. Kareis, Johana and Effigy will follow its lead soon.

Meanwhile, Neverborn also hurried driven by exact same agenda. Lilith claimed the loot is her, and her children were about to deliver it. Lilith, Mature Nephilim and Candy moved to to the left flank, where Mechanical Rider and Johana were heading, and rest of The Neverborn tried to secure right stash.


Candy and Lilith moving to the left…


…and Lilith kept her eyes on mechanical Rider.

When Weldgeist was almost next to the stash, it Germinated. He planted his root-like legs and all of the sudden in front of Wadgeist two massive trees grew in the matter of seconds. They provided perfect cover for Waldgeist. All the more, Gunsmith took it at his aim – and shot. Luckily for tree-folk, the bullet bounced off one of the branches of the trees.


Gunsmith shot at Waldgeist…


…but trees protected Waldgeist.

All Arcanist models that flew with Wings of Fire put markers in the end of their movement.


Situation at the end of Turn 1

Turn 2. Burn them all!

The site was divided into two fighting groups. On the left side – Mechanical Rider and Johanna were facing Mature Nephilim and Lilith (while Candy was on her way there). Meantime on the right, Kaeris, Gunsmith, Willie, Eternal Flame and Firestarter were against Waldgeist, Doppelganger, Barbaros and Terror Tot.

…and literally all the area stood in flames!

Let’s focus on the left flank first.

Machinal Rider gained the speed and charged mature Nephilim. Neverborn creature was pierced by Chain Spear and wounded badly. Black Blood burst from his open wound, splashing all around, even on Mechanical Rider and its steed. Corrosion burned the metal construction immediately.

All of the sudden woman rider started to glow. Mysterious aura around started to spread and flash light was covered her surrounding. She was Revelling in Creation. That bright glowing effect attracts constructs of all kind like the lamp moths. This time Fire Gamin appeared answering the call of The Rider, blocking the way between Rider and Nephilim.

For mature Nephilim daemon there was no other choice. He wanted to took revenge on the Rider, but this annoying burning bugger was on his way! Beat it! Off My way! – shouted big Neverborn and slashed Gamin  with his sharp talons. Gamin was killed at sight, however Nephilim took heavy burning wound. He was not looking well. Despite his massive muscular body, he grew weaker every minute.

Lilith at the same time was confronting two opponents. Mechanical Rider and Johana. M&SU  representative struck Lilith with her hammer, but Mother of Monsters ignored her and focused on Mechanical Rider – she was greater threat to Neverborn. Puny human girl will be dealt later. Lilith swung her blade and hack The Rider in her arm. That was not enough to banish her off, but it was close. One more swing and Rider and her Steed will be annihilated.


Lilith in action.

While Arcane Effigy was circling around the centre of the site, Candy moved more to the left. Being so close to Effigy, she started to Wail at its direction. She cried: “Come play with me! Why won’t you play with me, little man?! Come to me NOW! I want to play!” Such sad, depressive call was hurting Effigy’s ears. Candy’s wailing could be lethal, and Effigy learned it hard way.


Candy is wailing.


Overall situation.

At the same time on the right.

Waldgeist pulled in its roots and move forward. But almost right away, it germinated once again, and again two thick trees grew off the ground in few moments, providing protection for Barbaros, Doppelganger, Terror Tot and Waldgeist.


New trees, new protection.

Gunsmith had really bad luck streak today. He missed again. By miles this time! Doppelganger just glanced at Gunsmith and cried loud: Just look how I do it! One of Doppelganger’s arm somehow transformed into a pistol and it took a single shot at Willie. The bullet barely scratched Willie’s arm but it was a hit. Gunsmith was surprised how Doppelganger mimiced his gun. It was true what people said. Neverborn were daemons of the night…and humans would never get along with them in any way…

…and wounded Willie did not mind at all his wounded arm. He pushed his wheelbarrow full of explosives forward. He had so much dynamite to offer. Neverborn will have such a nice loud and explosive present. Willie is generous. Willie likes to give such a nice BOOOM presents. Wheelbarrow forward, Willie! keep it up!

…and Willie was pushing. At the same time, Kaeris flew over trees planted by Waldgeist, landed in front of bunch of Neverborn and launched another Flare. Bright blazing fire burst all around Kaeris, but only Waldgeist went up in flames. Barbaros, Terror Tot and Doppelganger somehow survived the fiery wind of Kaeris’s Flare.

And Firestarter? He had some secret assignment from Kaeris. He ignored all the fuss around two stashes and sneaked around big rock… He was up to something…for sure…

The score after Turn 2. : 2-2.

Turn 3. Everybody eventually dies…

Exactly like in the title. Bodies started to pile up everywhere.

On the left flank.

Mature Nephilim simply jumped with fury and The Rider. And it’s nothing more dangerous than wounded, frenzied Nephilim. He grabbed the head of the steed and ripped it off with one pull. The Rider separated from her mechanical construct, cried silently and vanished in the puff of smoke.


Lilith ad mature Nephilim vs Mechanical Rider

Johana was trying to smash Lilith with her mighty hammer. She was certain, she could finish her off. She was confident that she can stand against Mistress of Neverborn. Well, she even wounded Lilith! But when Lilith struck back, it was lethal counter attack. Almost lethal, luckily for Johana. Cut badly by Lilith’s great sword, Johana realised Lilith were no match for her from the start. Overconfidence was her downfall. And when she heard wailing voice of little blond girl beside her: ‘Candy is coming to you, Lady…come and play with Candy…Lady will play with Candy?‘,  she felt blood is coming from her ears and she blacked out.

Right stash.

Kaeris launched third Flare, and this time all Neverborn around her stood in flames. That was her plan from the start!  Then, she looked at Barbaros, most dangerously looking daemon nearby, and Immolated him with burst of fire. Black blood splashed around, corroding Waldgeist and Doppelganger! And Barbaros himself, with half of his body burnt to the bone, fell down with no movement at all. Waldgeist, poor Neverborn creature- it was actually living tree, so fire was its the worst and most deadly enemy. It was starting to move in uncontrolled spasms, like it was trying to shook the fire off. But it was no use. The bark, wood underneath, leaves and even moss over Waldgeist  – it all was bunt to ash… Fire always prevails over trees… (tiny Terror Tot suffered the same fate despite not being made of wood).


Kaeris landed, and launched Flare…


…and Kaeris is triumphing!

…and then Gunsmith. He regained his confidence, and took carefully aimed shot at Doppelganger. It was flawless aim. The bullet went trough the chest of the creature, eliminating it for good. Gunsmith smiled softly: “God forsaken daemon. It will not mimic me again, it won’t! Go back to hell where you belong!”.

Neverborn ranks started to shrink. And while Firestarter managed to accomplish his mission and he left one of the scraps right behind Neverborn lines, and Eternal Flame healed Arcane Effigy, Lilith slowly started to realise her cause is lost.


Firestarter and his secret mission:).

The score after Turn 3.

Neverborn: 2

Arcanists: 3

Turn 4. All is lost?

Only few Neverborn left on the site, there was no possible way to grab both of stash. At least Lilith wanted to make humans suffer. Bring them as much pain as possible. They will rememberer her name!

…but  it was Kaeris who actually took first action. Free of enemies around right stash, she ordered Willie to secure it, and flew to face Lilith. That was brave move, but it could cost her life. Lilith were enraged! She charged with great impact striking blow after blow after blow! Kaeris tired to parry the attacks, but it was no use. Lilith cut her in several places. Kaeris was still standing, but if nobody stops Lilith, it could be over soon.

And there’s more trouble coming at Kaeris. Badly wounded, almost dying Mature Nephilim flew down from the sky and hacked, slashed and cut from left to right with chaos and fury. Driven by Lilith’s will Nephilim was Kearis’s doom. When he finished with her, she was barely standing.

…meanwhile Gunsmith chose Candy as her new target. Careful, steady aim and direct hit at Candy’s arm. ‘Ouch! You are mean. You know that? Mean, mean, MEAN man…Candy do not like mean. Candy won’t play with you! Never again!‘ Candy wept and wailed (again! she was good at it!) and gunsmith hearing Candy’s voice felt sorrow. There’s was some twisted black magic in Candy’s voice causing pain to all her listeners. Gunsmith covered his ears – that too much for him!

The score after Turn 4.

Neverborn: 2

Arcanists: 5

Turn 5. The triumph


Start of Turn 5.

Kaeris was badly wounded, on the verge of the death, she tried to resist Lilith, but Lilith’s attacks were precise and lethal. Lilith’s gave no moment of rest to Kaeris, she was in her glorious moment ready to strike final blow. And when Lilith’s pierced Kaeris heart, she laughed with satisfaction. Another human weakling bites the dust! Eventually she will banish all of them to the other side of The Breech!


Lilith vs Kaeris

The laughter froze on Lilith’s face when she noticed Gunsmith aiming her with his pistol. She was ready to attack him, but Gunsmith was fast – first with perfect shot hit Lilith direct in the head, ending her existence (at least for now. Neverborn Queen was not so easy to kill, believe me!) and the he reached for his Concealed Weapon and shot Candy straight between her eyes. No more wailing! Finally silence! Gunsmith revenged Kaeris with deadly precision.


Gunsmith shooting at Lilith and Candy

And while Mature Nephilim rushed at Arcane Effigy and tried to kill it (impossible, it is Hard to Kill!), it was obvious for last Neverborn it’s better to retreat and admit humans victory. This time!


Last Neverborn standing.

When Lilith’s will regain her health and strength she will send her vengeful minions with double fury. Humans eventually will perish!

Final score

Neverborn: 3

Arcanists: 6

After battle

I did it again. In last post I wrote, how important is to stick to the plan, remember about Schemes and Strategy in Malifaux. And again, I was carried out by emotions and I focused at killing my enemies than sticking to the plan. Old habits from most of my Warhammer games where killing the enemy was always the priority, I guess…

Well, apparently I some need time to adjust to Malifaux. So, I need more games:).

Beside that, slowly everything comes to me with ease. Ok, still many games to play Malifaux smoothly, but it’s definitely better than last time. Just few more games and I can timidly start to think about wining the game:).

The plan is to play Lilith the next few games and try to master her. And by adding some new models to her, trying catch the most efficient way to use her in the game. Keep fingers crossed for me:).

To sum up – the game was great. Thank you Rafał, it was great lesson for me! Hope to get my revenge soon:)

Hope you liked my first Malifaux battle report. As I’m still getting know the fluff and I’m not entirely familiar with it, it’s probably full of errors, but I’m sure with every next batrep it’s going to be better. I promise!

Until next time!



  1. Top notch battle report; thank you for sharing it. I think that falling for the ‘forget scoring point, just kill stuff’ is the number one pit trap in Malifaux. You can mitigate this by taking schemes that need you to kill stuff, for example Hunting Party, though that wasn’t an option here. The other way to make ‘killing all the things’ work for you is to do enough damage that by turn 3 or so onward you have a big enough attrition advantage that you can use your spare pieces to drop scheme markers or whatever is needed to score.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks. I’m sure it’s just the matter of time for me to feel Malifaux. and I’m going to be allright:) and thanks for the tips!


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