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Battle Report: Warhammer FB 8th Ed. – Skaven vs Chaos Dwarfs (2000 points)

Finally! After quite some time, next battle report is coming your way! The thing is, June and July will be pretty busy months for me.  Load of work and weekend excursions. And there’s no way I can play, paint or write as much as I would like to.  To be honest, I’m again in hotel right now (Vienna this time), and as nobody will bother me at weekend with any work related issues, I grabbed this opportunity, sat down and started to write next post for my blog.

And as said at the start – battle report. Good old Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Getting back to 8th edition after a while. And I have the coolest opponent possible for my Skaven Army – Chaos Dwarfs (using Legion of Azgorgh rules from Forgeworld’s Tamurkhan book). I find Chaos Dwarfs as one of the most fascinating army to play or face against.  I started to collect Chaos Dwarfs myself (with intention to made 5th edition army list though), so this battle was pretty exciting event for me. Hope someday, I could have my own 2000 points of painted Chaos Dwarfs. Next month, with little bit of luck, I probably will paint my first Chaos Dwarf model, but for now I’m about to write how I fought them in battle.

The battle took place about three weeks ago in Warsaw’s official Games Workshop store. My friend, Andrzej deployed his 2000 points of Chaos Dwarfs, and I had my Skaven against him. Let’s see how exactly it went.

Background Story

Do you remember Grey Seer Quicksqueek? He’s long time dead at the moment. He was killed in the battle pierced by Bretonnian lance in The Battle of Embrun. Quicksqueek was one of the unluckiest and fatal Grey Seer in whole Under-empire history. Loosing the battle after battle, his quest for glory and appreciation of Council of Thirteen turned out to be miserable string of bad choices and inner treachery.

He lost battles against Greenskins, Ogres, Dwarfs, other Skaven, but very few are familiar with less known episode from Quicksqueek’s life – his Dark Lands campaign where he was sent to secure Warpstone deposits west of Tower of Gorgoth, reported by Clan Rictus scouts. Lord Quicksqueek’s task was to supervise the whole enterprise. His army’s were ordered to protect mining operation. Clans  Rictus, Pestilens and Skryre provided the means to do that, for the glory of Under-empire!

Quicksqueek’s war party left Crookback Mountain and marched east. They had to move above the surface, because Clan Rictus claimed the tunnels were temporarily under maintenance, with no accessibility for such large number of troops. Quicksqueek doubted the explanation of course. Warlord Kratch Doomclaw of Rictus was old, greedy rat, who knew well that march trough the tunnels will cost him a lot of Warpstone tokens, he will need to spend on repair works. There were no proof for Quicksqueek theory, but Grey Seer knew it – he just felt it in his guts. However, Clan Rictus practically owned whole Dark Lands tunnels section, and there was no way to force them to grant the access. Lord Quicksqueek will be travelling up above…

After few days of march east, they encountered only few minor Goblin Wolf Riders parties. Nothing that Skaven would not handle with. However, Skaven army all the time was carefully watched by Hobgoblin scouts. They were the part of Marrahk Firethroat’s army of Tower of Gorgoth. Marrahk Firethroat was proud Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer and he had no desire to  see Skaven filth in his domain. Hobgoblins were gathering reports for few days, and during that time, Marrahk Firethroat was able to call to arms enough warriors and slaves to smash the vermin!

The battle will be imminent.

The forces

Quicksqueek’s party

Grey Seer Quicksqueek (Dispel Scroll, Screaming Bell)

Plague Priest Thrislik Skydd (Wizard level 2, Poisonous Attacks, Talisman of Endurance)

Battle Standard Bearer Raddrish The Last (Armour of Destiny)

Chieftain Tax (Poisonous Attacks, Biting Blade, Dragonhelm)

30 Clanrats of Clan Rictus (Full Command Group, Spears, Shields, Light Armour, Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team)

27 Stormvermin (Full Command Group, Halberds, Heavy Armour, Grand Banner of Clan Superiority, Ratling Gun Weapon Team)

30 Plague Monks (Full Command Group, Two Hand Weapons, Plague Banner)

2 Doomwheels


Skaven force marching to the Warpstone mining site…

Chaos Dwarfs of Tower of Gorgoth

Sorcerer-Prophet Marrahk Firethroat (Level 3 Wizard, Darkforge Weapon – Furnace Blast, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Helm, riding Bale Taurus)

Daemonsmith Sorcerer Zhartan The Cruel (Level 1 Wizard, Dispel Scroll)

Dark Castellean Farghaki Redhammer (The Mask of the Furnace)

48 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (Full Command Group, Hand Weapons, Blackshard Armours, Shields Banner of Swiftness)

20 Hobgoblins Cutthroats (Full Command Group, Light Armour, Bow)

3 Bull Centaurs Renders (Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield)

1 K’daai Destroyer



Marrahk Firethroat on his Bale Taurus


Taurus nad K’daai Destroyer (lovely conversion from Forgeworld’s Bloodthrister model)


Bull Centaurs

Andrzej’s Chaos Dwarfs have unique white colour scheme. Pretty boldm but neat idea in opposition of black/red usual colours. And this K’daai Destroyer! Still not fully painted, but such an amazing conversion! Can’t wait to see him entirely finished.


Skaven came from west, and on their way stood Marrahk Firethroat and his army, who claimed that he was the ruler of this land. Of course Quicksqueek begged the differ, and he was determined to get his Warpstone no matter the cost.


Skaven army came from the west. From the left side: Doomwheel, Plague Monks (led by Plague Priest, Stormvermin (with Chieftain Tax) and Poisoned Wind Mortar, Clanrats pushing The Screaming Bell (also including Battle Standard Bearer), Ratling Gun, Skaven Slaves, and second Doomwheel.


Chaos Dwarfs arrived from the east. From the top: on the left flank: Bull Centaurs,next – Infernal Guard led by Dark Castellan and Daemonsmiith , K’daai Destoyer, Marrahk Firethroat on Bale Taurus, and Hobgoblin Cutthroats.


Andrzej – Chaos Dwarf General over the battlefield. We are ready to play!

We played 4 turns, Pitched Battle Scenario.

Turn 1 (Chaos Dwarfs)

Oh, How I despise rats! And these rat-so-called-men are the worst kind! They claim, they are intelligent. Please… Oh, no they don’t! They think, they can know how to speak, and all of the sudden they know how to use their brains! Oh, I’ll show them how to use rats’ brain – a proper usage – as a gift to Bull Centaurs for a snack! Filthy rodents, that what they are! With not even slightest spark of intelligence! No vermin will enter my kingdom and will leave it alive! I’ll smash them all!!! My minions! Attack!!!

Marrahk Firethroat’s speech echoed over the battlefield. All of his warriors answered with loud battlecry and marched forward. Infernal Guard along with Hobgoblins moved straight ahead. Bull Centaurs rode on the left side to flank Skaven from the back.


Chaos Dwarfs marching forward.

K’daai Destroyer…infernal daemon summoned by Marrahk Firethroat himself to aid his cause also moved forward. He will burn enemies of Hashut to ash!

… and Marrahk Firethroat on his Bale Taurus flew to the right flank willing to show  Skaven the true power of Hashut.


Bale Taurus on the right flank.

First, The Curse of Hashut, malediction came from the very dark soul of Marrahk, with intention of bringing the bane an the puny Skaven bodies. Lord Quicksqueek reacted fast. He unrolled Dispel Scroll and interrupted the invocation words with sudden strike of unnatural magical silence. The second attempt of using fiery, horrifying Hashut’s Lore was success. Quicksquek had no means of counterspell this time. Burning Wrath spell caused heavy tremors under Doomwheel of the right flank. Earth started to crack and hot, blazing lava burst from underneath Skaven war machine. Engineer controlling the wheel managed to turn at the very last moment to avoid falling into the rift. However, lava damaged slightly the wooden construction. Nothing serious though, the wheel is still rolling, as it should be…

Turn 1 (Skaven)

Grey Seer Quicksqueek was pretty sure that those dwarf-things will stay hidden in their holes, and they will not interfere the will of The Council. He was wrong. They dared to oppose him!  …but on the other hand, maybe it will all turn out for better. Quicksqueek will show him his true power and smite them for good! No one will stand on his way for glory!

Doomwheels rolled forward  and all units beside Clanrats marched forward. Clanrats remained in place on direct order of Quicksqueek. First, it’s better to have some of the force in the back, and second – accompanying Weapon Team – Ratling Gun, while still, would fire the whole round of bullets!

First Doomwheel, right in front of Sorcerer-Prophet Marrahk Firethroat on Bale Taurus was fast. In fact, the wheel rode just few inches of the Taurus nose, and slowed down right before Hobgoblin Cutthroats. The driver, seeing the huge silhouette of winged bull, pulled the lever and released the lightings. But the wheel just passed by with incredible pace and every electric charge went straight into Hobgoblins. These lightnings could inflict lots of pain to the Taurus. Instead, three Greenskins were fried… Such a waste of electricity…


Doomwheel almost rode straight into unit of Hobgoblins.

On the other side of the battlefield, second Doomwheel rolled at Bull Centaurs. It was still too far to get to them, but lightnings were ready to release! Warpstone Generator was buzzing with intense noise, and when three of charges were released, it made loud – ZZAP! ZZZAPP! ZZZZAAAPPP! Lightnings hit Bull Centaurs, killing one of them at sight. Clan Skryre builders made such a perfect killing construction. It has absolutely no flaws.


Doomwheel coming at Bull Centaurs

At the same time the first sound of The Screaming Bell rang. It was rather not impressive sound, with no further implication for any of Skaven in the battle.  Quicksqueek was hoping to show the power of Skaven magic, but Winds of magic were not on his side…  There were not enough power to be pull down! And it meant- no casting spell, for now…

Ratling Gun fired at Hobgoblins. Two rounds of bullets were fired, but they all went straight to the sky missing completely Cutthoroats. What a lousy aiming!

But the other Weapon Team did their job perfectly. Mortar crew calculated the distance between them and Infernal Guard, and shot the globe filled with poisonous gas. The globe flew quite some time, and it looks like all Skaven were concentrated at the flying globe in silence, following it with their eyes. And when the globe finally touched the ground right in the middle of Chaos Dwarfs unit, broke into thousand of pieces and poisonous vapours were released, causing 7 of  Dwarfs choked to death, almost every rat cheers with high-pitched squeaks.


Poisoned Wind Globe hit directly into the unit of Infernal Guard.

Turn 2 (Chaos Dwarfs)

Marrahk’s  plan remained the same. Attack from all sides and smash the intruders. Both flanks and centre of Chaos Dwarfs army attacked. All units capable of fighting were ordered to charge. Marrahk Firethroat himself wanted to join the fight and pulled the reins of his Taurus, unfortunately the side winds slowed down the attempt and flying bull did not make it to Clanrats unit. Marrahk was disconsolate. He have to wait for his chance, until Taurus  will control the winds.

Another unexpected problem occurred in Marrahk’s tactical  plan. Infernal Guard’s charge at Plague Monks lost its impact and heavy armoured Dwarfs eventually slowed down during the assault. They were exposed to countercharge of Clan Pestilens followers. That was no suppose to happen! These two small events may cost Marrahk a lot. The victory perhaps…

All other regiments followed Marrahk’s order with solid discipline. The battle went to second stage. Cruel, bloody and gory close combat. The clash where there is no rules of engagement. Only primal killing instinct. Both sides drew their weapons and stand to merciless fight. Let the bloodbath begin!

Hobgoblins charged at Skaven Slaves, with ease passing by  Doomwheel (Warlock Engineer was furious seeing Hobgoblins running around his wheel and avoiding the impact). Hobgoblins, rightful habitants of Dark Lands, hunted and enslaved by Chaos Dwarfs were forced to participate in this battle. They had no desire to be here, but the fear of punishment in torture chambers of Daemonsmiths was stronger than free will. Fate of their opponents, Skaven Slaves, the weakest  and most despised members of Under-empire, was similar. The battle here and now was necessity. This or slow death in the mines.  Hobgoblins and Skaven Slaves clashed in close combat, both sides fought with the same ferocity, stabbing, slashing and even biting each other. Three Hobgoblins and three Skaven were killed and both sides remained in combat.


Hobgoblins vs Skaven Slaves

Meanwhile, K’daai Destroyer ran into the unit of Stormvermin, leaving behind the trail of scorched earth. Its body was burning inside and it was emanating the heat everywhere around it – nobody near K’daai daemon was safe. Enemies of Hashut will be burnt to the ground! When K’daai Destoyer stomped its enormous foot, six Stormvermin were grounded. Fragile Skaven bodies were smashed with ease. Few more Stormvermin were consumed by flames emerging from K’daai fiery body. Total number of 13 Skaven died in this massacre. K’daai, pure fire element, was triumphant, but Stormvermin, the bravest of Skaven warriors stood fast and did not break the combat.


K’daai Destroyer vs Stormvermin

…and finally on the left flank, Bull Centaurs rode with trembling sound of their hooves and charged with rage at second Doomwheel. They fought well, but Clan Skryre construction is resilient and it can resist many forms of physical attacks. Bull Centaurs failed to destroy the wheel (or even slightly damage it) during charge. No, they fail even to break morale of Skaven controller on the wheel, and he was already reaching for the lever  with ‘Zzap’ sign on it. The charges will be released soon-soon…


Bull Centaurs charges Doomwheel.

The Winds of Magic were really weak this time, and Chaos Dwarfs Sorcerers could not gather enough power to cast spells successfully. The only attempt of casting Ash Storm on unit of Clanrats were dispelled by Lord Quicksqueek.


The battle continues…

Turn 2 (Skaven)

Lord Quicksqueek was content. Maybe not everything was going as he thought may go, but first attack of Dwarf-things were stopped. Now, his faithful Skaven could give them pain and death. ‘Kill them, my rats! Kill-kill them all!’

Plague Monks did not have listen to that order. They were driven by insane frenzy, and when they saw enemy near them, they just weren’t able to control the urge to  get into combat and kill them as many as possible. Us or them! Now or never! They charged with fury at Infernal Guard.

Clanrats charged at K’daai Destroyer from the flank and Doomwheel on the right flank turned back and rolled with great impact at the back of still confused Taurus.


Clanrats and Plague Monks charge!

Right now, all units were clashed in combat. Both armies were entirely engaged.

Queeksqueek was happy with the outcome. Now he wanted to show dwarf-thing weaklings the power of Skaven magic. Winds of Magic were forming above in the clouds again, and the Bell rang for the second time (with no additional boost for any Skaven on the battlefield). Its vibrant sound announced the start of another Magical phase.

Lord Quicksqueek consumed one of the Warpstone token to enhance his power pool and casted Cracks Call. The magical power already was going to the earth in front of The Screaming Bell, and when all area was beginning to tremble, Marrahk Firethroat invoked the words of Dispel. He couldn’t afford the risk that K’daai Destoyer would fall into the crack.

By that time, insane Plague Priest Thrislik Skydd had enough power to cast Cloud of Corruption. This time Chaos Dwarfs Sorcerers had no means to counter this spell, and all of the sudden dense cloud of corrosive, poisoned vapour  emerged around Thrislik Skydd. Enormous number of flies, beetles and other bugs appeared out of nowhere, and they seemed to be OK with poisoned air. It looked like it was their natural environment. Clan Pestilens were all right with that, the bugs ignored frenzied Plague Monks, but  Chaos Dwarfs was entire different story. Toxic air caused the problem with breathing and intrusive bugs were entering every hole in the bodies of Infernal Guard. Armour  was not providing any protection against them. Three of the died in horrible painful spasms. The Curse of Clan Pestilens reached them. They received the final deadly blessing of Nurgle. Even huge K’daai Destroyer was not totally immune to effect of Cloud. The flies somehow resisted the heat of its body and they brought little corrosion to the metal construction holding the fire inside.

At the time Skaven Wizard were casting their spells, lightings, globes and bullets started to fly around again.

Well, in general, overall shooting of Clan Skryre warmachines were more than good. Despite unlucky misfire of Poisoned Wind Mortar Team (one of the handlers dropped the globe, and the gas covered the both of Skaven killing them instantly), Engineers should be proud of their constructions.

Ratling Gun aimed at Hobgoblins. It didn’t matter they were fighting The Slaves of Clan Rictus. Their lives were expendable. If at least one Hobgoblin would die, it was totally worth the shot. And actually it all went even better! Two Hobgoblins were hit by Ratling Gun bullets, and only one Skaven Slave. What the odds! Skaven Slaves were so lucky this time!

On the right flank, Doomwheel controller released the electric charges and zzaped The Taurus two times. Wounded beast howled in pain, but it was tough creature. This was just a scratch for it.

On the other side though, the power of lightning brought much significant effect. When the Doomwheel’s controller pulled the ‘ZZAP’ lever – the lightning hit Bull Centaurs. These mighty beasts were totally vulnerable against electricity coming trough their bodies. After few seconds they were just fried shapeless mass of flesh, bones and pieces of armour. That was quite a Zzap!


ZZAP! And Bull Centaurs are no more…

And, the close combat. Whole battle was at the peak, decisive moment. Who would win the battle? Nobody would know that  at the moment, but soon everything will be resolved.

Skaven Slaves continued to fight with Hobgoblins. It was still hard to guess who win this ‘battle of the giants’ . Two Slaves died, two Hobgoblins fell and everything was still open.

Doomwheel rolled with impact at Bale Taurus. The bull already wounded by lighting bolts, almost got killed grounded by the wheel, but somehow it managed to survive this.


Doomwheel vs Taurus and Hobgoblins vs Slaves.

And in the middle, K’daai Destoyer continued to massacre poor Skaven, Stormvermin and Clanrats as well (they charged the daemon with the false sense of superiority over the Hashut followers. Grey Seer Quicksqueek wished it would be true!). Thankfully, there were a lots of Skaven swarming around flaming body of K’daai. Despite the losses, Skaven felt strong and they can change the balance of this combat to their side. The strength is in numbers! K’daai was already wounded and it was the matter of time he could lost it!

…but most interesting events took part in another clash – Plague Monks vs Infernal Guard. Pestilens followers boosted with the power of Plague Banner, in normal situation probably would annihilate any enemy. Infernal Guard however, heavy armoured and highly skilled infantry regiment, were exceptional opponents. They held their position firmly and when they struck back, they did it with deadly precision killing many Plague Monks. The feeling of uncontrolled frenzy just passed out and suddenly their morale was shaken and they started to flee! Chaos Dwarfs pursued and hacked down the rest of the regiment. (I was so unlucky with my rolls, both to hit and to wound re-rolls of Plague Banner.  Only three wounds were inflicted eventually, but all were saved by armour or parry save. Damn it!)


Plague Monks flee.

Turn 3 (Chaos Dwarfs)

One gone, few more to go! – such thought was in mind of Marrahk Firethroat. Still many Skaven was fighting, but Clan Pestilens brothers were wiped out, and despite Bull Centaurs were entirely killed, it all was going well in the battle.

Infernal Guard regiment made swift reform and moved to prepare the charge Clanrats any time soon. Marrahk Firethroat  at the time, began the invocation of Ash Storm. The spell was crucial to keep all his plan intact. If the cloud would cover the regiment with Screaming Bell, Grey Seer Quicksqueek would be practically blinded and therefore he would be not able to cast spell at all! And look at that, the will of Hashut became the fact – despite futile attempt to dispel by Quicksqueek, the spell came to life and The Ash surrounded The Bell, Grey Seer and whole unit pushing it.

…and while Marrahk was casting his spell, his Bale Taurus dealt with Doomwheel. It simply trampled already damaged wheel. Warlock Engineer died under the fallen pieces of wood and metal and rats scattered away.

Near, another combat went into decisive moment. Skaven Slaves finally overcame Hobgoblins, whose ranks were shrinking with every passing moment of the battle. Eventually, their morale got so low, they lost it completely and started to flee. Skaven Slaves were triumphant . Little bit surprised with outcome of this whole situation (they are not used to winning), but triumphant. They pursued broken Hobgoblins, but without success. Greenskins were running like hell – nobody would caught them.


Skaven Slaves triumphing!

In the centre, decimated unit of Stormvermin and Rictus Clanrats were still facing the K’daai Destroyer. While Stormvermin were almost entirely gone, Clanrats flank charge seemed to be a gamechanger here. Surrounded by rats from all sides, K’daai’s flame started to slowly going out. The metal armour keeping the living fire inside had more and more dangerously looking cracks. Thisbegan to look little bit too one sided. Furthermore, the unstable daemonic presence should escape to the other plane of existence, but in some miraculous way, it was still here, fighting against Skaven (little disclaimer: unfortunately we messed up here. K’daai lost the combat on minus 6, and since it is Unstable, it should received 6 wounds and be gone back to Realm of Chaos. I wasn’t familiar with K’daai rules and I didn’t know it’s unstable and my opponent told me it should take normal Break Test, which it passed and stand here and continue to fight. It could change the game, but in general it was nothing that will give me sleepless nights. It was a friendly game after all:) …but note for the next Chaos Dwarfs games for sure).


Clanrats vs K’daai Destroyer

Turn 3 (Skaven)

When the situation in the centre was slowly going back to the way Quicksqueek hoped it would be from the start, Grey Seer began to see opportunity to win this battle. If Skaven will break the infernal K’daai beast, who knows what might happen later…

Despite Ash Storm, preventing Quicksqueek to cast spells (he couldn’t see anything, even from the top of The Screaming Bell! All area was just smoke, and dirt. Nothing more!), he was sure everything will turn just right. Horned Rat will not abandon his children in the time of need.

Rat Ogre rang The Bell for the third time. Unholy Clamour echoed over the battlefield, encouraging every Skaven in Quicksqueek’s army. They will fight to the death. No retreat! For the Under-empire! Such courage among the Skaven ranks is not usual thing. Only the Screaming Bell can cause such morale boost.

Skaven Slaves faced to see Marrahk Firethroat on Bale Taurus and be better prepared for Sorcerer’s charge. They will have no chance against mighty Taurus, but what the hell, they did their part in the battle, they can die here and now. It did not matter any more!

…but the death will not come! Help was on the way! Ratling Gun took careful aim at Taurus and shot three rounds (I rolled 6,5 and 4! no doubles = no misfire and 15 shots fired!). Bullets hit Taurus in the side of his corpse. He wailed in agony and collapsed! He was shot directly in its most vital organs. Ratling Gunners killed the beast! Marrahk Firethroat lost his faithful companion and Skaven Slaves will live another day! Amazing! It seemed impossible, but it did happen!


Ratling Gun open fire at Bale Taurus…


…and Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer’s mount was killed by round of bullets!

At the same time, Doomwheel turned back and rolled into direction of K’daai Destroyer. Wheel’s controller released three lightnings. He hoped at least one will electrify the daemon, or at least hurt him a lot. But no, there were too many Skaven nearby, and all zzaps hit fellow rat-kins (2 Stormevermin and one Clanrat died).

…but K’daai Destroyer was lost anyway. He couldn’t fight against swarming rats for long. It concentrated its attacks on Grey Seer and Screaming Bell, but the Quicksqueek and the bell were protected by Horned Rat, and no serious harm were done. And Skaven were all around. It was time to run. Thankfully for the daemon, Skaven are better in fleeing than pursuing and it managed to escape the pursue (and thankfully for K’daai, we are lousy gamer and we didn’t check that Destroyer is unstable and should vanish:P).


K’daai Destroyer flees


Turn 3. Battlefield look

Turn 4 (Chaos Dwarfs)

The battle went into final moment. The sun was low and the grim shadows of Dark Lands were getting longer. It soon all be over.

Marrahk Firethroat lost his Taurus. The volcanic beast was trained for many years to be tamed mount for Marrahk and it will be hard to replace. Skaven filth will pay for that with their blood! He found the safe hideout in the tower nearby and began his sorcery. First, he took his revenge on Ratling Gun Weapon Team and cast Curse of Hashut on them. Quicksquuek decided to sacrifice the gunners, and save his dispel pool for next spells of Marrahk. Ash Storm just faded away and he didn’t wish another!

As predicted the magical missile of Hashut hit Ratling Weapon Team and killed them instantly. There were many power left concentrated in  Marrahk’s staff, so next obvious choice to cast was Ash Storm – one more time at Quicksqueek’s regiment. Quicksqueek tried, he really did, to Dispel the spell. He invoked the specific words. He even asked Horned God for blessing in his mind. After all, he was just humble messenger of his will. All Warpstone he was about to extract would bring great glory to all Skaven, and to Horned Rat as well. Thy will be done…!…please-please?

Quicksqueek heard only silence. No respond from his patron. Not a single sign. Instead, he realised the ash cloud started to gather around Clanrat unit. No! Horned Rat was not satisfied, he abandoned Quicksqueek! For a swift moment Quicksqueek saw in the ash cloud the enormous silhouette of what seemed to be Hashut, the bull-headed Chaos God. And the whistling wind resembled long grim laughter. Chaos Gods mocked Grey Seer and he started to suspect that his cause was lost (again…).

Meanwhile, Infernal Guard charged at the flank of Clanrats, and K’daai Destroyer rallied. The earth trembled under the feet of running Infernal Guard. Armoured Chaos Dwarfs warriors ran with fury at Skaven regiment. The impact of the attack were huge. Skaven tried to fight back, but they were no match for these elite fighters. Even if any of Skaven hit, by any luck, Chaos Dwarf (Ash Storm was no making this any easier), Blackshard Armours provided sufficient protection. Clanrats were doomed to failure here. Thankfully, they were believing in their Master and General – Lord Quicksqueek. He, and his shiny Screaming Bell, was the sight to inspire and give them strength and courage. They will no flee. They will stay here and protect this miraculous sacred object! To the death!


K’daai Destroyer rallied and Infernal Guard charge at Chaos Dwarfs.

Aaah, just to note – Hobgoblins didn’t rally and ran out of battlefield. Skaven Slaves squeaked with joy and triumph. Last moment of happiness before return to the mines. Sad but true.


Hobgoblins flee…

Turn 4 (Skaven)

The battle was lost. Grey Seer  Quicksqueek had to admit that. It will be hard to find responsible for this miserable failure. He, of course, did everything in his power to get rid of Chaos Dwarfs and find Warpstone deposit. Traitors will be found of course, sooner or later, and they will pay for all of this. But for now, it was the time to retreat. He ordered Clanrats, Slaves, last of Stormvermin and Doomwheel to withdraw. There was nothing more he could achieve here. Covered with this damned storm of ash and dirt, Quicksqueek was unable to cast any spell, and without this he couldn’t change the balance of battle in any way. The battle was over. Back to Croockback Moutain!

…but wait! Doomwheel’s Engineer refused to listen to that order! He turned the wheel and rode straight into K’daai Destoyer. Wheel hit the back of daemon’s body and scratched his body with rusted scythes. Engineer was trying to add some electric shock to that, but Warp Generator provided not enough power to harm enemy in any way. The charge was simply too weak.


Doomwheel’s desperate charge at K’daai Destroyer

Quicksqueek was furiuos! Clan Skrye fool! He disobeyed! He hoped, that stupid rat on the wheel will be killed by Chaos Daemon. That would be the best punishment for not following the orders!

When he saw the wooden construction of Doomwheel was tore apart by K’daai, Quicksqueek smiled with satisfaction. And he just hit upon the idea, who will take the blame for this disgraceful defeat. The Council will know who is responsible! Yes-yes!


Another lost battle. Will I ever get bored with that? To be blunt, I don’t care that much. Of course I’d love to achieve victory, but the battle itself, twists and turns, and the story behind it – these are the rewards I got. And they are priceless and irreplaceable. So, I’ll continue to play no matter how many times I loose. And more battle reports will come:).

And what exactly went wrong in this battle?

First thing – this forsaken Ash Storm, preventing my Grey Seer to cast spells. And I wanted so hard to turn few of Infernal Guard into fellow Skaven. And I was refused to do that! Bugger! Next time, I bear in mind – dispel it at any cost!

Second. We messed up with K’daai Destoryer rules. It should have gone because of Instability after loosing combat on minus six. And I would have some more options without the daemon coming my way. I’ll remember this as well.

…and third. Lousy rolls (as usual) in few crucial moments. Strength of Doomwheel’s zzap during attack on Taurus (I rolled 2. I should rolled 10! Blast…) and this annoying unlucky re-rolls of Plague Banner. 30 attack with re-rolls and only 3 wounds. Damn. On the other hand, Ratling shot down Bale Taurus. That was lucky shot!

Beside that. Everything went well. I got what I wanted – battle against Chaos Dwarfs. Now, my appetite for collecting this army is even stronger. And I know what I’m going to paint next month. Followers of Hashut, here I come!

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this.More reports coming soon! I promise:).

Until next time!


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