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Battle Report: Warhammer Fantasy Battle 5th Ed. – Skaven vs Vampire Counts (2000 points)

Another Battle Report is finally ready. No time to update the blog as often as I would wish to, but battle reports are must. I love to do this, and no matter my recent busy schedule, I always find some spare moments to write at least few paragrpahs. For me, this is probably most enjoyable part of Game of Travel, so with this, there’s no way I would made a break.

And now I’m back, once again, to 5th edition to Warhammer Fantasy. I have the biggest sentiment for this, and it’s still have the vibe, that, I think, newest editions lack. I know, I’m in minority. Gamers, these days, find older editions of WHFB as something vintage with obsolete rules and strange miniatures.  Understandable, considering that 5th edition is 1990s thing. However, still there are plenty of oldtimer enthusiasts in the area, and I’m able to find new opponents, play the battles and go on with reports.

Next one – against Michał and his 2000 points of Vampire Counts. Played in the local friendly wargaming store – Bunkier, about three weeks ago. Enjoy the reading.

Background Story

Ikit Claw, the most ferocious and infamous sorcerer of all Skaven Under-empire was in his prime moment. Sent by Council of The Thirteen to Ostland province in man-thing above Empire, to establish Warpstone mining operations near the town of Rhoden, he put incredible set of events in motion. By defeating Rhoden defenders, he drew attention of Elector Count of Ostland, Valmir von Rauskov. Ostland ruler sent more forces against Ikit and his ratmen. Ikit, sneaky ingenious military leader defeated Imperial forces. Now, Warpstone mines were fully operational and Ikit could await orders from Lords of Decay.

…and they are ambitious as always. The new strategic plans were considering to strike the man-things, to raid The Empire, to grab their gold, gems and to enslave them all!

While Ostland province, after recent Skaven victories, was vulnerable to further conquest, Empire was entire different story. It would require several coordinated attacks. Ikit realised that, and didn’t share The Council’s optimism. The mines in Rhoden should be treated as major victory. Not the prelude to wider campaign.

Instead of retreat to the tunnels, Ikit was ordered to wait for Lords’ decision. Well, and they could debate for weeks…

Meantime, unexpected Empire ally emerged. Count von Bohsenfels, of ancient Knight Order of Blood Dragons, buried, hidden and sleeping for ages in the ruins of Bohsenfels Castle rose again. He seemed to answered the call to arms against Chaos vile creatures corrupting the Ostland. Vampire Counts, after all, were subjects of The Empire, and they will not stand the presence of Skaven in their land,  exact the same way as human rulers. To war! Once again!

Ikit felt he should be in different place now, leading Skaven to another glorious victory. Instead, he was forced to fight meaningless battle against Undead. At least Clan Eshin’s Deathmaster Sniktch were here once more, to support the cause. Together they will crush the Walking Dead and they could proceed with the campaign (as soon as Council of The Thirteen will finally make a decision…)

Ikit Claw’ Skaven Raiders

Ikit Claw (Storm Daemon, Black Amulet, 2 Dispel Scrolls)

Deathmaster Snikch (Cloak of Shadows, Bands of Power)

Skinzz (Clanrat Champion, Spear, Shield, Light Armour, Skavenbrew) (unfortunately Skavenbrew did not cause any special effect. It was delicious, but nothing special soup)

30 Plague Monks (Two hand Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician)

9 Plague Censer Bearers

29 Clanrats (Spears, Shields, Light Armours, Standard Bearer, Musician)

30 Skavenslaves

2 Doomwheels

2 Warpfire Throwers

2 Jezzail Team


Skaven army ready for action!

I decided to choose High Magic for Ikit. I thought it could be fun to go for Ikit’s special ability of getting spells from any college of Magic. I was hoping to draw anti-undead Banishment spell (eventually I did not get it…) and kill all of them in the area.

Von Bohsenfels’s Undead  Army

Michal von Bohsenfels (Blood Dragon Vampire Count, Strength of Steel, Red Fury, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Nightmare,  Golden Crown of Atrazar, Dragon Blade)

Antonina Nachtdrakken (Necromancer Lord, Skull Staff, Staff of Damnation, Staff of Flaming Death, Book of Secrets )

Vrax (Wight Champion,  Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Nightmare, Cursed Book)

8  Wight Cavalry (Standard Bearer, Banner of Might,  Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield)

1  Black Coach (Banner of Wrath)

3  Vampire Bats

7  Dire Wolves

15 Skeleton Warriors (Banner of Sorcery)

30 Ghouls


Vampire Counts army




Skaven army defended the ruins of Rhoden on the south, and Count von Bohsenfels and his Undead came from north.

Skaven army (from the bottom): Doomwheel, Skavenslaves, Warpfire Thrower, Plague Monks, Plague Censer Bearers, Clanrats with Ikit Claw, Warpfire Thrower, Jezzils (on the hill, and Doomwheel. Deathmaster Snikch is hidden in eastern ruins.

Vampire Counts (from the bottom): Vampire Bats, Ghouls, Skeletons with Antonina Nachtdrakken, Black Coach, Wight Cavalry led by Count von Bohsenfels, and Dire Wolves (proxied by Skeleton Horse Riders).

We played 5 turns.

Turn 1 (Skaven)

The day the dead are marching to the battle is definitely not a good day. And Ikit Claw and his Skaven are right in the middle of this fuss. Let’s face it – Ratmen are not good with handle the pressure of fighting against living dead. Oh, quite opposite – they would run in first sight of trouble. Therefore, when Ikit noticed ghoulish grave diggers and ghaslty skeletons on the horizon led by heavy armoured vampiric knight – he just knew, this not going to end well. Were they Empire allies? Or they fought for their own agenda? Ikit did not know that. And in fact it didn’t matter at the moment. The time was to show the Undead their places in graves (hopefully…)

All Skaven units marched forward (including Doomwheels) with obedience. Undead are frighting indeed, but the wrath of such influential and famous general like Ikit Claw was something to be afraid even more.

Next order of the day – Jezzails Team fire. They took Wight Cavalry as their target. Careful aim, shot accompanied with the loud blast, cloud of dark smoke and intense smell of black powder. One Wight Knight was hit and the magical energy holding his essence together went away – the bones, both the rider and the steed fell apart.

Meanwhile. Deathmaster Snikch snuck to the flank of Dire Wolves, and Ikit Claw began his dance with Winds of Magic. First, he grabbed the magical power to his halberd – infamous Storm Daemon, and Warp Generator transformed it into electric charge – then he pointed the halberd at Wights. Loud, lightning buzz zzaped between Ikit and Undead riders, and second Wight turned to ashes.

After that – Ikit Claw decided to make a use of the spells he memorised especially for this battle. He felt little bit uncomfortable using High Magic, belonging originally to Elves of Ulthuan, but Ikit, for The Skaven was very open minded. He travelled all the world to acquire all his knowledge, and even despised all other races – he could agree on one thing – they had some accomplishments that might be useful for Skaven. Like High Magic, for instance.

The next spell that Ikit started to invoke, was the special one. All Winds of Magic started  to disappear in magical vortex, and there was nothing to prevent it. No counter magic was working against power of Drain Magic. Furthermore, Count von Bohsenfels, felt some small part of his magical powers (along with one spell) was sucked to the vortex as well.

Turn 1 (Vampire Counts)

Count Michal von Bohsenfels, woken up from his eternal dream by Chaos presence in his domain, felt rage. He just couldn’t allow this corruption to spread in The Empire. He decided to act. Despite, Imperial Witch Hunters would gladly put him in the same ranks with Skaven and throw them all together to the fire, he was eager to end this infestation. With help of Necromancer, Antonina Nachtdrakken, he will stop them.

He ordered all Undead to move forward. Bats flew over the battlefield to stop just in front of Plague Monks and Plague Censer Bearers. Clan Pestilens Brothers, driven by maniacal frenzy were just waiting for foe to come that close. They will charge as soon as possible! And this was just part of the Vampire Count’s plan. By charging at bats, Plague Monks will expose their flank to attack of Black Coach.


Fell Bats suicidal mission.

On the eastern flank, Dire Wolves moved straight ahead. Deathmaster Snikch, thanks to his Cloak of Shadows remained undetected and he would be able to sneak right to their backs.


Battlefield overview

…and then, The Symphony of Necromantic Magic started. For the first time in this battle, and surely not for the last. The horror of Necromancy was brought to reality by Antonina Nachtdrakken here. She was famous of here deeds all over Araby ad Land of The Dead. And when she arrived to Ostland, on her way to Kislev, she agreed gladly to help Count von Bohsenfels to fight the vermin. She hated Skaven since almost forever and any opportunity to kill some of them would be nice…

Necromantic Magic transform energy from Winds of Magic into something wicked and vile. Pure evil turned into semi-physical form. Whenever Antonins Nachtdrakken was grabbing the power – dark as the darkest night sphere was forming over her staff. The sphere was providing sufficient power to cast several spells during one Winds of Magic cycle. Furthermore, she had in her possession very powerful piece of magical arcana – The Book of Secrets. Whenever she read the spell from the book, the dark power sphere was not getting smaller after casting the spell (the spell did not require any power from the pool). Powerful and impressive, that was certain. However, the price to pay could be too high. Every time, Antonia read the invocation from the book, she became weaker. Eventually, if she read it too many times – she might loose her mind, consciousness or even life! The Curse of Tzeentch over the book was sucking life energy from anyone who was reading it. Only careful, responsible usage will not cause death of the reader.

As The Winds of Magic were weak, she read The Book (minus 2 to Ballisstic Skills. Still nothing serious🙂 once and casted one of most horrifying spells of Necromatic Lore – The Curse of Years. Thankfully for Skaven, Ikit Claw broke the seal on one of the Dispel Scrolls and prevented the effect of the spell, just few seconds before it did any harm.

Antonina tried to recast Curse of Years, taking the power from the sphere this time. And another time her attempt was futile. Second Dispel Scroll was read and all necessary power was sucked out to the void.  All was prevented by this damned rat wizard! However, he was out of Dispel Scrolls, so he won’t be able to stop Antonina’s magic that easy any longer.

As third attempt, she tried to cast Gaze of Nagash at Plague Canser Bearers. As predicted, this time, Ikit had no means to counterspell, and after finishing invocation – the beam straight form Antonina’s eyes struck Plague Censer Bearers, and two of them died in horrible spasms of agony.

Antonina’s  power sphere was almost out and it was not providing sufficient power any more. However, Undead Army had few other tricks to show. First, several lighting bolts emitted straight from Banner of Wrath attached to the pole of Black Coach, hit one of Warpfire Thrower. There was no save for the Weapon Team. They died at sight, fried by high electric charge. And second thing, Antonina Nachtdrakken used another artefact of hers – Staff of Flaming Death. Fiery, hot fireball came straight form the bright gem on the top of the staff and flew direct into regiment of Clanrats (2 of them were burnt to the ash).

Turn 2 (Skaven)

As predicted, despite Ikit’s orders, Clan Pestilens fanatics – Plague Monks and Plague Censer Bearers charged at unit of Fell Bats. By doing this, they exposed their flank to charge of Black Coach. Well, Clan Pestilens were fighting with fierce frenzy, but they were provoked with ease, and they forgot to hold their line, causing  all battle plan to collapse like a house of cards. Of course, Fell Bats were annihilated within  few minutes, but it might had more drastic repercussions to all the battle.

Seeing this, Ikit ordered Clan Rats to march forward, but he left the unit and ran to hide in the back of Skaven army. Better safe (hidden here), than sorry…


The battle from Ikit Claw’s perspective

Meantime, both Doomwheels rolled forward. On the west, Doomwheel, even though it moved with high speed, it was still too far from any enemy. Engineer released three lightnings, but any unit were to far to be hit with the power of electricity. On the east, second Doomwheel slowed down its roll, just few meters of the Wight Calvary unit. It was so close to hit the Undead knights with impact, but instead it was slowed down to be perfect target to Wight counter charge. The only thing, that warlock engineer could do was to show The Wights power of electricity – one quick Zzap!, and one more Wight went back to the ground.


Battle overview. Turn 2.

At the same time, Deathmaster Snikch charged Dire Wolves. It was simple fight for him. Dire Wolves were rather surprised by his sneaky attack – Snikch’s attacks were struck with high precision and swift. 2 Wolves were send back to void. Undead creatures do not flee from combat, like mortals, but loosing means for them more causalities. The bond keeping them in their Undead ‘living’  state, between Count von Bohsenfels  weakened and 2 more wolves turned to ash.

When new Winds of Magic started to form, Ikit simply pulled down enough power to his staff to cast Drain Magic once more, hoping to some of Antonina’s magical ability to  drain along with Winds of Magic, all sucked to the magical vortex. Unfortunately no such thing did happen. Necromancer’s mind was safe and no spells were wiped out from her memory. This time…

…but there were more unexpected repercussions of Drain Magic for Ikit. The spell is so powerful, that sometimes, in very rare situations cause casters to forget some of their magical knowledge. And some unlucky twists of fate caused Ikit partial power loss. He totally forgot the spell of Assault of Stone. No big loss, there were just not enough hills in the area to make it the proper usage, but still. The absence of any spell in Ikit’s mind was upsetting…

Turn 2 (Vampire Counts)

The battle entered the decisive moment. Both sides clashed in ferocious, unmerciful close combat.

Ghouls charged at Plague Censer Bearers. Pestilens Disciples began their ‘dance’. They stated to swing Censers filled with poisonous, deadly gas. Bearers swung them above their head with enormous strength, spreading the gas all around them. Few ghouls, despite being creatures of the night, choked to the death, and few others were hit by swinging censers. Despite all the loses, Ghouls were confident in larger groups, and they had no desire to leave the combat. They will fight here, until they kill the Skaven (even though it may look like a difficult task…).

At the same time, Black Coach pulled by ethereal steeds, rode into the flank of Plague Monks. Huge impact grounded several Skaven. Wraith killed two more with its two handed scythe. Monks seemed to be little bit lost here. Morale went low, frenzy in their blood calmed down, transforming slowly into confusion and insecurity. The moment of doubt could cost a lot, but thanks of their ranks and banner waving on the wind, they remained at their position.


Undead charge

Count Michal von Bohsenfels left the unit of Wights and charged at Doomwheel, Vampire was alone against this war machine, but we need not forget that due to his supernatural strength he could easily crush it with his bare hands. He rode with great pace against Doomwheel, pointing lance against Engineer. Lance pierced Skaven right trough his heart. That was quick death. Moment later, Vampire Count threw the lance away, drew his Dragon Blade and started to kill the rats inside the wheel. Whatever alive was left there will not last long.


Vampire Count vs Doomwheel

At the eastern flank, Deathmaster Snikch killed the rest of Dire Wolves and he was ready to help in the centre of the battlefield where he was needed the most.

Later on, when the Winds of Magic started to form in the skies, Ikit Claw decided to stop whole cycle with Drain Magic one more time. That was the best counteraction against Antonina Nachtdrakken and her superior magic abilities. So far, it worked perfectly…

Turn 3 (Skaven)

The centre of the battle was swarming with fighting Skaven and Undead. All crowded in one area. The next order, Clanrats charged Black Coach from the flank, trying to stop it here and now.

…and while Ikit remained at his best tactical position in the back, Deathmaster Snikch was trying to charge the Wight Cavalry. Unfortunately the Undead unit was to far and his charge was due to fail at the moment.

At the western flank, Doomwheel continued to roll forward, but little accidents happen from time to time when it comes to Skryre inventions. Unreliability was one of the worst qualities of Skaven war machines, but on the other hand Clan Skryre could manufacture plenty of Doomwheels just like that, providing them to various number of Warlords and Grey Seers for the price. What would happen next to the machine, it was not Clan Skryre’s concern. Malfunctions are just happen. They are unavoidable. Like in this exact Doomwheel’s case – Engineer pulled the lever for releasing the lighting bolt, and Warp Generator instead of generating the charge, just buzzed in long, disturbing sound, with absolutely no electricity. Warp Generator needed restart, and that would take some time.

In the centre, Clanrats’ charge actually helped Plague Monks a lot. Those simple Skaven warriors did not harmed Black Coach in any way, but it was surrounded from both sides by swarms of rats, and it started to crumble in may places. Even Wraith stated to loose connection with his vampiric master. Anytime soon, Black Coach will turn to dust entirely. Just the matter of time…


Clanrats charge at Black Coach

Ghouls continued to struggle against vicious plague Censer Bearers. Deadly vapours were all around Clan Pestilens Brothers, and Ghouls were really vulnerable to its effects. 3 more died in painful agony, choking and vomiting blood. Clan Pestilens diseases were powerful weapon, even against walking dead. The combat continued.


Ghouls vs Plague Censer Bearers

Meantime, Count von Bohsenfels killed the remained rats inside the second Doomwheel, and he was ready to fight another vermin scum. He will spare no rat here, including Ikit! That was his vow!

…and Ikit, still hidden in the back, for the 4th time decided to quiet Winds of Magic with Drain Magic spell. His all hope was, Necromacer’s powers will be drained as well. and one more time it was futile attempt – Antonina Nachtdrakken’s powers and spells remained intact. She was spared by effect of Drain one more time…

Turn 3 (Vampire Counts)

Count von Bohsenfels, once he got rid of the rest of Dommwheel’s rats, he was ready for some more fight. He charged at Clanrats to their flank. These common Skaven warriors were so concentrated against fight with Black Coach, they couldn’t spot charging Count, until it was too late. Few Skaven lurked to their right side: “Squeek-Squeeek! What is that? Fear-thing! Pale-thing! DEATH-THING! Squeek-squeek! Run-run! Flee-flee!“. And it all was like an avalanche. Few Clanrats started to flee, horrified to the bone by the sight of charging Count von Bohsenfels, then more started to follow their steps, and when the rest saw what is happening, they throw off their spears and shields and flee like hell! The riding death was after them!  They ran fast. The fastest they could, but Vampire Count on his Nightmare steed was faster. He cut down every rat alive, sparing nobody. Clanrats unit was entirely wiped out.


Battle overview. Beginning of Vampire Counts turn 3.

At the same time, Wights charged at Warpfire Thrower hidden somewhere between running Clanrats and Plague Monks fighting against Black Coach. Warpfire Thrower team fired the greenish, blazing cloud of the fire thrower at charging Skeletal Steeds. Two of them stood in fire, but rest rode into two sole Weapon Team members and killed them instantly.


Wights vs Warpfire Thrower

While Plague Censer Bearers still were slowly to gas Ghouls with Censer vapours, Plague Monks were facing Black Coach. As predicted, too many Skaven surrounding Black Coach were weakening the bond to Undead General, and without that bond – Black Coach will eventually vanish, turning into dust. Plague Monks were everywhere around, so Black Coach, already crumbled in many parts, entirely fell into pieces and faded away in the wind.

After several Magical  Drains, Antonia Nachtdrakken hoped that this Winds of magic cycle will bring her enough power to bring pain to these annoying ratmen and this white-furred sorcerer of theirs. When she cumulated large amount of power in the dark sphere, she smiled. Finally, the time has come. She will show the true power of Necromancy!

First, she casted Curse of Years at Plague Monks, and this time the spell was uninterrupted. No dispel, nor Drain Magic. The power went trough her veins, transforming into magic energy flying upon the target without any obstacle. Magical aura surrounded Skaven Regiment, and almost half of them started to age in incredible speed. They fur turned grey, their skin began to wrinkle and eventually 13 of Plague Monks died of the old age.


The horrible Curse of Years. one of the most power spells in whole game!

Antonina Nachtdrakken laughed with joy – finally! Success! Without further power in the dark sphere, she opened the Book of Secrets carefully and read the Gaze of Nagash spell. She became weaker of course, but as long she will stand on her feet, it will be all worth it. She gazed at Skaven Doomwheel, and purple beam went off her eyes direct into the war machine. Energy hit rats inside the wheel, killing few of them. From now on, Doomwheel will be little bit slower and will generate less electrical power. Fewer rats equals less energy for the wheel.

…and finally, she used Staff of Damnation to cast Vanhel’s Dance Macabre at Wight Cavalary. The power of the Staff went off, but it provided enough energy to push Wights into charge at Skavenslaves from the flank.


Vanhel’s Dance Macabre pushed Wights into combat with Skaven Slaves.

Turn 4 (Skaven)

It was still hard to tell who was actually winning the battle. If you ask Ikit Claw, he would answered – Skaven, and Count von Bohsenfels would picked Undead. There were plenty of stuff, that may change the final outcome of the battle. Either side could loose or win. Time will tell.

…but Ikit was determined to win this, and he tried to arrange battle plan as perfectly as possible.

On the west, Doomwheel  charged at the flank of Ghouls. They stood firm no matter the danger from Clan Skryre’s construction. Many of them died crushed by the wheel, mauled by the scythes or poisoned by Censer vapours. Despite the losses, they remained unbroken.

In the centre, Slaves were massacred by Wights and their steeds. It’s Slaves thing, actually. They are meant to die. In mines, in battles – they always die. Wights killed 6 of them, and Slaves were about to break the combat, but Ikit Claw, The general of all army was close. He shouted: “Puny cowards! Stay right there! Do not dare to flee-flee! You will die-die in combat here and now! Fight-fight! Die-die!”.

Slaves respected Ikit’s authority and fear of punishment were stronger than fear of Undead. So they continued to fight.

Meantime, Deathmaster Snikch sneak behind Count von Bohsenfels. That was his speciality – sneaking and surprise attacks from the shadows. Hopefully, Vampire will taste Snikch’s Weeping Blades soon.

And then, Winds of magic were back over the battlefield. Ikit, at first was meant to Drain Magic from the area, as he was doing 4 times already, but he decided to make other use of magic first. Cumulated magical energy was stored in Storm Daemon accumulator – all this energy can be released any time as warp lighting bolt. Ikit aimed his halberd at Vampire Count and sent 3 bolts toward Undead general. Only one penetrated his armour and protection provided by Golden Crown of Artazar and wounded him badly. The pain was horrible. Count von Bohsenfels after centuries of Undead sleep almost forgot what is like to feel the pain. Ikit Claw reminded him that feeling.

…and then Ikit Claw caused Drain Magic effect again, but this time Antonina Nachtdrakken’s magical abilities were finally affected.  She felt her power was suddenly sucked to the magical vortex in the sky, along with one of the spells – it was Raise Dead. After that, the silence prevailed – even Curse of Years over plague Monks regiment was disppelled.


Skaven Turn 4. Overview

Turn 4 (Vampire Counts)

The battle continued. Ghouls bravely resisting Doomwheel and Plague Censer Bearers, but the gas… it is something they could not resist for long. Few more grave diggers died in spasms, but their morale were unbroken. They felt strong in large groups, and they felt no fear of any enemy. Even those with poisonous mist around them…

Count von Bohsenfels moved little bit to avoid being attacked by Deathmaster Snikch. Well, master assassin of Clan Eshin was well disguised by Cloak of Shadows, so there was no way,  Count von Bohsenfels could spot him, but vampiric fifth sense told Undead general something may lurking there, hidden in the shadow. So, driven by intuition, he rode to other, rather safer place.

At the same time, Wights were cutting off slaves. 5 of them died trampled by skeleton steeds and slashed by rusty Wight Tomb Blades, but once again Ikit Claw managed to hold their lines with his, let’s say, ‘inspiring’ presence.

…and then another Winds of Magic cycle began. Once they started to form above battlefield, Necromancer  was slowly to grab the power to her pool cumulated in dark sphere above her staff, and when the sphere was full, she started to cast the spells.

First was Gaze of Nagash. Deadly  energy came from the eyes of Antonina Nachtdrakken and hit Plague Monks. 4 of them were burnt to dust. Their horrible death caused panic among survivals. Once frenzied, immune to any fear, terror or panic, now were horrified with sight of Pestilens Brothers dying in such way. It was time to flee, and leave  this wicked sorcerous place! They ran like hell and they didn’t turn their heads back. The horror of living dead was too much for them!


Plague Monks hit by Gaze of Nagash

Antonina Nachtdrakken was pleased, seeing Plague Monks flee. She decided to recast Gaze of Nagash once more, this time focusing her look on Ikit. When magical energy hit Ikit, he just thanked Horned Rat for ward protection of Black Amulet. Only slight scratch – that was the effect of the hit. Most of the energy was stopped by Amulet.

Turn 5 (Skaven)

The battle was almost over. Clanrats were wiped out, one Doomwheel destroyed and Plague Monks fled away. Undead were triumphing. Even Ikit Claw had to admit that. Only miracle would change the fate of Skaven army.

…and such miracle just happened.

Do you remember two Jezzail Teams on the hill? For the whole battle they hit only once – at the beginning of the battle – killing one Wight. Later on they were firing different targets, missing every, bloody time. Until now.

Jezzail Gunners took aim at Vampire General. He was riding his horse quite near the hill, so it seemed to be easy target. First shot missed Count von Bohsenfels by miles, but second… oh, great Horned Rat…the second hit him direct in the chest, piercing trough heavy plate armour with ease. The bullet hit his heart, and shreds tore guts inside out. The fountain of blood burst from Vampire’s chest and the cry of agony echoed over the battlefield. Count von Bohsenfels was dying and his only option was to return to his castle. He whispered few words to his Nightmare, asking his faithful Undead companion to ride as fast as possible to Bohsenfels castle. Entire Undead army was left without their general. Few skeletons turned to ashes, Wight Cavalry entirely vanished in thin air, and Ghouls panicked and fled the combat. Doomwheel and Plague Censer Bearers started to pursue, but panicked Ghouls were fast enough to avoid being caught and killed.

All Skaven cheered! Glory to Clan Skryre! Glory to Master Engineer!


Jezzails save the battle!

It seemed the battle was won.

Turn 5 (Vampire Counts)

…but it was not over yet. Antonina Nachtdrakken was really surprised by turn of events. She underestimated the power of Skaven magic, and what most important – Skaven weapons. Only one bullet was enough to take down mighty Count von Bohsenfels . One lousy bullet…

She will never made the same mistake again. Skaven gave her  a lesson she will never forget. But for now, she will attempt to turn the fate of battle back to Undead side.

Ghouls rallied. That was good, but not sufficient. Whole hope was in Necromantic magic…


Ghouls rally

Unfortunately, the Winds of Magic were really weak, and they would not provide any power to cast even the simplest of spell. So, there was no other option than to use Book of Secrets once again. Antonina was already weak, but she saw no alternative. She had to take the risk and read the book at least one more time.

When she finished to read the words of Curse of Years, she was barely standing, weakened by Curse of Tzeentch, but she achieved her goal. The spell was casted over Ikit Claw himself. Skaven Warlock suddenly was surrounded by magical energy, which started to drain all of his potency and life. His grey fur became white. His began to slouch, and wrinkles covered all his body. Eventually it was to hard for him to hold and operate his whole armoured enhancement. He was ageing so fast, that in the matter of seconds, he become so old and weak, that he was forced to lie down with no cautiousnesses. Curse of Years took Ikit away. He was no able to lead Skaven army anymore. Lying on the ground, he was useless here.

Jezzails, seeing this – panicked and fled. Other units held the ground, but the morale was low. Even for Skaven. Without their general, they were easy to break…

And Antonina Nachtdrakken? Oh, she was celebrating! The Curse of Years was right vengeance for the bursting heart of Count von Bohsenfels. And when she was about to order her skeletons to withdraw, she spotted something interesting in the centre of the battlefield. One lonely Skaven covered with some kind of magical cloak was hiding in the shade (that was of course Deathmaster Snikch protected by Cloak of Shadows). To fulfil her revenge, she opened the Book of Secrets once more and recasted Curse of Years on Deathmaster. He also turned quickly into over 20 years old Skaven with grey fur and weak body. There was no possible way, he could fight in such agonal condition…

That was truly something! Antonina Nachtdrakken, by casting two spells in the very last moment of the battle, managed to turn the battle back to Undead side. Two Skaven legendary heroes ended as old wrinkled rats with no desire to fight!


Cures of Years upon Ikit Claw and Deathmaster Snikch

…and Undead, even without their general were able to protect Ostland from Skaven infestation. Human Empire should be grateful for eternity to Count Michal von Bohsenfels and Antonina Nachtdrakken. But knowing Imperial Witch Hunters, they will not…


Antonina Nachtdrakken, The Necromancer, saves the battle

After battle

What the hell was that? What a rollercoster!

First, at very last moment my lucky Jezzail shot gave me victory and next my two major characters were dead and I loose! Damn, you don’t see that every day! That’s why I love Skaven – everything is so unexpected and unpredictable.

And Jezzails? It’s a first time in my life, I see them actually do something  in the battle. And killing a vampire? They deserve medals.

…but, anyway. I made few mistakes in the battle.

First and major one, I underestimated power of Necromancer Lord and Curse of Years. I should remember that – I used to play Undead in 1990s for many years and CoY was pain in the ass for many opponents. Now, after all these years, it came back for me. And to be honest, it was easy way to stop it. I should go there with Deathmaster Snikch and slay her (instead of follow after Vampire Count). Doomwheel also should ride into skeletons instead Ghouls. Two tactical errors, that costed me a victory…

And other thing. My Drain Magic tactics  had 50% chance of success, but lady luck was not with me this day. Necromancer would loose her Wizard Level along with one spell on 4+, and for 5 turns, she lost only one spell – and it was Raise Dead. What a bugger…

The battle was great though. I had great time.Big thank you for Michał, and for Bunkier Hobby Store (as usual:). I had small break with WHFB, but I’m back now and ready to play more battles:) Soon…

What’s next? Few battles report coming this way – Infinity, Wolsung, Malifaux. And I finished my big painting ‘thing’ and I’m almost ready to post it here. Just few more days:).

Until next time!

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