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Back to Painting Fever

Hey hello! Finally! I’m back! After all these barren weeks with no brush in my hands, I got back on the right track again!

Recent month were really crazy for me. I moved to Barcelona and this happened to be a quite time consuming enterprise. 2500 km drive by car, looking for a proper flat, arranging all paperworks issues, and finally connecting the internet. And bam! Yesterday, finally I managed to set up new workstation in my new home. For now it’s little bit rough – simply I took over a table and a chair, but to be frank I worked in way worse conditions. When the dust will settle, I’ll look for proper furnitures. For now…it’s enough – and I’m so excited to be able to paint again!

So, it’s time to sum up my recent paint jobs.

The first is…

Vampire Count von Carstein


What an awful model. Straight from 6th edition of WHFB era. The era where many the best models come from, but at the same time the worst as well. Count von Ugly is a perfect example of such 6th Edition concept of “ugliness”. Well, nothing can be done. If you remember those times, then you know – there was not quite  any options or alternatives for any models. We were buying whatever GW provided us.


The question is – why on Earth I bought this nightmare? Not intentionally, I ensure you. The vampire was a part of the bulk deal I got from online auction site. Few beastmen, Treeman, a wizard and this ugly fellow. Hello, poor guy. What will I do with you? – I asked, confused and not entirely sure what to do with that miniature.


However, the longer I was looking at it, the decision was starting to grow inside. I felt The Count will deserve proper painting. It was like, it was so ugly, to exceed the levels of aesthetics – it became attractive and handsome. Well,  was I being transfixed by vampire’s charm? Damn, I don’t know! But I was determined to paint it.


The Painting job was quite easy. Just few basic colours. Incubi Darkness for coat (shaded with Nuln Oil) and red/white additions. The sword – Calgar Blue as base, and several layers mixed with white to make it look frosty. The skin – Flayed One Flesh, with little bit of Evil Sunz Scarlet to give The Count more horrifying look.

The Graveyard resin base is from Micro Art Studio.

And what do you think? Is Count von Ugly is good enough? Anyone want to adopt him? It’s easy – just go to my Ebay page and he may be in your home;).

Ulrik The Slayer


This model stands in direct opposition to Von Carstein Count. Pure perfection and evidence of recent Games Workshop’s brilliant sculpts of current times. It shows how long road GW walked to be at this point. 15 years of experience (plus a little bit of money to pay for required technology and projects to build such sculpt;) and here it is. Ulrik The Slayer. Absolutely awesome model (personal opinion:). The moment I saw the release, I knew I need to buy it. It took me some time to finally sit back and paint it, but finally here it is.

And fun fact – this is actually the very first Space Wolves model I’ve ever painted.


The whole process of painting was long and painful, disturbed by many expected and unexpected events. First of all, I started to paint Ulrik just before the move to Barcelona. While I was hoping to finish it in just few days, so many things (connected with the move out) stood on my way, and I just knew, there was no way I would finish him before the great leap.


So, with ‘almost done’ Ulrik in my suitcase, I drove to Barcelona, with hope of finish it as soon as possible. But, then – we flew to Jamaica for next 10 days, and after we got back – the tiring process of flat search begun. A week later, finally I was able to breath with relief and sit back in my temporary painting station in my new flat in Canet de Mar, 30 km from Barcelona. I could finish the model in no time. Just one evening  painting session, few final touches, highlights and snow effect – and I could call it the end. Uff. That was probably the longest process of painting I’ve ever been part of. Never again. Hopefully.


Painting job. I followed the reference photo colours almost to the exact copy. What can I say? I like the scheme, so why to mess with the original? Am I right? 🙂

The choosing of right colours. As you can see -there are lots of them. So, if you have any questions about the details, ask. I try my best to describe the process… (lazy me, I know:)

Resin (Shale) Base is once again from Micro Art Studio.

Snow is a mixture of baking soda, glue to the wood and the cheapest white acrylic possible.

Ulrik The Slayer is for sale. One click away – my Ebay page.

Orc Fisherman


The last model in this batch. Something for one of my personal projects. Orc Fisherman for Triad of Lotus Dragon (Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish game).

Well, I owe one painted club so far for Wolsung – Ash & Oak (noble gentlemen and women of Lyonesse city), but after few games, I realised I need a variety from time to time. Long story short – I’m starting another club!


The Triad of Lotus Dragon is the name. The local mysterious Shanginese (Chinese like – as the name suggests;) underground organisation, responsible for all shady business happens in Lyonesse – drugs, smuggling, extortions. All! They will be perfect adversary for lawful Ash and Oak.


I already have painted Mr. Chang and three of Steam Tiny Dragonlings, and now it was the time for a simpleton – Orc Fisherman, one of the henchmen of the club.  I don’t know yet how to build the club, but for sure it will be made of a few Fishermen. Fishermen ability – they start the game as concealed in the crowd. Impossible to be nominated as target of any attack. Sounds like useful ability.


The Triad is a mystery for me for now. Don’t have any clue how to start the club – the members, skills, spells, stats. Nothing. I will just go my usual way – paint whatever I like and build the playing crew later.

The model’s painting job was quick and fun. No difficult tasks. I used one trick though – I put a layer of Gloss Varnish on fish held by The Fisherman. The fish look shiny that way – just like in real life, right? Glossy and disgusting;).

The base – resin Old Factory by Micro Art Studio.

And that’s it! Three minis painted during last month. Well, not too good. I don’t have any reason to feel proud. I need to speed up the little. Life’s short and I have still so many plastic/resin/metal to paint! Now, while I’m settled, there will be no necessary distractions and I can paint all days long:).

All resin bases and Orc Fisherman for Wolsung are manufactured by Micro Art Studio and they are available in their store. Or for example in Wayland Games.

Next in line – I’m back to little bit forgotten Blood Angels. Yay, can’t wait!

Until next time!


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