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First Polish Oldhammer Weekend 17-18 September 2016

Today I prepared something truly special. As you probably recall (if you follow my blog carefully), I announced some time ago my participation in organisation of first Polish Oldhammer Weekend. As not that old as it may appeared (we were playing 1990s 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle), for me it was the beginning of my wargaming adventure. So it’s old enough for me and many others.

Right now it’s time to sum up The Weekend.

10 gamers met in Warsaw Gentlemen’s Club for two days in September to play several battles combined into the campaign. First day was dedicated to play three smaller battles (2000 points) and the second – grand finale – 10000 points battle between good and evil. Sounds epic, right? And it was exactly like that.

Two days- tiring but extremely exciting weekend, I tell you that. 10 gamers obsessed with older editions and vintage models. Every model painted. Games with no pressure  – 100% casual gaming. Happy days were back just for a moment.

Background Story

How to stop end of the world, you ask?

Is it even possible? After all, if something is foretold centuries ago, it must finally come…

The answer to that question lies in the deepest levels of Altdorf Library. The oldest scholars say, that somewhere down there, there is a book. Forbidden book, of course.

In this book, though, the are some hidden clues, how The End Times could be stopped. The End of The World would may not occur and the time will pass interrupted – everything will last 40000 years or even more…

Scholars say, that this book mention The End Times will be foreshown by 8 different comets over Old World. Four of them already were sighted. The fifth will be seen soon. The next three of them will be the signs of upcoming changes. These changes will be acceptable by all races of the world.  Ineluctable end will come along with the last comet – the ninth.

There will be nothing after it. End of Time. End of Life. End of Hope. No future. Sacred squares will be forgotten, and the cursed round shape will be new measure of life and death.

The forbidden book tells who is guilty of all of this. The connection is not entirely clear, but the time after End will be known as Age of Sigmar! Is the founder and god of The Empire, is also its doom? The chapters of the book are not clear in that matter.

The sight of fifth comet made a quite commotion among the wisemen of the world. Imperial Scholars after several consultations with Dwarf Runelords and Elven Mages of Ulthuan, started to search the solution. …and it seems that there is some hope.

The End Times may not come!

The forbidden book mention about some artefact. Ancient weapon – the hammer made of purest lead (say what?!). The lead so hard, that will last forever, and in bond with sacred square will save the world! And it is known as Old hammer!

It is written, the hero will appear. Brave lord, the general of mighty army. He will defeat all enemies standing on his way. He will take The Old Hammer, and he will not kneel over the End Times prophecies.

The hero, if he make trough all trials and take The Old Hammer in his hands, he will replace Sigmar himself on his throne, and the ninth comet will never come and new age will never happen!

…and all races will praise his name!

All races, Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, even filthy Chaos creatures like Greenskins or Skaven sent their heroes to find The Old Hammer. Each of them hoped to be the one to save the world.

The scholars point the place where The Old Hammer may be hidden. The Spring of Blood River in World’s Edge Mountains. So, every army is going there right now to meet during final confrontation.

Is the book tell the truth? Is The old Hammer exist? Will The End of the World be stopped?

The answers to those questions will be given at first Oldhammer Weekend in Poland.

10 armies joined the race to grab The Ancient Oldhammer and 10 general desired to become the saviour of Old World.  Two grand alliances:

Armies of Good:

  1. Dwarfs of Zhufbar (Remo)
  2. High Elves (Zbyszek)
  3. Bretonnian Expedition (Janusz)
  4. Prince Bertand and The Dogs of War (Andrzej)
  5. Mercenary Dwarfs (Łukasz)

Armies of Evil:

  1. Skaven Clan Skryre (me-me)
  2. Von Carstein Vampire Counts (Michał)
  3. Nurgle Chaos Warriors (Jan)
  4. Orcs & Goblins Band (Adam)
  5. Archaon’s Chaos Warriors (Mikołaj)

DAY 1 (prelude)

We all met at 9 AM 17th September (Saturday). 5 tables were prepared along with 5 different scenarios attached to each table. The idea was – each player will play three games. He could play three different games or stay one one table as an attacker or defender (it was all described in the scenario). Each scenario were providing victory bonus at the end of the day. Bonus that could be used in the second day battle.

Scenarios were announced, and then both alliances designated the armies to specific scenarios (in secret of course. Nobody will suspect who will face who). And then we were ready for the action!


Scenario 1. Aupoleux


The first reference of Aupoleux is found in very old manuscript from the time of Expeditions to Araby. When King Luis The Righteous along with his faithful brave knights was dealing with deceitful Sultan Jaffar, in Bretonnia things were not well. Greenskins were looting eastern lands of the country, and nobles were unable to defend simple folks. Grim shadow dropped on the foot of Grey Mountains.

And then, he appeared. The brave hero. And his name was Gaston de Aupoleux. A hunter and skilled archer. Folks were telling stories, how Gaston were able to shoot the rabbit from the distance of 1000 feet. And when the nobles left the Bretonnian peasants to themselves, this hero were about to say – enough!

Wolf riders were the curse of Gaston’s home town. But the fate was about to show Gaston his place on the pages of history book. One day, when Gaston was returning from the hunt, he was ambushed in the forest by the bunch of mean, little Goblins on enormous wolves. Gaston, armed only in his bow, stood against The Greenskins. He shot them down to the very last, and after all this, when he fell on his knees to give thanks to The Blessed Lady, he saw incredible sight. Gentle light amongst the highest branches of the trees. Despite the clouded sky – he felt the sun on his face and heard graceful voice: Gaston! Stand up! Stand up and go! To defend your land!

Gaston’s heart were filled with courage. He knew, it was the time to act!

He gathered few dozens of the bravest men from Aupolex and surroundings, and together they chased away Greenskins bands back to their lairs in Grey Mountains. These filthy creatures were seen no more in the country for decades. And the name of Gaston de Aupoleux was spoken in entire eastern Bretonnia, being the inspiration to fight against any raiders.

Grateful citizens of Aupoleux funded the monument of their saviour. The silvered monument was placed in the town square. Folks say that this monument is the blessing for the town and brings luck to the hunters and archers. Gaston was supposed to watch over the area forever.

The prophecy of Eight Comets  pointed Aupoleux and Gaston’s monument as the first key to confrontation on Red Glade. Before that, it was sacred object only for people of Aupoleux. Now The Archer of Aupoleux was in the centre of incoming winds of fate…

In this scenario, The Good Alliance’s task was to defend the village against Evil side. The army which won the first battle set up their defence zone in Aupoleux (taking the advantage of all buildings, covers and obstacles). After second and third battle, the winner of each subsequent game became the defender, and opposite side was attacker.

The bonus: The side which managed to defend Aupoleux  in third battle gained the bonus for the grand battle. If Evil win – they will received ‘the blessing’ of The Archer. Every unit in 6 inches of the monument (which was dig out and transported to the Red Glade) will got +1 BS bonus). If Good side wins – the regiment of finest Bretonnian Archers will join the cause and help the alliance in grand battle.

In third battle Dogs of War army attacked Aupoleux. The town has been sacked by Greenskins band lead by Black Currant, Night Goblin Warboss. Goblins were trying to dig out the monument of Aupoleux Archer, when all of the sudden Prince Bertand and his Mercenary Army. This bold move was an actual gamechanger. Surprised Greeenskins lost the battle, and abandoned the monument. Aupoleux was saved!

All results /bold army won/

First Battle. Dwarfs of Zhufbar (Remo) vs Nurgle Chaos Warriors (Jan)

Second Battle. Dwarfs of Zhufbar (Remo) vs Orcs & Goblins Band (Adam)

Third battle. Prince Bertand and The Dogs of War (Andrzej) vs Orcs & Goblins Band (Adam)


Remo (Dwarfs of Zhufbar) vs Jan (Chaos Warriors). The first battle of Aupoleux.


Troll Slayers vs Chaos Knights. First battle of Aupoleux.


Dwarf Gyrocopter release the stem from the cannon upon Chaos Hounds. First battle of Aupoleux.


Andrzej (Dogs of War) feels confident before third battle of Aupoleux.


…but his opponent, Adam (Orcs and Goblins) is sure about the victory as well.


After all, his Orcs, Night Goblins and Trolls defending the village. You can also spot the monument of Gaston in the back.


…plus he has this old school giant to support his cause.

Scenario 2. Blighted Marshes


‘C’mon! Bloody hell.. ugh… HA! I have it!’  yelled happy Stefano Rosetti breaking the lock of a small case. The content of the case scattered around the wet ground.

‘Look at that, Luigi! What a big emerald! That fat, stingy Halfling from Via Mercante will give me one ducat for it! Or two, for sure! Told’ya Luigi…. Our little trip here – this is the deal of the lifetime.’

‘I don’t know Stefano… Good deal, right… but there’s something fishy about these swamps… They call this place Blighted Marshes, you know? I’m sure is is a good reason for that…’ replied Luigi Rosetti, younger brother and associate of Stefano.

‘Gods! You are so dumb, Luigi! Whining like a toddler and cowardass. Don’t you know it is propaganda spread by princes of Miraglino? I bet, they want to keep all the treasures hidden in The Marshes for themselves. And we, hard working people will rot on the stinky streets and eat the remains of esquire table’ – mocked Stefano and put another pile of gems to the sack.

‘Zombie?! Please! have you ever seen a walking dead? The late grandpa Marco was walking, allright. But he was alive, despite his 105 years. The dead stick to the graves and that’s it…and better do not jaw so much and dig… over there!’ continued Stefano and passed the shovel to his brother.

‘Maybe you’re right… These vapours are terrifying though…I tell you, Stefano…folks say that the rats of the size of the grown man are seen here! And they talk!’ Luigi grabbed the shovel and started to dig in pointed spot.

‘Imbecili! Luigi! What the hell are you talking about? Have you been listening to this gibberish of Donna Franscesca again?! I’m telling you, boy, do not deal with birds, cause I can’t listen to your whining any more…and then you want half of the profit! Please!’ snorted Stefano.

‘Rat-men?! have you been drinking?! I haven’t heard a bigger folly. Listen to you older brother, once and for all. There’s no such thing as rat-men. This is the creation of you childish imagin…’ Stefano Rosetti froze suddenly and the little stream of blood came from his mouth. Next second he fell dead to the muddy soil…

Luigi, paralysed by the sight of falling Stefano, couldn’t do anything but scream. Few seconds later he felt a tiny sting in his chest. And another one…and one more…

He stopped screaming, and looked down at his torso. He saw three shiny shuriken stars stuck to his body. Before Luigi’s slow brain understood what just happened, he chocked with his own blood, and fell dead as well…

Two hooded silhouettes came from the mist…

‘Yes-yes. Good-smart work, Skieek. Man-things dead. Quick-clever’ said first creature ‘and now, run like lighting to The Master and say we are ready. Yes-yes. Gutter Runners secured marsh-area. Magical-secret Portal may be opened. Our invincible horde-army can go trough. Yes-yes. Eeek…Eeek. The search of Old-Hammer is starting now-now…eeek…eek.’ squeaked first creature with triumph, while the second disappeared in the mist…

This scenario reveals a secret Skaven plot . They managed to open magical portal between most strategical places all around the world. The key to the final victory is to gain control over that portal.

There are three battles in Blighted March. The army who won each of the battle can decide to stay and defend it or enter the portal and change the scenarios with allied army. For example to go and attack/defend Aupoleux (while the allied army which was supposed to attack/defend Aupoleux is teleported to Blighted Marsh).

The bonus: Victory in third battle is the final victory and provides the bonus in grand battle (armies of the alliance which won this scenario enter the Red Glade first – they can choose the side of the tabletop and add D3 to starting roll).

The battle on Blighted Marshes started when Ikit Claw and The Skaven set up the portal and while they were starting to activate it, all of the sudden Prince Bertand and Dogs of War appeared. Ikit Claw successfully defended the portal, and no longer bothered, he was able to transport all his army to Black Fire Pass.

Then, Nurgle Champion, Lord of Chaos Død The Rotten, in second battle lost the portal to noble High Elves of Ulthuan. And when the Ulthuan expedition entered the portal to reach the Black Fire Pass, Lord Død The Rotten attacked again. The portal this time  was defended by Dwarf army of mercenaries (accompanied by famous Gotrek and Felix Jaeger!). And Dwarfs, defeated Chaos Warriors once again, forcing them to flee.  The portal remained in the hands of Good Alliance, and their armies will use it to get to Red Glade.

All results /bold army won/

First Battle. Prince Bertand and The Dogs of War (Andrzej)  vs Skaven Clan Skryre (me)

Second Battle. High Elves (Zbyszek) vs Nurgle Chaos Warriors (Jan)

Third battle. Mercenary Dwarfs (Łukasz) vs Nurgle Chaos Warriors (Jan)


Andrzej (Dogs of War) setting up his army for the first battle of Blighted Marshes (vs my Skaven:)


Skaven vs Dogs of War. First battle of Blighted Marshes


Zbyszek setting up his High Elves before the second battle of Blighted Marshes (against Chaos Warriors).


Focused Jan. His Chaos Warriors are about to face High Elves in second battle of Blighted Marshes.


Jan’s Chaos Knights looks magnificent.


Zbyszek’s Elven Riders in second battle of Blighted Marshes.


The third battle of Blighted Marshes. Chaos Warriors vs Dwarfs.

Scenario 3. Black Fire Pass


Sergeant Kessel!

As you probably know for all the gossips whispered from ear to ear in our town, The Border Princes are the arena of warfare of several hostile armies. My task, right now is to confirm that. It is not a rumour.

From the Appucini Mountains to The Wolrd Edge Mountains, from The Black Mountains to The Bad Lands – enemy forces are everywhere.

Warriors from far north, Dwarfs from their underground cities, Greenskins, Elves. Even King of Bretonnia himself leads his faithful knights. All of them have some hidden plans…

Plans, if you ask me, I couldn’t care less. Personally, these armies on our territory mean only one thing – trouble. I can see already one of the generals figures out he is the most important guy in the countryside and send his men to sack and loot.

You already know, nothing of the sort will take place in our duchy. Munzig is a poor city, and we won’t share our goods with anybody.

Therefore, Graf von Erhard ordered full mobilisation . All 100 troops plus 10 Personal Guardsmen of Graf.

We will send patrols all over the principality. And for you, Sergeant Kessel I have a special task. You will receive 7 men. Trained and fully equipped. Your orders are to guard the post at the entrance to The Black Fire Pass. Nobody will pass trough! Even a rat!

I understand, seven men is not enough, but the situation is critical, and most essential matter is to patrol the borders. Plus the morale is very low. I strongly recommend then to keep these information in secret. We don’t want to spread unnecessary panic…

Good luck. I trust you will defend the post, until the situation in the country is solved.


Captain Patric von Liptwig

in the name of Graf of Munzig

PS. The letter should be burnt after the read. My orders should be kept among two of us. Good luck once again!

The Black Fire Pass was known of many famous battles. And this scenario was arranging a few more. Of course Saergent Kessel, were not part of the struggle. His 7 men were not able to defend the post… Big players, instead joined the game.

This battle uses scenario rules for Break Trough (scenario 8 from Battle Book of 5th edition WHFB, page 31). One side is defending the pass, and the other tries to get trough. The victory goes to the attacker, if he manage to get trough with three units (at least 5 troops strong). If he is not able to do it, usual VPs are calculated. Plus additional points for attacker for getting trough with any of his units.

The Bonus: The alliance which will able to hold The Pass, will slow down the enemy army (the one that lost third battle). That army will arrive to Red Glade later (starting from second turn).

Black Fire Pass is one of the most strategical points in entire Old World. Whoever holds it, controls the passage from north to south. Ikit Claw understood that, and that’s why his army passed trough the portal right to the Pass. He encountered there King Luis and Bretonnian knights (they defeated Orcs and Goblins army in first battle). Ikit, thanks to his superior magic and technological miracles of Clan Skryre, defeated Bretonnia and took control over the pass.

In last battle, High Elves of Ulthuan tried to recapture the pass, but tactical genius of Ikit helped him to hold the post. Elves were also driven away. The Pass was held by Evil Alliance and High Elves were forced to took different, longer route to Red Glade. They will arrive there later than their allies.

All results /bold army won/

First Battle. Bretonnian Expedition (Janusz)  vs Orcs and Goblins Band (Adam)

Second Battle. Bretonnian Expedition (Janusz) vs Skaven Clan Skryre (me)

Third battle. High Elves (Zbyszek) vs Skaven Clan Skryre (me)


Janusz (Bretonnia) fighting against Adam (Orcs and Goblins) to get control over Black Fire Pass.


Adam commanding his Greenskins army. First battle of Black Fire Pass.


Bretonnia ready to face Skaven in second battle of Black Fire Pass.

Scenario 4. Herd Stone


It’s well known fact – Reikland forests have secrets, that no sane person would like to discover. Fantastic plants, wild animals, magical creatures out of fairy tales, and beasts of Chaos out of nightmares of worst sort.

But, something hidden in the deep heart of Reikweld (just few days from Altdorf), was unimaginable even for the brightest minds of Altdorf University.

Armies of Reikland under the command of Reikmarshall Kurt Helborg were cleansing the area of Reikwald for weeks. Cleansing of all skirmishing bands of Chaos Beastmen. Beastmen fight to the death. They hate human kind to the bone, so their ferocity in a battle is understood.

However, if outnumbered, Beastmen withdraw. Nobody knows if this is their primal instinct or well calculated tactics. But they run, avoiding confrontation, to regroup and attack few days later in little bit less defended area.

This time, though, it was different. Kurt Helborg’s army was dealing with smaller groups of Beastmen for last two weeks. And then, somewhere in the middle of Reikwald, they encountered a larger pack. The Beasts appeared to defend some kind of primitive altar with mysterious  dark obelisk. The obelisk was the abomination of Chaos. With filthy signs of Dark Gods carved in it, cursed with black magic, there was no doubt the obelisk was wicked. The signs were engraved next to the symbols representing 8 comets over The Old World.

When scouts reported about their finding, Kurt Helborg ordered full frontal attack with no hesitation. Chaos Band were fighting to the last, fanatical and steadfast. They were defending the obelisk, even though the forces of The Empire were numerous and unbeatable. Beastmen band were cut down entirely. They did not withdraw.

After the battle Kurt Helborg knew what must be done. He saw the sign of 8 comets before… He ordered the elite unit of Reiksguard to secure the altar, and with the rest of the army, he hurried to Altdorf. His friend, Thyrus Gormann will know what to do with this mysterious discovery…

The goal in this scenario is to retrieve the Herd Stone. The army who will win the battle can pull The Stone out of the it’s original site. While it will take some time, the three battles are to be played in Reikwald. So, the third battle (just like in case of other scenarios) is going to be decisive. The third battle will determine which side will receive the bonus for the grand battle.

The bonus: The alliance which will be able to win the third battle, will take the Herd Stone out of the site and transports it to the final battle. Evil Alliance would release the full potential of magical artefact – it can store D3+1 Winds of Magic cards in it and any wizard within 24” can use this cards. If Good Alliance wins the third battle, they found out how to block the channel of dark energy. So, therefore Evil Side’s sorcerers have limited access to Winds of Magic – they will get less cards in Good’s Magic Phase, and will be  forced to ditch one card if their number is odd in Evil’s Magic Phase.

The battle over the Herd Stone were dominated by Archaon and his Warriors. Archaon was determined to get full price in this campaign. Getting the Oldhammer would help him to bring doom over the world. In Reikwald, all three battles were resolved in the way Archaon wanted. His Warriors defeated Bretonnia, High Elves and Dwarfs in three subsequent engagements. Puny troops, puny armies and their futile attempts. The Herd Stone was Archaon’s!

All results /bold army won/

First Battle. High Elves (Zbyszek) vs Archaon’s Chaos Warriors (Mikołaj)

Second Battle. Mercenary Dwarfs(Łukasz) vs Archaon’s Chaos Warriors (Mikołaj)

Third battle. Bretonnian Expedition (Janusz) vs Archaon’s Chaos Warriors (Mikołaj)


Mikołaj (Chaos Warriors) vs Zbyszek (High Elves). First battle in Reikwald.


Third battle over The Herd Stone. Mikołaj (Chaos) vs Janusz (Bretonnia).


Bretonnian King on Hippogriphon vs whole chaos army. Third battle of Reikwald.

Scenario 5. Prophet out of time


Dear brother!

I hope everything well. Here, in Kislev, time passes by in so steady, constant rhythm. The seasons come one after other with no mercy. I’m not getting any younger. My bones ache and the eyes, well… my sight is not the same as it used to be. I read a lot though. I read and look for answer for the bothering question -What are the comets? What are their meaning?

Last month, when I was studying one of the manuscripts, I managed to confirm our suspicions. He exists! The man from the out of time exists! Well, not exactly a man, but… let me start from the beginning.
In the script, there was a story, about insane shaman living in Grovod Forest near Erengrad. The shaman foretells the End of Times, and the comets in the sky are the signs of it. To be more, he claims he lives in wrong place and time. He arrived from the warp from far, far future (as a result of unexpected accident). From the age which would come after The End Times. Incredible, isn’t it?

I didn’t not hesitate. I packed my cart, hired some warriors, and left my warm house in Kislev, to find out this shaman in Grovod Forest.

After many days of search, I found this prophet living in the hut seep in the Grovod. And listen carefully, he is not a human! It is a greenskin! An Ork! Huge as an oak. Bigger than any Ork you would had the chance to study.

This Ork (or rather Orruk, like the shaman wanted to call his race) wasn’t aggressive at all. Craziness must have overwhelmed his mind to such level, he can’t recognize enemies from friends. Our group didn’t have any problem with him. On contrary, he was very helpful and willing to talk. Pretty chaotic talk, I must say. But still. Do you imagine? Talking to a greenskin?

Thankfully, somehow I was able to get a partial information on our matter. If this Orruk speaks the truth, the end is, in fact, very near. We don’t have time to loose.You have to inform right people, it’s time to react. Time do look for Oldhammer. The things about to happen are horrifying!

I also recommend to relocate Ork Prophet to safe place. He knows way too much about what may happen. His prophecy could bring a doom upon all of us, and if he will be captured by the enemy lurking from the shadows, I don’t even want to think what might happen.

Best regards,

your brother Andreas.

For this scenario, I wanted to use my recently painted Orruk Shaman. The idea of time traveller was stuck in my head, while I was painting this model. The Shaman is teleported from Age of Sigmar to Olhammer era, and his presence here was crucial to the current events.


Orruk Weirdnob Shaman, Age of Sigmar

The scenario uses rules for Treasure Hunt (Scenario 9. Battle Book 5th. WHFB page 32), but in this case the treasure is The Shaman himself. Whoever will get the Shaman will double gained VPs during the battle. After each battle, the setting is changed. The idea is The Shaman is transported to the safe location where can be interrogated. So all three battles takes place in different places. And the winner of the third battle is able to get him to his castle/keep/ town or camp.

The bonus: The Alliance which will be able to deliver Orruk Shaman to safe place will get following bonuses. Shaman will reveals the knowledge of two ancient artefacts. These will two magical items  – armour and weapon (each worth up to 50 points). Plus one of the regiments gets the blessing of The Shaman and receives 6+ ward save for entire battle.
This scenario was dominated by Von Carstein Vampire Counts. As soon as they captured The Shaman, they didn’t let him go. They smashed the enemies to get Orruk to their home in Sylvania. Orruk will talk or they will make him to do it!

All results /bold army won/

First Battle. Mercenary Dwarfs(Łukasz) vs Von Carstein Vampire Counts (Michał)

Second Battle. Prince Bertand and The Dogs of War (Andrzej) vs Von Carstein Vampire Counts (Michał)

Third battle. Dwarfs of Zhufbar (Remo) vs Von Carstein Vampire Counts (Michał)


Łukasz (Dwarfs) vs Michał (Vampire Counts). First battle to capture The Orruk Shaman.


The last battle to capture the Shaman. Michał and his Vampire Counts is ready…


Remo (Zhufbar Dwarfs) feels ok. The last battle is about to start.


…and the third battle itself.

The five scenarios. Each payer played three battles that are only the preludes to something bigger. It took us whole first day of the weekend. I tell you – it was great time. And my Skaven army took all the glory by winning all three battles. The stories will be told about Ikit Claw and his undefeated rats for generations. Take a read about his deeds.

Ikit Claw and his Clan Skyre


My Skaven Army

Battle 1. Blighted Marshes (Scenario 2)

Ikit Claw gathered the best Engineers, personally chose the high quality machines and hired elite of the Skaven warriors. Getting The Oldhammer would make him the most famous Skaven alive. His determination was great. The drive to success was strong. He simply knew his moment is now.

To get to Red Glade, where Oldhammer, according to prophecies were hidden, he needed to set up the portal for Skaven army (and for his pathetic allies as well). In order to do that, he marched east of Skavenblight, direct to Blighted Marshes, where the magical aura was strong enough to activate the portal.

Unfortunately, the enemies were following his steps. Mercenary army of Dogs of War were already here. Blighted Marshes will be the arena for the battle once again!

Ikit’s tactics was simple. All attack. There were a few problems that may stood on his way. First, it was this Elf-thing on big flying smelly lizard (so called dragon). And second – Giant-things form the above-land called by man-things Albion. These problems have to be resolved soon, if Ikit wanted to win this.


Clanrats vs Albion Giant

Thankfully, Ikit could count on Doomwheels every time he needed them. Electric charges burnt the dragon to the ash. And Giants were involved in unnecessary fight s with Slaves and Clanrats. While one of the Engineers were Skitterleaping all over the battlefield, Ikit, Doomwheels and Stormvermin was setting up strategical positions.


The Dragon zzaped by Doomwheel

Plus, not forget – Ikit is the most powerful sorcerer alive. Not only Skaven, but all like. And his Engineers. Faithful disciples – they had the knowledge as well. Dogs of War had at their disposal only puny Druid. And once he was killed by Warp Lighting spell, there was nobody to protect mercenaries against superior Skaven magic.

The victory was Ikit’s! It wasn’t flawless victory, but the portal was defended, and that what was importanat. Causalities? Irrelevant. Skaven life is cheap. Ikit will get new troops in the matter of days.

Battle 2. The Black Fire Pass (Scenario 3)

After defeating Dogs War, Ikit’s army entered opened portal. The exit was set to be near the Black Fire Pass, on the northern side of The Black Mountains. Gutter Runners reported that The Pass is held by man-things from the above-kingdom Bretonnia. King Luis was their leader.

Ikit Claw came here to take control over the pass, and no man-thing king will stand on his way.

The battle seemed to be unusual. Man-thing tin-can warriors on strange animals called horses always rode to meet their enemies as soon as finish their mambo-jambo praying thing to their false goddess. Bu this time, they waited… They were scared of Ikit obliviously!

So, if Bretonnian tin-can soldiers won’t come, Skaven will come for them! It was another full frontal attack. Stormvermin attacked on the eastern wing to face one unit of tin-cans, and Clanrats took the western flank.


Stormvermin ready for the battle

Eventually tin-can units attacked. As well as their leader, King Luis on his flying lion-beast-thing. And while one unit thy were fighting with Clanrats, Ikit finished other unit of tin-can knights with spell of Arnizipal’s Black Horror, and Stormevermin had free passage on the other side of The Pass. One of the Doomwheel and Slaves (totally ignored by Bretonnia) were also reach other side, and Bretonnia was surrounded and had to flee form The Pass! Banners of Clan Skryre was waving over The Black Fire Pass. Ikit was victorious once again.


Bretonnian charge

Battle 3. The Black Fire Pass (Scenario 3)

Ulthuan filthy pointy-ears things attacked form the north few days later, but Ikit was prepared. Reinforcements arrived right on time, Doomwheels were repaired, and Skaven morale was surprisingly high. Even Master Ikit was amazed how his warriors were eager to fight another battle.

And when the pointy-ears-thing arrived with their snowy white cloaks and shiny bolt throwers, Ikit became sure it will be most difficult battle.

The Ulthuan bastards were not planning to pass trough The Pass at all. They set the up the defence line and started to shoot the arrows at Ikit’s finest! Sneaky-sneaky! Tried to shoot Skaven down instead of confront them in close combat? Cowards-chickens! Ikit will show them!

All flanks marched! To meet archers, bolt throwers and hidden far away in the back so called excuse for the ‘elite’ unit  – White Lions. Only Ellyrian Riders and Ulthuan lord on flying-lion went trough the pass, but it was not enough to win the battle.

Archers and bolt throwers were destroyed by mighty Skaven troops. Ikit teleported himself (using Witch Flight spell) few times to aid his warriors in this task. And Arnizipal’s Black Horror spell again was disastrous for enemies of Under-empire! Almost entire unit of White Lions were sucked to the warp! Hurray for Ikit and his magical powers! The mightiest-smartest sorcerer in whole world! Yes-yes! He’s the greatest-meanest! Stormevermin finished White Lions off and all of the sudden there was no enemies to fight!

Flawless Skaven victory! (of course less then 3/4 of Skaven were shot by pointy-ear arrows and bolts, but who cares). The Black Fire Pass was held! No army will pass trough The Black Mountains as long as Clan Skryre controls it.

With these three significant and glorious victories, Ikit could go freely to Red Glade to meet his allies and grab The Oldhammer for himself! May Horned Rat lead his way!

 That’s it. First day was over. We went for few beers and then off to sleep to be ready for big battle.
The story will continue next week, I’ll give you little close up on armies, the big final and little painting competition we organised.
Until next time!


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