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For Altdorf. The Empire project update. Part 2

I work like crazy. I paint like a madman! I do this and that – no time to relax. Too many miniatures to paint! Go! Go! Go!

Today I go back to my current primary personal project. Oldhammer Empire Altdorf army. I build it to fit WHFB 4th edition army book – so according to the timeline and definition is more like Middlehammer, but who cares. The composition of the army will fit any edition and any game system. From 3rd to 8th, plus Age of Sigmar/ unlikely;)/. I want to be open with the idea.

In last Altdorf Project Update Post I presented to you Karl Franz, The Emperor himself, plus his most faithful state troops. It was March and the goal back then was to prepare the miniatures for upcoming BOYL Oldhammer Weekend in July 2017. Well, long story short – I made it (with almost everything. In my last regiment of Knights Panther, the highlights are at the beginning stage. I’ll finish this soon) and I was able to field the army that I was (more or less) proud-ish (after all, there’s always something to be tweaked).

Now, the Weekender is long time gone, and I feel like to share the pictures of my troops here. You all need to see the heroes of BOYL!

The Reiksguard


I have this strange gut feeling I should start the whole collection with these. Legendary unit, defenders of The Empire, Protectors of The Emperor – The Reiksguard. The best of the best!


Forgotten models, forgotten regiment, lost during the troublesome times of change. 5th edition was the last moment of their glory, there were about to be abandoned by the Games Workshop in further editions.


The glory of Reiksguard is unquestionable though. Elite troops and I feel like little bit put aside by me during completing this project. But when I finally get to them, it was truly cool time. And rather simple work, I must confess, wash, wash and wash on more time. Metallic and wash. Plus some white/red add ons (different colours than usual Altdorf red/blue. White/Red are Emperor colours, so the choice was obvious…).

The models in this unit are from different eras.Little bit of Marauder Reiksguard, classic Citadel as well. Plus a few 1989 Citadel’s Foot Knights of The Empire. Together they form a unit of 20 finest soldiers of the capital city. To fight against all enemies of The Karl Franz!

Johann von Kerker. Warhammer Quest Noble


Meet Johann von Kerker, the old-fashioned nobleman. Reiklander to the bones and faithful Altdofian patriot. After countless quests to most dangerous dungeons, monster lairs and mazes, he decided to ‘retire’. Retirement in his case means, he does not go for gold hunting adventures any more. With bank accounts full of golden crowns, he just follow his another passion – warfare!

Oh yes, he’s ready for every call to arms of his beloved Emperor! He grab his sabre and  put on the armour and he goes wherever he’s needed.

And man, Johann was needed during BOYL indeed. He fought the Battle of Luptenhofen. He helped the famous von Hellfire family in (unfortunately unsuccessful) vampire hunt, and he took part in small skirmish in Halfling village outside the walls of Heldenhofen.

The model, as you probably guessed already, is classic 1990s Warhammer Quest Empire Noble. It represents the spirit of The Empire with its details. Clothes, boots, even the haircut and beard – that’s how Nobleman from Altdorf should look like. And the colours – obviously Red and Blue:).



Another ‘must have’ regiment (for every edition) – The Flagellants. And this one is called – The Black Brotherhood. Founded by Brother Joahim, quite a long time ago, when he shouted the famous words in the streets of Altdorf:

‘..and thou shall wear black rugs. Black as the darkness of upcoming times. And thou shall wear them until End of Days…’


Quickly he gained many followers, who left all their families and possessions behind to join The Black Brotherhood and to tell the prophecy of End Times on the streets and markets of Altdorf. Well, they were no menaces to the society, so they were no bothered by City Guard. In fact, many times Brother Joahim and his disciples proved to be great assets in the time of war. Fearless fanatics driven by unswerving devotion to Sigmar – when in battle – they were unstoppable!

It was matter of time, when Karl Franz decided to use The Brotherhood in his many victorious campaigns against Chaos Beasts, Rat Men and Greenskins.

There are 20 models in this unit – including all 5 Marauder Flagellants, a few models from 6th edition, plus Brother Joahim himself – or simple lonesome 3rd edition Flagellant model.


Marauder Flagellants


6th edition Flagellants


Prophecies of Doom are written on wooden boards of these fanatics.


…and finally – Brother Joahim, the founder of Black Brotherhood /3rd edition Flagellant model/

The idea of painting these guys in black robes, instead of typical Flagellat brownish rugs covered with mud, was appealing. I found similar scheme somewhere while scrolling the pictures of models during search for inspiration. Almost instantly I love this thing, plus I invented a simple background for the regiment. It all worked together perfectly. The Black Brotherhood was born:)

The Handgunners


Estalian Hendgunners are famous across the whole Old World – valued for their fire power and precision. Altdorf Handgunners came from Little Estalia district. Foreigners by birth, faithful subjects of The Emperor by choice.





Ten models in this unit. All from 1992 range of metal Empire series.

The Crossbowmen


The Tileans in Altdorf live in many communities – concentrated around Tilean Inns (serving delicious pizzas and pastas). Wherever is Tilean food, the bunch of Tileans hang around. Altdorf, as the richest and most developed city in whole Empire attracts folks from all around the globe. Tilean are one of the major group here, from all the principalities of the peninsula. Living in Altdorf in the harmony – politics is such a  bullcrap for local Tileans. The good food, beer and music – this is Tilean life in the heart of foreign land. The wars of their homeland seem to far, far away.


However, if their new motherland is in danger, they stand unite and strong. And while Estalia is known of their Hand Guns, Tilea is the land of another deadly ranged weapon – a crossbow. Tileans from Altdorf often grab their crossbows and go for war along with their countrymen of The Empire.


10 models in the unit -1992 Citadel range. Each model, different:)


The Helblaster Volley Gun


The last model/unit in this update – The Helblaster Volley Gun. Developed by Engineers of Nuln, but this particular model was brought to Altdorf many years ago by Jan, the younger brother (and smarter, and more handsome;) of Leonardo of Miragliano. Sometimes, the inventions of Jan of Altdorf are mistaken with accomplishments of Leonardo. Often, Jan is wrongly taken as Leonardo. They are very alike by face features and by the list of the achievements. Jan is not worried by his brother’s fame though. He simply tries to work and gain his own personal brand. And he’s on the right way. Recently, The Emperor himself called him and gave him a task to rearrange and equip new battery of guns for Imperial army. Soon everybody will forget of Leonardo, and Jan of Altdorf ‘s name will be on everybody’s tongues.



Jan of Altdorf

Bases and Moving Trays

I had many questions about those:). And the answer is: No. I haven’t sculpted them. I’m too lousy at sculpting. They are resin, and I bought them at Base-X-of-War. Highly recommended products. Top quality.

All models were painted in period between April and August 2017.

That’s it for now. The BOYL weekend is way behind me, but there’s no stop with progress with Altdorf force. So many models and unit awaits – Dwarfs, Ogres, Halflings, more war machines. Knights!

That’s why love The Empire army – the diversity of units is awesome. You can compose the army in so many ways. Discover it again, and again!

Soon, planned for October 21st, my army will take part in Polish Oldhammer Weekend. It’s going to be 2 days campaign with grand battle at the end. I hope I will be able to add some units by that time. /The Knights Panther are aaaalmost done, so it may happen:)/.

I’ll be updating you regularly.

Until next time!




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  2. Brilliant painting 👍👍👍
    Great selection of models.
    Those flagellants looks really good in the black robes; great choice 😎😎


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