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For Altdorf. A little update for Empire army.

Oh, that was a long time since I  presented my recent painting efforts here. And it’s not that I didn’t want to, but seriously, September and October was a crazy busy time for me.

First, I had a ton of work in my day job. Second, I moved back to Poland (by a car. God bless my good ol’ Nissan Micra. Oh, yes. It’s manageable. But don’t ask how:). Third, there was a pile of miniatures I was painting on commission. And finally, fourth – I need to write a crazy amount of content for Polish Oldhammer Weekend. It took me ages, to arrange all scenarios, rules and background. However, it was all worth it. The review – coming soon.

…but, no matter what, I did found a spare time to paint something extra for one of my personal projects. At the moment, my Warhammer Fantasy Empire Altdorf Army is still number one. There are a few models I need to paint, and few corrections I need to make to some already finished. But I’m really near to get to the finish line of certain stage. The stage I can call it done, and concentrate on other projects.

Today only one model to present – The Great Imperial Cannon with its crew of three.


Essential in every army of The Empire. Basically, when you think of The Empire, no matter the edition, or even if it’s Age of Sigmar, cannons are the core and spirit of the force. Empire is the state troops and the gunpowder. Simple as that.


I was plying battles with my Altdorf army since July 2017, and almost all elements were painted in red/blue colour scheme. I just lacked the cannon.

Of course my army was fully painted, and the cannon was in its rightful place. However it wasn’t the model painted by me personally. The paint job was done by my friend, who sold me his entire Warhammer Empire collection. So, there was nothing wrong with the cannon, but well… the colours wasn’t right (yellow/red). The scheme is red and blue, for Sigmar’s sake! Altdorf colours!

It took me a while to make this slight correction, but finally here it is. The Pride of Altdorf – The Big Gun.

And it’s of course, like my other models in the army, early 1990s 4th edition metal version. I’m quite persistent with this…

There’s nothing wrong with latest plastic model of the cannon. Quite a nice sculpt, in fact. It’s just a matter of personal preference. I’m the 90s guy, and my best wargaming memories come from that era. Therefore, whenever I plan a new project, I reach for 1990s miniatures and rules. The best there are, in my opinion.

The colour scheme of the cannon is simple. Wooden parts look like wood (not a big fan of coloured wood), and metal parts are metal. The only difference between this Altdorf cannon and cannons from other parts of The Empire, are small  red and blue elements on the gun itself.

The crew wear obligatory red/blue uniforms (with little bit of white). Of course, maybe they should look a little bit more messy (working with gunpowder all day long and stuff), but I feel this proper, clean look is allright for the capital city of whole Empire.


The bases. As you may probably noticed, I’m a quite a big fan of resin bases. It saves me time on modelling the bases (which I actually could use to paint more models – which I love to do), and they don’t cost that much. And final effect – pretty good, in my opinion.

These bases are the products of Base-x-of-War. I got all the bases and moving trays for my Empire. Great quality stuff. Sigmar, bless them.

This cannon, in some way (almost) closes the first stage of my Empire project. The stage that I can field fully painted army – all in Altdorf colours. I added ‘almost’ to that statement, because one more regiment is not ready. The Knights Panther. Well, they are 90% finished – some final highlights,, and the banner, but they work just fine on the battlefield even now.

From now on, I will be adding new models and regiments to The Empire force, but this is loosing the priority from now on…


I’m thinking of Chaos for the next season…

Until next time!


  1. They do look nice. You are certainly right about cannons. I only played a couple of intro games of Fantasy, when it was still the current game, and I was struck at the cannons could do mean things to big blocks of infantry, which seems pretty reasonable to me.

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