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Battle Report: Warhammer 40k – Blood Angels vs Raven Guard (2000 points)

And the next battle report here.

Warhammer 40000. My Blood Angels (once again) versus Raven Guard (commanded by my friend Miłosz).

2000 points. Game played as a part of ‘Fading Suns of Corinth Sector’ campaign. Unfortunately not all models were painted (especially on my side. shame on me), but I joined this campaign to train my Wh40k skills and I was so eager to do it, so I skipped my ‘only painted models’ resolution. Well, it was a choice:  this or I should wait another year or two (by looking at my progress in painting Warhammer 40000 miniatures).

This is the last report with unpainted models. No more. Time to implement more strict policy. 2017’s resolution.

The game was played in October 2016 in Faber Hobby Store in Warsaw, Poland.

Scenario – Relics

Gravity distortions and launch of next Necron generators had significant influence on the weather and tectonic movements. The whole continent were struck by terrible storms, strong winds and earthquakes. Each of the factions were after the answers, helping to understand those anomalies, and perhaps preventing them.

Captain Sendini of The Blood Angels already lost one patrol during the storm (about horrible defeat against Imperial guard renegades – read here), and this time he decided to lead the force personally. Especially, when Scouts reported Necron artefacts nearby, that might be some clues to get some answers.

Unfortunately, Raven Guard force had similar agenda…

The Rules

  • Deployment: Dawn of War.
  • There are 5 objectives (Relics) in the area. The army which secured the most of the objectives wins the game. In case of the draw, the side with most Tactical Objectives and Secondary Objectives completed is the winner.
  • Secondary Objectives: Linebreaker, First Blood, Slay The Warlord
  • Night Fight, Random Game Length, Reserves

Additional rules:

  • At the beginning of first player’s turn, the direction of the wind is randomly determined. The wind is changing every turn: 1. Wind is blowing from first player’s table side. 2-3. From the left side. 4-5. From the right side. 6. From the opponent’s side.
  • The wind has the influence on Flyers, Skimmers, Jump/Jet Infantry, Jetbikes

Following rules for movement:

  • movement with the wind: plus D6 to the movement
  • against the wind: minus D6 to the movement
  • side wind: plus D6 to the movement and 3 inches displacement to the side (with the wind)

The wind affect units entering from Deep Strike as well.

Scatter Weapons (if no HIT is rolled) always scatter with no BS deduction.

Each objective moves randomly (D6 inches) every turn.

Blood Angels Force

Cpt. Sendini (Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Bolter)

Chaplain Adeodatus (The Angel’s Wing, Inferno Pistol, Crozius Arcanum)

10 Tactical Squad (Sergeant – Power Sword + Inferno Pistol, Grav Gun, Plasma Cannon, Rhino)

10 Tactical Squad (Sergeant – Power Fist + Storm Bolter, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter)

9 Death Company (Jump Packs, Various Close Combat Weapons)

5 Assault Terminators (Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields, Redeemer Landraider)

Furioso Dreadnought (Storm Talons, Melta Gun, Storm Bolter)

Predator (Twin Linked Lasscannons, 2 x Sponson Lascannons)

Stormraven Gunship


Blood Angels

Raven Guard Bladewing Assault Brotherhood

Shadow Captain Aevar Queld (Raven’s Fury, TheRaven Skull of Korvaad, Swift and Murder, Melta Bomb, The Armour of Shadows)

6 Vanguard Veteran Squad (Storm shields, 4x power axe, 1 x Lightning Claws)

10 Assault Squad (Jump Packs, Veteran Sergeant – Melta Bomb, Lightning Claws, Eviscerator, Plasma Pistol, Flamer)

10 Assault Squad (Jump Packs, Veteran Sergeant – Melta Bomb, Povwer Fist, Eviscerator, Plasma Pistol, Flamer)

Epistolary Kyaneus (Mastery Level II, Jump Pack, Digital Weapons, Force Axe)

5 Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher)

5 Scout Squad (Camo Cloaks, 4 x Sniper Rifle, Nihilus)

Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (Two twin-linked Lascannons)

Land Speeder Squadron (2) (Legacies of Glory: Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre, 4x Multi-Melta)

Mechanicum Cerastus Knight-Atrapos (Occular Augmetics)


Raven Guard force



Raven Guard set up their forces on the north. All army were deployed except Land Speeders (reserves).

Shadow Captain Aevar Queld joined Vanguard Veterans, and Epistolary Kyaneus was operating alone.

Blood Angels were starting on the southern side. Tactical Squad in Rhino. Furioso Dreadnought, Cpt. Sendini along with Assault Terminators (in Land Raider) plus Predator were ready to fight.

Chaplain Adeadatus, Death Company Squad and Storm Raven (transporting second Tactical Squad) were in the reserves.

Objectives are marked by red counters.

Raven Guard were about to start the battle, but Blood Angels managed to seize the initiative (yay for me!).


The Battlefield


Miłosz setting up his army.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)


Brothers! Taking these xenos relics is absolutely crucial! We have Emperor’s blessing to get them. We ought to get them. This is our sacred duty. They will give us answers to all the riddles. Release your inner rage!

Capitan Sendini’s voice was heard in all Blood Angels headphones. They were here to obey his orders, and there was absolutely no matter who were they fighting against.

Landraider, Dreadnought and Rhino moved forward, and Predator aimed and took a shot with all Lascannons at enemy Dreadnought. One shot hit the Dreadnought’s armour and left small fracture on the plate.

Turn 1 (Raven Guard)


Raven Guard’s core were fast Assault units. As usual. Mobile and deadly in close combat. The goal for this engagement was to get to the opponent as soon as possible.

Two Assault squads jumped with the wind to the west, and Captain Aevar Queld, Epistolary Kyaneus and Vanguard Veterans moved to the east to cover all the battlefield and hopefully grab all the relics.

The Knight fired all weapons at Furioso Dreadnought. Blood Angels  walker was hit with the massive blast, shook on his legs but remained intact and continued the march.

Tactical Squad’s Missile Launcher aimed incoming Landraider , but missed by miles.

At the same time, on the eastern flank, Squad of Scouts and Mortis Pattern Dreadnought opened fire at enemy Predator tank. While all rendering bullets from Scouts’ rifles did not penetrated the hull of the vehicle, salvo of Lascannons sent from Dreadnought hit Predator directly in the side. One of the sponsons were useless. Weapon attached to it  were blasted away.


Predator’s side lascannon destroyed.

Turn 2 (Blood Angels)


Blood Angels force were outnumbered by Raven Guard. While The Ravens were ready for close combat, Blood Angles – quite opposite. Of course, Assault Terminators were inside Land Raider, ready to fight, but Cpt. Sendini was sure it will be not enough to face The Ravens.

It was time to call for reinforcements…

Stormraven appeared from the east, flew all over the battle to stop and hover right next to incoming Raven Guard Assault Squad. At the moment Stormraven ship entered the battle, Moritis Pattern Dreadnought  opened fire at it. Heavy Lascannon blast shook the airship, but thankfully to impressive flighting skills of the pilot (he jinxed all the shots), there were no harm done.

Death Company deep struck right beside Raven Guard Dreadnought. It was precise landing thanks to  Chaplain Adeodatus’ Angel’s Wing who was leading the unit.


Death Company arrive

Furioso Dreadnought and Land Raider kept pushing forward, and Rhino performed assault attack pattern – it moved at full speed towards one of  the enemy Assualt Sqauds and turned to the left. At the moment it turned and pulled the breaks, the side hatch opened with whizz and Blood Angels Tactical squad disembarked.


Blood Angels march to victory!

While they was out, they fired full salvo of bolters at the closest Assault Squad. Furioso Dreadnought and Stormraven opened fire as well. Enemy unit surrounded by heavy fire from two sides, took heavy causalities. Five Raven Guard Astartes died.

At the same time, Predator Tank and Death Company fired at Mortis Pattern Dreadnought but missed completely. Just a few shots hit the walker, but is was too weak to penetrate the armour…

Turn 2 (Raven Guard)


At this point of the battle, Raven Guard made full assault on the left wing. The Mechanicum Knight fired all its weapons at Blood Angels Tactical Squad. Huge blast of the graviton vortex covered a substantial part of the squad and the Rhino which transported them earlier. The squad were decimated and Rhino was wrecked by the grav force twisting it within.

The remains of The Blood Angels Tactical was charged by two Raven Guard Assault Squad and two sides clashed in balanced close combat.


At the same time, on the eastern flank, Shadow Captain Aevar Queld and Epistolary Kyaneus joined Vanguard Veteran Squad, just to turn to face Death Company Squad. They were positioned against strong wind, so they were not even trying to assault Blood Angels. They simply opened fire, but there were no serious wounds were inflicted. Death Comapny are pretty resilient. They feel no pain and ignore any minor wounds.

However, Epistolary Kyaneus was able to hurt them in some other way. He gathered the power from the warp and he transferred it right upon Death Company, turning them totally Enfeeble. That was the least Raven Guard could do to Death Company.

Dreadnought and The Scouts fired at Predator but no damage was inflicted. And at the same time launched missile (fired by a member of Tactical Squad hidden in the ruins in the middle) hit Blood Angels Land Raider. The vehicle’s side part of the hull cracked and few minor systems were damaged. Thankfully, back ups turned on and the tank continued its assault uninterrupted.

Turn 3 (Blood Angels)


Death Company Marines are tough and insane skilled fighters. In Close Combat they are literally unstoppable. Enraged killing machines. However, with this high combat capability comes a great dose of tactical unpredictability. Once released on the battlefield – they were no way to give them proper orders. Just pointing the enemy and hoping for the best outcome.

And right now, Death Company followed their inner rage once more. Without hesitation they charged at enemy Dreadnought (while they should assault Vanguard Squad). Dreadnought was so close though… such a tempting target…


Death Company assault on Dreadnought

A few of Death Company Marines equipped with Thunder Hammers simply wrecked The Dreadnought to pieces. And when they cries of triumph echoed over the battlefield, there was nobody to notice how awful tactical move it was. Death Company was right now exposed for Raven Guard Shadow Captain’s charge…

At the same time, Land Raider continued its assault and opened fire and Tactical Squad hidden in the ruins. Suppressive fire of Heavy Bolter rounds killed a few of Raven Guards, but most crucial – Missile Launcher – was save.

And at the western flank, brave Blood Angels remaining Tactical Marines continued to oppose against Raven Guard two Assault squads. Bravo for them!

Turn 3 (Raven Guard)


The moment when Raven Guard Land Speeders popped out to the battle was a turning point. Land Speeders didn’t make any big impact at their entrance (their attempt to shoot the Predator down was complete fiasco), but from now on, everything went smoothly for Ravens.

First of all, Shadow Captain Aevar Queld led Vanguard Space marines to frontal assault on Death Company Squad. Chaplain Adeodatus and Death Company were simply wiped out from the planet’s surface. Swift and flawless attack that was. Even famous Death Company stood no chance against Shadow Captain’s fury.


Raven Guard vs Death Company

At the same time, Missile sent from Tactical Squad hit directly at Land Raider tracks. The vehicle got immobilised for good.

…and at the western flank, The Knight fired all weapons at Furioso Dreadnought. His determination to destroy Blood Angels walker was huge. There was no calculation here. In order to annihilate the enemy, it needed to be fired with everything Mechanicum delivered. And it was all worth it. Furioso Dreadnought turned to wreckage.


Furioso Dreadnought is out

Beside that – Scouts fired at Predator and missed horribly, and Blood Angels Tactical still was fighting bravely against their brothers of Raven Guard Assault Squad.

Turn 4 (Blood Angels)


Redeemer Landraider was immobilised, so it was a right time for Captain Sendini and his Terminators to personally involved into battle.The hatch opened with hiss and Blood Angels elite warriors get out the transport with the battle cry on their mouths:

For Sanguinius!‘ they shouted out loud and proceed towards enemy Land Speeders. Unfortunately the distance between them were to long and a charge attempt were futile. Land Speeders avoided the most than certain destruction.

All xenos relics were floating on the wind all around the battlefield and Blood Angels finally decided to take control over them. Some of them at least.

Stormraven went into hoover mode and dropped second Tactical Squad, which  rushed right away to secure one of the relics.

Landraider unable to move, concentrated all Heavy Bolters fire at Raven Guard Tactical, killing one more Marine.

Predator moved away from the danger of Landspeeder’s fire and fired Lascannon Turret at The Knight lurking behind the western ruins. The shot was direct hit, but it inflicted not enough damage to the armoured hull to hurt The Knight in any way. In fact, he didn’t even noticed the blast.

Meantime, 1st Tactical Squad was still fighting Raven Guard Assault Squad. This combat was proving the point that Space Marines are resilient and skilled fighters. And when they fight brother vs brother, it is long and equal fight.


Keep on ighting…

Turn 4 (Raven Guard)

raven guard turn 4

Disaster! Blood Angels force were bound to the their doom. Everything. Literally everything was turning against them! And the turns of events that about to come will ruin their every attempt to win this battle.

When Captain Sendini gave orders to all the units to secure xenos relics, he made a terrible tactical mistake. He expose the core of Blood Angels to the enemy fire. Especially Assault Terminators.

The Knight turned left and took aim at Terminators. And when targeting system focused at the unit – he fired all he got. Entire squad was covered with raging fire and explosions. Terminators took a defensive stance, holding their Storm Shields high, but it was not enough. The havoc surrounded them with no way to escape. All five of them died in horrible fiery spasms. The only one to survive this hellfire was Captain Sendini.


Next target: Terminators…

Predator tank was destroyed by combined fire of Scouts and Land Speeders. There was no Blood Angels to survive the explosion of the tank. The flaming wreck, what’s left of it.


On the western front, Blood Angels Tacticals was finally routed and forced to flee. To be blunt, they fought Raven Guard long enough, and it was a miracle that they were able to oppose them. …but now it was all over. The Ravens hack them down to the last man with no mercy.

At the same time, Shadow Captain Aevar Queld and Epistolary Kyaneus split up to secure two relics.

…and Tactical Squad kept firing at Land Raider Redeemer, but despite it was immobilised, the ceramite plating was intact and was sufficient protection against incoming missiles.

Turn 5 (Blood Angels)


Sons of Songuinus! Secure the Objectives! It’s crucial we take control over them by the end of the day! At all cost!‘ shouted Captain Sendini trough the vox to remaining Marines.

He ran to one of the relics to collect it, while Stormraven ship flew east to another, and Tactical Squad secured the third one.

Now, Blood Angels waited for Raven Guard to see what they about to do.

Turn 5 (Raven Guard)


…and Raven Guard were about to grab a whole deal. The plan was to control the objectives and destroy as many enemy troops as possible. So far, it went exactly how Shadow Captain arranged in his mind. Minimal losses and total control of the battle.

The Knight turned to face The Stromraven Gunship and fired gravity cannon and lascutter. Blood Angels ship were hit on the most vulnerable spot. The back hatch and the engines. The las beam cut the left wing turbine in half and the grav gun crashed the ceramite plate of the back of the hull. The Stormraven started to going down and it hit the ground with loud explosion. There were no survivors.


Stormraven down…

Land Speeders flew to prevent Captain Sendini taking one of the relics and fired at Blood Angels Tactical Squad. Almost half of the squad were covered by melta blasts and almost immediately vaporised.

The remaining half were fired by Raven Guard Tactical and the Scouts. Combined fire  were sufficient to wipe out every living Blood Angel.

At the same time Shadow Captain Aevar Queld and Epistolary Kyaneus secured two alien objectives.

And at the end it was all like in Shadow Captain Aevar Queld’s plan – total control. Four objectives taken, and enemy forced to withdraw with heavy causalities. Glory to The Raven Guard!

After battle

Another battle lost. One more time Blood Angels defeated, fell back in disgrace. That is how it ends when you play against such veteran Warhammer 40000 player like Miłosz. He seemed to have all the rules memorized. Is that really possible?

Well, lesson learned. I tell you that…

For now, I’m taking a break with playing Warhammer 40k (at least for few months). First of all, I need to paint my models finally. Nothing good comes from playing with unpainted Blood Angels. They look so… un-red…;). To change that – I need time. And unfortunately something big is coming to my hobby life, and all my efforts will be concentrated on this (details soon), and all Blood Angels minis have to wait…

Second reason is that “Fading Suns of The Corinth Sector” is over . After three turns, organisers decided to end it. They have new, better idea for a campaign, and ‘Fading Suns’ were faded off. I won’t be joining a new campaign, due to the reasons stated earlier (I need to paint’em. Damn it!)

…so, that’s it. Thank you for reading the report, and stay tuned for more reports soon!

Until next time!


  1. Ann says

    Sounds like a fun game. Well, as for the poor Blood Angels I guess they can say mistakes were made and all that jazz, lick their wounds, get angrier and come back next time for some revenge. They seem to really be good at the revenge game. 🙂

    I like your wind rules. Is that a house rule you made up or did you get it somewhere? Either way, I was thinking of expanding a house rule section on my blog and I was wondering if I could include your wind rules, with a link back and proper credit of course.


    • I made a lot tactical mistakes here, and in result I lost the battle. no worries though. Just like you said -BA will be back and revenge will be brutal;)

      wind rules are house rules. and sure, you can include that. cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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