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Battle Report: Warhammer 40k – Blood Angels vs Imperial Guard (1250 points)

Another battle report. This time I’m back to Warhammer 40k universe to lead my Blood Angels against forces of Astra Militarum run by my friend Janek. We played in Warsaw hobby store: Bunkier.

The battle itself was the part of ‘Fading Suns of Corinth Sector‘ campaign I joined to practice my Warhammer 40000 skills.  My army is not ready to be played yet. Majority of models are not painted and there shouldn’t be presented on the tabletop in any way. However, I thought if I would play in this campaign, I can made a painting challenge out of it. Simple one. Between the battles add some more painted models to the fielded force. Each battle – more and more. And eventually in final battle, The Blood Angels will be fully painted.

Unfortunately, life writes different scenarios, and I got distracted by other miniatures, and I completely abandoned The Space Marines. It happens to me all the time. Too many cool models to be painted,no way to concentrate on one army… and therefore, I failed my challenge completely. And there was nothing new to brag on the tabletop. Just Terminator Squad, Tactical, Librarian and Sanguinary Priest.

Yeah, I’m quite miserable at challenges. I should give them up entirely and paint whatever I feel like. Anyway, let skip all the boring stuff and proceed directly to the battle.


The battle is, like I mentioned earlier, the part of narrative campaign called ‘Fading Suns of Corinth Sector’. Several factions have arrived to Corinth to figure the mystery of fading stars. Armies of The Imperium, Chaos, and most of all The Necrons standing behind all of this – they met in Corinth Sector for decisive clash.

Blood Angels 5th company under the commandment of Brother Captain Sendini after defeating Dark Angels in bloody and  confusing battle, set up they base of operation on one of the planets in the system. And exactly in the very moment, Captain Sendini sent Brother Librarian Zaapiel and Brother Gamaliel for reconnaissance mission, something went wrong with planet’s gravity…

The Necrons. They launched several generators to get in motion their plan. Weather started to change drastically, but most of all the distortion in gravity waves caused all vehicles to malfunction. Too risky to be used. Therefore Brother Zaapiel’s patrol was on foot. Not even jump packs could be used.

The fortune played her trick on Blood Angles though. The patrol encountered the ground force of Astra Militarum. They where fresh after the battle with Chaos Space Marines. Glorious victory it was, but many of brave soldiers of The Imperium fell. And survivors were in miserable state. This, plus worsening weather conditions and problems on vox communications – Blood Angles patrol mistaken them as renegades and proceed to engagement.


Necrons set up the generators, that disrupted the gravity  (and weather) on the planet.

All vehicles, bikes are useless.

Artillery’s range is halved.

Troops move as on dangerous terrain.

Jet/jump pack, whenever used, must be tested for Dangerous Terrain and may move only up to 6 inches and assaulting up to D6 inches (instead of 2D6).

No flyers  nor Gargantuan creatures allowed.

Beasts/cavalry move only up to 6 inches.

Deployment: Vanguard Strike. Imperial Guard deploys first. Blood Angels have the first turn, unless The Guard manage to seize the initiative.

Victory conditions. 1 VP for every unit that reaches enemy deployment zone.

Additional objectives: Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood.

Additional rules: Night Fighting, Reserves.

Blood Angels

Brother Liblarian Zaapiel (2. mystery Level). Terminator Armour

Gamaliel. Sanguinary Priest

5 Assault Terminators armed with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields.

5 Terminators (with Assault Cannon)

10 Tactical Space marines (Heavy Bolter and Melta Gun)

10 Tactical Space Marines (Plasma Cannon and Plasma Gun)

Imperial Guard

2x Ministorum Priest

2x Commissar (with Power Fists)

2x Primaris Psyker

1st Infantry Platoon (Platoon Command Squad – 2x Plasma Guns, 4 x Infantry Squad – Sergeants with Power Weapons)

2nd Infantry Platoon (Platoon Command Squad – 2x Plasma Guns, 4 x Infantry Squad – Sergeants with Power Weapons)

3x Veteran Squads (each 3x Plasma Gun)



Imperial Guard arrived from the northern side of the road .Ministorum Priest, Commissar and Psyker joined both of Platoons.

Blood Angels set up their force on the south. Sanguinary Priest joined Death Company squad, while Brother Librarian Zaapiel and two of Terminator Squads waited in the reserves.


Imperial Platoons ready for the battle.


Terminators in the reserves.


Tactical Squads at their position.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)

Proceed with caution’ heard Gamaliel in vox. That was Brother Librarian Zaapiel, who was waiting in the base with two squads of Terminators. Waiting for the weather conditions to get better. Strong wind in this desert, was a true nightmare. Sand was everywhere, visibility was poor, and this terrifying noise everywhere… like whistling or buzzing in the air…

Blood Angels spotted blurred silhouettes in the north. As there were no reports on any activities of Imperial movement in the area, it had to be assumed the incoming troops are hostile. Most probably one of the renegade bands spotted earlier in the sector.

It was time for engagement. Blood Angels opened fire…

Plasma Cannon blast hit large Infantry Platoon (IP1), but due to wind, the hit did not covered too many of incoming troops. Only 3 of them were absorbed and burned by the charge.

On the right flank,  Tactical Squad opened fire at  another Platoon (IP2). Five of the Guardsmen died pierced by the bolts.

At the same time, Death Company (accompanied by Sanguinary Priest) ran across the road to find cover behind the large silo.


Death Company run to hide behind the silo.

Time was getting crucial. Mysterious enemies will about reveal their agenda, and this enigmatic skirmish would easily turn into something more bloody and deadly. Blood Angels were ready for that…


Turn 1 (Imperial Guard)

While Blood Angels hold their positions, all Guardsmen units moved forward.

Unknown enemy ahead! Men, hold the line!‘ shouted Commissar Ianus. ‘First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!‘ he ordered the 1st Platoon. ‘Shot them down!‘ …and first Platoon opened fire to Death Company Squad. And even despite Black Rage, which enables them high level of invulnerability  on pain and wounds, four of them died.


Imperial Guardsmen. Countless ranks…

At the same time, Commissar Escobar of 2nd Platoon gave the same order to his men. 2nd Platoon aimed carefully and open fire at Space Marines Tactical Squad hidden behind the ruined warehouse. 2 Astartes lost their lives.


Turn 2 (Blood Angels)

Gamaliel, I’m coming. Please set up teleport homers‘ Gamaliel heard over his vox. That was Zaapiel again, reporting his readiness to enter the battle along with two Terminator Squads.

Gamaliel activated his teleport homer, and as soon as it was set up, the squad of Assault Terminators appeared out of thin air.

The second Terminator squad and Brother Librarian Zaapiel himself arrived  next to Tactical Squad on the east.


Terminators arrived.

And now Blood Angles were in their full strength. Eastern Tactical Squad and Terminator Squad opened fire at incoming Platoon. Guardsmen were suppressed by heavy, combined fire of bolters and assault cannon. No place to hide nor run. 5 of them died pierced by bullets.  Still not enough…

At the same time, at the west, another Tactical Squad stood and fire at second Platoon (IP1). This time, The Space Marine wielding Plasma Cannon took flawless aim and shot the beam directly on target. The blast hit right in the middle of Platoon covering many of The Guardsmen with hot, blazing plasma. They  duty was over here and now…

And while, Tactical Squads were shooting, Death Company finally got close enough to charge the enemy. Black Rage were filling their veins, pumping the adrenaline to every vital organ, giving the body the sign – the confrontation is near, be prepared. And they charged!

…but the wind was so intense! And the charge was upwind! Death Company and sanguinary Priest after quite a distance of struggling against the wind, lost their impact eventually, and the charge failed…


Turn 2 (Imperial Guard)

Definitely, the weather conditions were huge advantage for Imperial Guard. Death Company tried to tie the whole squad in combat, and most probably kill quite a few Guardsmen, but strong wind seized the charge and The Platoon  gained extra time to shoot one more round of las beams. And this salvo took down the remaining Death Company Marines, freeing them from their misery.


Last of Death Company Marines are dead…

Gamaliel, was the last man standing from entire squad. He was out there alone, exposed to enemy fire…

Meantime, Veteran Squad (VS1) fired all their plasma guns at Terminator Assault Squad and fell back. Unfortunately, one of the plasma gun charges got hot and exploded in the hands of the gunner. He vaporised with the scream of agony frozen in his face. Another two Plasma guns missed the Terminators by miles.

All remaining squads marched forward. Slowly, but effectively they were advancing to Blood Angles positions.


Turn 3 (Blood Angels)

As Imperial Guard were closing in, Blood Angels were in position to hold the ground and keep firing. ‘There are too many of them! Where, on Terra, they are getting from?‘ shouted Zaapiel and he keep on pulling the trigger on his storm bolter, until the barrel went red from all the shells fired up. His Terminators and Tactical Squad join him – all shooting at (IP2) Platoon.

On the west, at the same time, Assault Terminators went after the second Platoon (IP1), however their heavy armours were difficult to operate in such strange conditions of distorted gravity. Everything seemed to be three times heavier, and even enhanced Terminator armour systems malfunctioned. The distance to The Platoon was too long…

Brother Gamaliel, The Sanguinary priest, though, was in the perfect spot. He was about to finish the job of his Death Company brothers. He was assigned here to help them, and he wanted to fulfil his duty even when they were all gone. He was obliged to take as many enemy lives as it take to honour Death Company name.

With no other choice, he assaulted The Platoon (IP1). He ran into the mass of enemies. Waved his Valour’s Edge from left to right, and back, hoping to kill as many foes as possible. He knew, he will meet his doom here. Not even slightest chance for him to live any longer. The only question was, how many pf them he will take with him.

…and the answer was given to Gamaliel soon enough. He was killed almost outright by Commissar Ianus’s power fist.


Brother Gamaliel fell…


Turn 3 (Imperial Guard)

Imperial Guard proceed with their plan. Still moving forward and shoot Astartes constantly.



1st Platoon concentrated their fire on western Tactical Squad. The heavy lasgun salvo killed 7 Space Marines! Power Armours were not sufficient protection against so many las beams.


Astartes are dying…

Veteran Squad (VS1) made a swift turn and aimed Terminator Assault Squad with remaining Plasma Guns. Two shots hit and one of the Terminators was covered by plasma charge. Safety systems in his Armour started to fail one after another, and eventually everything turned off, leaving him without any protection. Plasma charge started to go trough the cracks and wholes and burn the flesh of the Space Marine. Eventually he was consumed by it entirely.


The Veteran Squad.

On the east, 2nd Platoon opened fire at second Terminator Squad. Librarian Zaapiel standing in the front row, was the main target of concentrated fire. How bold of him! His Terminator Armour and the faith in The Emperor were his only protection! Unfortunately it was not enough – one of the lasbeams went trough the vulnerable part of the armour and wounded Zaapiel badly.


Turn 4 (Blood Angels)

Blood Angels were loosing this. Death Company was gone, brother Gaamiel fell, and The Guard kept pushing forward. Even non-stop fire of Space Marine bolters did not force them to seize the attack.

Terminator Assault Squad, on the west proceed with engagement after The Platoon (IP1), but the gravity kept playing it tricks. They were close to get into close combat, but once again the same armours that keeping them safe, were slowing them down significantly.

On the east, wounded brother Zaapiel was in charge of leading this flank. Everything went smoothly. Terminators and Tactical Space Marines kept firing at the enemy, enemies were dying. All according to plan.


Fire! Fire!

…and then, all fell down.

Zaapiel was trying to cast Fear of The Darkness upon incoming Guardsmen, and then, when the force were channelling from his force axe to his mind, a disaster occurred.  The force from the warp was too intense, and Zaapiel’s mind started to be Dragged into The Warp. The pressure for his mind and body were too strong, and as he already was injured, he collapsed. The blood leaked from his eyes and nose, the horrible pain went trough all his bones. He felt like he was tearing apart by all daemons of The Warp. With no help for him at all. With horrible scream, brother Zaapiel of Blood Angels fell with no sign of life.


Brother Librarian Zaapiel is dead…


Turn 4 (Imperial Guard)

Both battle brothers, Gaamliel and Zaapiel were dead, and Blood Angels abandoned by their HQ, were more and more de-organised. And Guardsmen offensive pushed forward.

Platoon (IP1) and Veteran Squad (VS1) concentrated their fire on Terminator Assault Squad. Armour and Storm Shields were not sufficient for such heavy fire from both sides. Two Terminators died hit by plasma charges.

On the east, 2nd Platoon (IP2) took aim at another Terminator Squad, and in this case also 2 Terminators were killed. So many lasguns shots will overrun every armour, even Terminator one.


Turn 5 (Blood Angels)

‘There are too many of them!’ We need to attack them. Now or never! This is our final moment. We are victorious or we die!‘ ordered Titus, Sergeant of Terminator Squad, who took responsibilities of Blood Angels general.

Both squads of Terminators attacked enemy Platoons.

Assault Squad, equipped with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, engaged Guardsmen and dealt heavy blows on their rear ranks.Imperial Guard, despite most of the troops are weaklings in close combat (especially comparing to Space Marine Terminator), are always prepared for such attacks. Commissars and Squad Sergeants are armed with power weapons, which can penetrate Terminator Armour with one strike. No Space Marine is safe. The ceramite and adamantium is penetrated with the same ease as skin and flesh.



For both of Terminator Squads, the assaults were their last moments in the battle. They killed many enemies in this fight, but the strikes from the sergeants and commissars were precise and deadly. None of the proud Astartes survived.


Turn 5 (Imperial Guard)

Blood Angels lost the battle. There was no doubt about that. Last two Tactical Squads took a serious of casualties from a heavy Imperial Guard fire. Space Marines in both squads were eventually annihilated. No one has survived.

…and Astra Militarum forces kept moving forward, to secure their positions all over the battlefield.


Janek leading his troops to victory…


Summary. One sided battle. I felt helpless here, really. There were too many of Guardsmen attacking from all sides. Shooting (with re-rolls) with countless lasgun shots, were too much for Space Marines. And in close combat, power weapons attacks from the second ranks were simply game killer for me. Not a chance to do anything about it.  It was hard lesson for me from Janek. I need to figure out how to deal with swarming enemies until next battle with Militarum. Probably more template weapons, and skip Terminators. That would do it.

Other thing. For the first time I used Battle Chronicler to make maps for the battle report. Currently, I’m at figuring it out stage, but so far I can tell the app is awesome and it would be great addition to my stories. I hope you like it.

And once again I apologize for a break on my blog. Boring life is winning over me. Too much work, tiring illness plus Christmas season. Too much of everything if you ask me. Blog will go on despite all obstacles. And I have pretty exciting stuff to write plus few nice ideas to implement here. Just you wait;).

Until next time!


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