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Battle Report: Warhammer Fantasy Battle 5th Ed. – Skaven vs Dwarfs (2000 points)

Another battle report coming your way! And I’m back to The Old World and good old 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle once again.

The battle – my Skaven vs Remo’s Dwarfs – 2000 points.

If any of the rules, skills, magical items or simply anything is unclear, just ask. I am more than willing to answer all questions about 5th edition.

This battle was really special for me. I had quite a break from WHFB in general, and even longer from Herohammer (as sometimes 5th edition is called), so it was big reunion for me. Remo came to Warsaw from Opole (300 km away) to attend to Warhammer Fantasy tournament the next day, so we grabbed this opportunity to play the battle.

I was speed painting Plague Monks for entire two weeks, just to be able to use them in the battle. So, please ignore their bright green hoods – they will get proper look any time soon. I promise:)

The battle took place in Bunkier Hobby Store in Warsaw. Perfect place for battles. Proper table with wide selection on scenery pieces:) Thanks a lot!


The town of Stoodhof. That was pleasant place, full of men, Dwarfs and Halflings living in peace and prosperity. Stoodhof were famous of their copper mines. Folks of Stoodhof were proud of their copper ore and it made Stoodhof known all over The Empire. Even Dwarfs of Zhufbar were attracted by unusual quality of this rather common metal. The trade between Zhufbar and Stoodhof was blooming and Stoodhof was gathering quite a wealth. And wealth usually means good news for everybody…

…but well, it was all past.

All of the sudden, the regular trade trains from Stoodhof to Zhufbar seize to deliver copper to Dwarf keep. When two scheduled deliveries of copper did not arrived, Lords of Zhuffbar decided to send the expedition to investigate the mystery.

Remo Remorsen was assigned as the leader of the expedition.

When his army arrived to Stoodhof, they found only ruins and cinders. The Stoodhof was no more. What might happened there? Remo will soon about to find out!

From the tunnels and sewers, vicious brood of Chaos were emerging! Long time enemy of Dwarfs – Skaven! They were the reason why Stoodhoof stood in flames, and caravans was not coming to Zhuffbar any more. Skaven, the vermin of all world, digging their filthy tunnels under every major fortress of  World Edge Mountains.

The leader of Skaven. It was Queek Headtaker, big black rat in glowing Warpstone Armour. Eternal enemy of Dwarfs. He was in front of his Stormvermin bodyguards, but there were more rat-men coming out from everywhere. Remo’s army were about to stand against Skaven here and now. The battle of Stoodhof was about to be fought.

We played usual scenario. 2000 points. Battle will last 6 turns.

Skaven Army (Queek Headtaker’s Raiding Party)

Queek Headtaker (Dwarf Gouger, Warpstone Armour, Skavenbrew, Warpstone Charm)

Grey Seer Skreezulz The White (Black Amulet, Skalm, Double-handed Weapon, Screaming Bell)

Plague Priest Blistit The Stain (Flail of Skulls)

30 Clanrats of Clan Mors (Spears, Shields, Light Armours)

30 Skaven Slaves (some sort of hand weapon only…)

24 Stormvermin (Light Armours, Halberds)

30 Plague Monks (2 Hand Weapons)



Skaven army. From the bottom: Doomwheel. Slaves, Plague Monks and Blistit the Stain, Clanrats with Skreezulz The White, Stormvermin with Queek

Dwarf Army (Remo Remorsen’s Zhufbarr Expedition)

Dwarf Lord Remo Remorsen (Flail of Skulls, Shield, Runic Armour with Rune of Iron and Rune of Stone, Talisman with Master Rune of Spite and Rune of Luck)

Master Runesmith Valagrim (Runic Hammer with Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Breaking, Rune of Parrying, Shield, Armour of Protection and Runic Talisman with two Runes of Spellbreaking and Rune of Luck. Valagrim is riding Anvil of Doom)

18 Miners (Champion Lars The Digger carrying Fiery Ring of Thori, Double-handed Pick Axes)

10 Crossbowmen

10 Thunderers

Organ Gun (Rune of Forging)

Gyrocopter (Rune of Penetration)

Flame Cannon (Rune of Forging, Rune of Immolation)


Remo and his army. From the left: Gyrocopter, Thunderers, Organ Gun, Miners with Remo, Flame Cannon, Valagrim on Anvil of Doom, Crossbowmen



Turn 1 (Skaven)

Queek Headtaker’s anger grew. Dwarf-things, here?! Horned Rat, curse on them! His lair, his camp, his all copper extraction operation were in jeopardy. Queek needed more time to connect copper mines the web of Skaven tunnels and seal the entrance from above. But no. Dwarf-things, interrupt. They will pay!

First order of the battle. Distribution of Skavenbrew, experimental substance brewed in laboratories of Clan Moulder, enhancing the metabolism of every Skaven consuming it. The whole unit of Stormvermin ate the brew and all of the sudden, they felt growing hatred toward the Dwarf-thing.

At the same time, Screaming Bell rang for the first time. The metallic, intense sound of the bell motivated Clanrats pushing it to move forward. And the moment after – whole army, every Skaven marched.


Skaven marchin’ on!

On the right flank, Doomwhell, hellish Skryre’s machine rolled toward the Dwarfs line. Queek’s plan for the battle was simple – all attack and kill every Dwarf-thing here. Nobody will be spared. More head as trophies for Queek.

Grey Seer Skreezulz The White sitting in front of The Bell, felt proud. He was in the front line – he will be killing Dwarf-things soon. But for now… he gathered the power from Winds of Magic above and summon small swarm of Vermintide rats and released it to run at the enemy.”Bite-bite! Kill-kill! My precious pets!


Turn 1 (Dwarfs)

As Skaven tactics were pretty obvious, that Dwarfs were also predictable. They set up defence line and waited for incoming foe. Every unit but Gyrocopter stood the ground. And flying machine flew trough the left flank to surround the Skaven army.


Gyrocopter hidden behind the building.

And the rest of the army simply opened fire. Remo Remorsen just stood and watched the Skaven die.

Thunderers fired their guns at Clanrats. The boom of several shots, dark cloud and intensive smell of gunpowder. That’s what you will get when Thunderers fire their weapons, and as the result – 3 Clanrats shot dead.

Organ Gun. Queek Headtaker dealt with this machine few times before, and it wasn’t pleasant memory. Not at all. Organ Gun shooting with power of regular Cannon and had five barrels loaded and ready to fire! That could annihilate almost entire Skaven unit! Queek knew Organ Gun need to be watched out, but lucky for Skaven Warlord – rats’ life is cheap and Clanrats are easily replaceable.

This time though, Organ Gun shot only 3 guns and aimed The Screaming Bell. Shot was successful. The ballistic skills of the crew were flawless. All the cannon balls landed directly on The Bell. Two shots hit the bell itself, making it ring even louder, and third smashed The Striker. The Bell was left with no rat to ring it! Silence will come and Horned Rat does not like silence…

Flame Cannon. Hellish machine, designed to spit fire for longer distances were faced against Plague Monks. Frenzied, zealous Monks were ignoring any danger, and Dwarfs decided to greet them with fire. Eight Skaven of Clan Pestilens died in flames.

And finally, Crossbowmen on right flank targeted Skaven Slaves. Bolts were fired, and 3 Skaven died.


Skaven life is cheap

Some folks believe, that Dwarfs despise magic. It’s not true.They may not  have, as the race, spell casters and they do not involve in any of collage of magic. But there are Runsmiths among Dwarfs. Runesmiths understand magical ways, and they learnt to control Winds of Magic. Valagrim rode ancient Anvil of Doom, where power could be cumulated and convert into lightings.

Such magical lighting bolts were released from Anvil at Doomwheel. One bolt hit Engineer controlling the machine – he knew the best how deadly electricity might be, but he never realised that one day he will by killed by it. There’s no save against the lightnings. Controller died in agony. Second and third lightning struck the wooden construction of Doomwheel, cracking it little bit, but causing no serious damage. However, the wheel with no driver were totally out of control!


Doomwheel hit by lightings from Anvil of Doom, went out of control!

Turn 2 (Skaven)

So far, there was nothing to worry about. Everything was running smoothly and according to the plan in Queek’s head. March, attack and kill Dwarf-things. Simple as that. Just move forward to get to the fight.


The Screaming Bell rang once again. Striker were dead, but it wasn’t his deed. The Bell was hit by the ball shot from Organ Gun. The Bell cannot be destroyed – The Horned Rat blessed it and nothing would damage it.. but the hit of Organ Gun made it rang once again. Clanrats pushed the carriage forward driven by the unholy sound.

Doomwheel lost control, allright. However the rats inside may have some spark of intelligence after all. They ran as fas as the could, making the wheel rolled forward, and while direction should be totally random, it still moved toward Crossbowmen! Coincidence, or rat inside the wheel made it on purpose? In fact, it was so close to Crossbowmen, that they were in range of electric lighting of Warpstone generator. One of The Dwarfs were zzaped to the death!

Meantime, Grey Seer Skreezulz The White noticed unique opportunity. The Winds of Magic started to cumulate in very rare way. The power dragged down by Skreezulz were immense. There were now possible way, that this power could be stopped. Spells had absolute Total Power. Enemies beware.

Skreezulz started invocation of one of most fearsome spells of all Skaven Magic – The Plague, and casted it at the unit of Thunderers. Well, the history knows the cases of all armies consumed by this mysterious disease, but not Remo’s Dwarfs. Not this time, at least. Only two Dwarfs were smote by the plague – their bodies stared to be covered with ulcers and the blood in their veins boiled. Horrible way to die. No doubt about that, but somehow only two of Thunderers died, and rest of the unit resisted the spell. Lucky for them…

Turn 2 (Dwarfs)

Remo Remorsen was clever general. Even though Dwarfs entered the town and they seemed to be attacking side, he was in no rush at all. All regiments stood and wait for Skaven and shot with all they had (if they had). Only Gyrocopter made a turn behind unit of Stormvermin, but that  was obvious tactics. Fly around and fry rats with the steam. 4 Stormvermin died in boiling hot air.


Gyrocopter flew around unit of Stormvermin.

Thunderers also shot at closing Stormvermin and 2 more Skaven die.

Next, Organ Gun. This time the crew chose different target. Plague Monks led by insane Plague Priest Blistit The Stain. Two barrels were loaded and ready to fire. Careful choosing of the distance and Ka-Boom! Both guns fired and both hit Skaven unit directly. Dwarfs Engineers’ skills are simply flawless. Every shot equals hits. No mistake were done. Bravo!

Cannon balls struck two Plague Monks, killing them instantly. First ball hit Blistit himself. One of his fellow Monks tried to save him and push him away from the danger, but Blistit were ignoring all danger. In his frenzy he totally forgot about all danger of battle – the only thing that counted – get to Dwarf-things and smash their skulls. Lucky for him, it was only slight wound. Uff…

…but it was not the end of the trouble that was over the unit of Plague Monks. Flame Cannon spit massive cloud of hot blazing air. Skaven stood in flames – rugs, clothes, skin and flesh melted together and four more Plague Monks were sent to afterlife. Blistit, the frenziest of all Monks of Pestilens, covered with fire had no way to escape the blaze. In fact, he seemed to be unaware of the danger. One of plague Monks cried: “Look-look! Fire-air! Fire! Brother Blissssstit! Run-run!”, but Blistit ignored the warning and stood in front of the flame. And when it came, he was in front line. His skin and fur was burning, but just laughed: “It is no-thing for Blistit. Pestilens despise fire! Pestilens better than fire!“. Unfortunately he was horribly wrong. Moments later his burnt body fell on the ground with any signs of life. Blistit was dead. (word of explanation: I was taking two ‘Look Out Sir!’ rolls. First, when Organ Gun was shooting and second in case of Flame Thrower”. And, what I  rolled? Two 1s of course, failing both rolls. My Plague Priest was doomed:).


Plague Priest Blistit The Stain is dead…

At the same time, on right flank, Crossbowmen fired at Doomwheel and killed one rat inside the wheel.


Turn 3 (Skaven)

Causalities were getting higher, but still not high enough to stop the Skaven. Queek Headtaker ordered to attack! Finally, Dwarf-Gouger will taste some blood!

Stormvermin charged with fury at Thunderers. Clanrats pushed the silent Screaming Bell carriage forward, and Plague Monks left the burnt body of Blistit and marched against the Dwarf-things. Slaves followed their lead.


Doomwheel, even nobody was controlling the steer, once again, rolled directly ahead. Mindless rats inside moved it straight into unit of Crossbowmen! The impact was massive!  Four Dwarfs were ground. One more was electrified by the charge of Warp Generator. Despite the losses, Dwarfs stood fast, and they did not break the line.


Doomwheel rolled into Crossbowmen!

At the same time, on the left flank – Queek Headtaker and his Stormvermin were slaughtering Thunderers regiment. Queek personally beheaded 3 of Dwarf-things (no doubt, he will add their heads to his trophy collection), and Stormvermin killed 2 more.


Stormvermin charge…

The morale of Thunderers were broken, and whole unit were forced to flee. But hey fled so fast, that even swift Stormvermin could not caught them in the pursue.


…and Stormvermin win and pursue.

Skaven were marching, and above new Wind of Magic forming the clouds made of pure magical energy. Grey Seer pulled the power to his staff, and cast The Plague for the second time! The spell started to form, but almost immediately all power were sucked back to the sky! That was Runesmith Valagrim, breaking the seal on his Runic Talisman. The Rune of Spellbreaking was useful thing against such powerful wizards as Grey Seer. It works exactly like Dispel Scroll, but has Dwarf signature on it (it means it’s better!).

…at the same time the swarm of Vermintide ran over the unit of Miners. Small, vicious rats came trough Dwarf unit. There was no way to fight back. They could only try to escape the rodents. Despite that, four of Miners died because of the inflicted wounds. Later on, Vermintide moved off the battlefield.

Turn 3 (Dwarfs)

Skaven were close. Very close indeed. Remo Remorsen decide to use additional means to provide better defence.

While Thunderers rallies on the left flank, Gyrocopter flew behind the unit of Clanrats, and Miners reformed their ranks and moved back a little.  Anvil of Doom with Valagrim on top of it and his bodyguards charged at Slaves. Dwarfs approach changed it a little. It was the time for counter attack.

Gyrocopter faced its Steam Gun directly at Clanrats. Weak, puny Skaven were easy target for Steam powered weapon. Almost a dozen of Clanrats were covered with hot vapours and 5 of them died with scream of agony frozen at their muzzles.


Gyrocopter releasing the steam.

At the same time, Flame Cannon spit the hot bursting fire cloud direct at Plague monks. Frenzied Skaven did not bother 3 more Pestilens Brothers were burnt to ashes and continued to march forward.

Organ Gun did not fire at the moment. Crew were busy to reload all the barrels, before they will be able to shot one more time.

Runesmith Valagrim riding his Anvil, accompanied by Bodyguards rode into unit of Skaven Slaves with fury and precise. They were swinging their war hammers  left and right. Bones, skulls, and rusty Skaven blades were smashed and crushed with the same facility. Runesmith rose in his glory!


Runesmith in action.

And Slaves? Well, as predicted, cowards and weaklings. They were just squealing with fear. They were begging for mercy… and finally they totally lost it started to flee. Oh, they fled as fast as possible. Valagrim could not caught them by any means.


Run-run for your lives. Flee-flee!

At the same time, at the right flank, Doomwheel continued to resist Dwarf Crossbowmen. Well, rats of the wheel did not care they were surrounded by Dwarfs and tried bite back (with miserable effect, though).

…and Winds of Magic started to repeat their cycle. New power was concentrating above the battlefield. Runsemith grabbed the power to the Anvil, and tried to convert them into lighting bolts. However, Grey Seer Skreezulz was vigilant and already was prepering counter measures. He invoked the words of Dispel and bolts disappeared before they were able to reach the unit of Plague Monks.

…and then some unusual thing happened. Champion of Miners, brave Lars The Digger was in possession of ancient artefact – Fiery Ring of Thori. He turned the ring three times around his finger, and fiery blast burst from the ring’s gem – forming the impassable wall of fire in front of Plague Monks. That was something, no Skaven saw ever before. Blazing barrier  out of nowhere. Blasted Dwarf-thing magic!


Remo thinking on his next move

Turn 4 (Skaven)


Things messed up a bit. Slaves were fleeing (as always!) and Plague Monks march forward were stopped. Despite their uncontrolled frenzy, they couldn’t do much. They were blocked by wall of fire summoned from Fiery Ring of Thori. They were so close to the enemy, but were forced to wait until the fire goes off.


Slaves continue to flee. Cowards!

Queek and Stormvermin charged at rallied Thunderers, and Clanrats continued to push The Bell.

Well, Thunderers were no match for Queek. He slashed remaining Dwarf-things in the unit, licked off the drops of blood from Dwarf Gouger and smiled with satisfaction. The battle might not going as easy as he predicted, but at least he killed plenty of Dwarf-things.


Queek the Victorious!

On the right flank, Doomwheel continued to roll over the Crossbowemen and it released two lightings right the unit. Charge hit two Dwarfs and they simply electrified in the matter of seconds. One more Dwarf were surrounded by swarm of wheel’s rats, and he couldn’t chase them away. They bit, and scratched and he died because of inflicted injuries and loss of blood.


Doomwheel versus last Crossbowmen Dwarf.

Winds of Magic cumulated again and Grey Seer made another attempt to cast The Plague. Runesmith Valagrim didn’t want to risk of spreading this pestilence among Dwarfs ranks and he broke second and the last seal of Rune of Spellbreaking. The forming magical energy was sucked back to the sky. Futile effort of Skreezulz The White.

Turn 4 (Dwarfs)

Defence on both flanks were  broken. Stormvermin on left and last Dwarf standing against Clan Skryre diabolic invention – Doomwheel. But, thankfully, the centre was holding. Miners hold their position protected by wall of Fiery Ring of Thori, and Anvil of Doom were slowly surrounding Plague Monks from behind and Clanrats from the flank.


Machines were loaded and ready to fire, and Gyrocopter continued to hover in the rear of Clanrats ready to release the steam.


Gyrocopter firing at Clanrats

Pilot pulled the lever and hot burst of air covered almost entire unit. Skaven blood boiled in their veins, eyes started to pop out and skin to melt. Terrible sight even for Dwarfs. Pilot, though, was used to such scenes. He was experienced veteran with hundreds of flight hours on Gyrocopter and even experimental Gyrobombers (that hasn’t been introduced to regular duty by Engineer Guild yet). He saw worst things than few vermin died in spasms. 5 Skaven less to worry about.

Flame cannon also targeted Clanrats. The plan was to outnumbered them to the level, that they won’t be able to push Screaming Bell any more. Flames spread among Clanrats ranks and 4 more Skaven stood in fire and died.

Reloaded Organ Gun fired ALL barrels at The Bell. It wasn’t decision dictated by tactical guidelines. It was all about the trophy. Organ Gun crew ignored orders of Remo Remorsen and aimed The Bell. The Bell needed to be destroyed. 4 Balls hit Screaming Bell. One Ball badly wounded Grey Seer, who tried to hide behind wooden construction, but his efforts were not sufficient. Badly wounded, but still alive, Skreezulz reached to his sack and grabbed the piece of Skalm. After consuming it, his wounds healed in a matter of seconds and he was fully recovered.

Remaining three balls hit directly The Bell. Yes, it is. The indestructible Bell that ring with every hit…

On right flank, Doomwheel’s rats swarmed over last Crossbowmen Dwarf and bit him to the death. There were too many of them…

At the same time, fiery wall finally went off, and Plague Monks were free to charge at Miners any moment soon…

Turn 5 (Skaven)

Screaming Bell rang. Finally, the silence was broken. Due of several hits by Organ Gun cannon balls, the sound of The Bell echoed over the battlefield one more time. And it was destructive sound. Every building and war machine in the area started to shake. Flame Thrower and Gyrocopter wooden parts started to crack, but thankfully for Dwarf Army, it wasn’t anything serious.

Plague Monks. Frenzied zealots, who only duty is to spread the plague and rot in all kingdoms above. They were determined to stab, sting and slash Dwarfs in front of them. They were driven by frenzy, know no fear and they were close. And while the fire wall was out, they were finally free to charge at Miners.

Charge were furious. Plague Monks carried out enormous number of attacks. But, surprisingly, all of them did no harm to any of Miners. They were tough, well trained and heavily armoured. And while, they were OK, they struck back!


Plague Monks vs Miners

Two Monks were killed, and that was enough for Clan Pestilens. The vicious frenzy went off and Monks lost their temper all of the sudden. The morale got shaken and whole unit broke the combat and fled. Miners pursued and they almost caught them, but Plague Monks managed to escape.

At the same time Clanrats remained stationary. There were only 8 of them and it was not enough to push Screaming Bell any longer. They were stuck there. Stuck but proud to be part of Screaming Bell company.

Stormvermin turned right to face Organ Gun.


Turn right!

And at the right flank, rouge Doomwheel, sent two lightings direct at Flame Cannon’s crew. One of these killed one crew member. Thankfully, two Dwarfs were enough to operate the machine.

Rats inside the wheel were running constantly, turning the construction more to the right, directing almost into the the wall of building nearby… few meters before it slowed down…


Doomwheel almost hit the wall

Grey Seer Skreezulz The White were furious. Unit of Clanrats were almost wiped out, and without sufficient number of Skaven, Screaming Bell was immobile. It wasn’t suppose to happen! He meant to ride proudly on the top of it and crush enemies of The Underempire! But ways of Horned Rat are mysterious and unknown. Maybe it was his fate…

…with no many options in his sleeve, he reached for more power and accumulated it in the warpstone gem on the top of his staff. The power was enough to cast The Plague another time. He started to recite the words of the spell, but, well, Valagrim stood alert and prepared for that. He simply said the words of counterspelling dispel and Plague was stopped right before it even started.

Turn 5 (Dwarfs)

Remo Remorsen was content. The battle plan ran smoothly so far. Skaven numbers were significantly reduced,  and two units were broken. He ordered Miners to charge at fleeing Monks, and while they fled even further from the enemy he turned his regiment to attack Screaming Bell and last of Clanrats.

Organ Gun reloaded the barells and turned to face Stormvermin. At the same time Flame Cannon burst the fiery blaze direct at Stormvermin. Eight Skaven died in flames.

…and four more in steam hot air fired from Gyrocopter Cannon (it flew here to decimate another Skaven unit. Pilot did his job perfectly). So 12 Stormvermin died in one moment. That was massive blow into the heart of Skaven Army, and  personal insult for Queek. He will get his revenge for that!


Gyrocopter firing at Stormvermin

Anvil got close to the Screaming Bell flank, and Miners led by Remo Remorsen himself started to finish poorly combat skilled Clanrats.


Miners charge!

Remo was brave and proud warrior. When he noticed that Skreezulz The White was hiding on the top of The Bell, he shouted:

“Oi! White Rat man! You like the worst kind of vermin I used to squeeze in my beer cellar! Come down here right now, so I could squeeze you the same!”

Skreezulz did not wished to be insulted in such way:

“Dwarf-thing! I’m Skreezulz The White, thirteen rat of all thirteen broods in finest breeding cave of Skavenblight! I’ll crush-crush you like a maggot! Yess-yessss….”

Grey Seer stepped down and stood against Remo Remorsen. Remo swung Flail of Skulls and managed to hit Grey Seer once, wounding him badly. Black Amulet‘s protection was not worked somehow and Skreezulz screamed in intense pain. Wounded, but still on his feet and able to carry his two-handed staff Seer wanted to strike back, but Remo parried all the hits. The challenge was not over yet…


Miners fight against Clanrats.


Turn 6 (Skaven)

Battle was slowly coming to the end. Plague Monks and Slaves did not rallied and continued to flee.

Queek with the remaining few Stormvermin ordered charge at Organ Gun. Actually Queek was out of options – Organ Gun was only possible target. Queek ran with battle cry coming from his muzzle and wiped out entire crew. They were simply massacred. No way to fight back, Queek was master in close combat. The death was swift and painless.


Stormvermin charging Organ Gun crew

On the right flank, Doomwheel turned back (away from the wall), but it meant absolutely no threat any more to any one.

Meanwhile, the challenge between Skreezulz and Remo Remorsen continued. The fight was vicious, Grey Seer was fast, he dodged off all attacks, jumping around Dwarf general. Skreezulz tried to fight back, but Remo close combat skills were extraordinary. He parried Grey Seer’s attacks with ease.

At the same time Remo fought versus Skreezulz, Miners fought against Clanrats. One Clanrat died and one of the Miners were killed in return. Both sides remained tied in close combat. Clanrats were not so poorly skilled after all. The managed to stand against Dwarfs for so long!

Skreezulz was wounded, all right… but still he had his Warlock powers. He tried to cast three spells this time – while Pestilens Breath and Putrefy was dispelled by Runesmith,  Plague, one of most infamous Skaven spells was spread one more time (Remo boosted his Dispel up to zero. It meant I need to powered up my spell with at least two Power Cards to make it work. The fate wanted – I did not have any more Power in my hands… However any roll of one means the roll failed. And look at that, Remo rolled unlucky one:).

The Plague was the last chance for Skreezulz, for Queek and for all Skaven. Plague was already begun. Miners started to die in horrible painful spasms. Skreezulz laughed – “Finally! The Horned Rat looked at me with more pleasant sight. He included me in His master plan! Yes-yes!”.

…but Dwarfs were tough and resilient creatures, hard to wound and definitely hard to kill by any Skaven disease. Only four Miners were killed by The Plague. The fifth Dwarf’s immunity system managed to resist the illness. The Plague was stopped and Grey Seer realised that Horned Rat was only teasing with him and abandon him for good…

Turn 6 (Dwarfs)

It was almost sunset, but fight was still on. Both sides  were clashed in combat in the fading light of setting sun.

Gyrocopter and Flame Cannon aimed at Stormvermin and covered rest of the unit with steam and fire. There was no way any Skaven came ffrom this inferno alive.


Gyrocopter finishing last Stormvermin

Queek was last rat standing. Alone behind enemy lines. He quickly judge the misery of his situation and he realised, that it was no place for him any more. Clanrats were almost wiped out, Skreezulz were wounded, Doomwheel out of control. No, definitely no place to be here. Time to regroup. And by regroup he meant to pull up his tail and ran as far as possible from this wicked place. His revenge must wait.

Valagrim at Anvil of Doom charged Clanrats from the flank, and togheter with Miners, they managed to wipe out entire Skaven unit.


Anvil of Doom charge!

…as for the challenge. Skreezulz was asking himself, why Horned Rat was not blessed him, why He was not chosen for great deeds, why He was punishing him, what mistake he made that his beloved god left him…and while his grim thoughts wandering around, Remo Remorsen inflicted fatal wound. Flail swung and struck Grey Seer direct in the head, breaking his skull into pieces. Maybe, that was Skreezulz true fate…maybe that that Hornet Rat truly wanted… the sacrifice.

Queek Headtaker ran away. And rest of the Skaven force were annihilated. Dwarfs took revenge over good folks of Stoodhof. Who knows, maybe someday people come back to this settlement and copper mines will be reopened. Who knows…

After battle thoughts

That was awesome battle! Great return to Old World after few months of break I lost, I know, but still the battle has its twists and turns.

What went wrong?

Oh, well, my tactics was lousy. Too lousy. I just went with everything forward. Simple as that. And Dwarfs were just shooting. With no means to stop Gyrocopter and take down Organ Gun or Flame Cannon, I was  at the mercy of all this war machines.

If only I had Gutter Runners, I could take over some of them possibly (unfortunately they are still unpainted), but without any scouts I couldn’t do anything.

… plus no shooters of my own. Gyrocopter was just flying around and treating my units with steam.

…beside that, it was matter of bad luck. Striker of Screaming Bell killed in first round, Doomwheel out of control in first round. Plague faded out too soon. You know, sum of small things..

… and finally I did not get my favourite spell – Skitterleap. I could have teleported Queek or Plague Priest direct into combat with any of the war machines… well, it happens, I guess.

Honestly though, no complains. The battle was awesome! And it was true pleasure to play against Remo’s Dwarfs. I hope I will get the chance for revenge some day.

More reports will come soon. Warhammer FB, 40k and other games. Stay tune!


  1. Captain Crooks says

    It’s a pleasure to see folks enjoying a good bit of Herohammering, well done! Dwarven gun lines are a tough match for any army, you did well to make it across the board 😉 Next time, victory! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Herohammer is my favourite edition. more reports will come this way. and I almost made it. next time more luck and like you said – victory!


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