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Personal projects tab

For the last couple of years I was working on a few personal projects of mine. And some of them are at certain stages of completion.

So, instead to write several posts with the pictures and full description – I decided to set up separate tabs on the header menu. Each tab will lead you to the site about one of my projects. Pictures and background story. It’s going to be all there. Gathered in one place and easier to find.

For starters – My Warhammer Fantasy Altdorf army. Here’s the link.


Of course , it’s an on going thing. There are so many miniatures in my storage still waiting to be painted and I plan to do so. Next in line to cover are: Imperial Fists for Warhammer 40000 and Chaos for Warhammer Fantasy. I’ll inform you about any updates in separate posts.



  1. airbornegrove26 says

    Looking forward to this! And that Empire Civil War Battle Report!!!! Did you paint both armies or does your opponent from that one have a blog as well?

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    • I’ll write the report, hopefully next month, but a few stories to tell before that. Including RT rep from Bangkok:)

      I painted whole Altdorf side plus at least 50% of Averland. my friend runs no blog:(


    • thanks a lot. soon I’ll post the IF, but Chaos will have to wait until I get back from Asia and Australia (too bad, I’m not getting to Adelaide this time…)

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