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Go west, go east…

That was a quick one😊 Yup, 40 days abroad is really short time actually. You just think it’s going to be forever and, all of the sudden, next week your flight back to Europe is due to departure. Thailand for the last 5 years, happened to me to be as sort of second homeplace. I’ve been there (if counting all trips together) 8 months in 7 separate visits. Awesome weather, friendly people, and amazing food. I could stay here for a really, really long time.

And what’s equally important – the conditions for miniature painting are adequate. With me new USB rechargeable LED lamp, the job is really easy now. Even when jet-lagged, and awaken at 3 am, I cant turn the light on and get into painting real quick, without disturbing my lovely wife. This lamp is a real gamechanger. I just wonder, why I needed so many years to finally get myself one. Lesson to be learnt: if someone tells you a good advice –  do not hesitate, just go for it.

I brought to Thailand quite a bunch of models, I hoped I find the time to paint them. And to my surprise, I was disciplined enough to finish every one of them! Bully for me. For the first time since I can remember I finished what I planned to paint. This is a good omen for whole 2019, when hobby challenges will probably be tight as hell.

So, what have we here. Let,s see…


Skaven Clanrats of clan Ektrik. The very first unit of my new coming  Skaven army, based on 1980s and 90s miniatures only.


Middlehammer Wood Elves Waywatchers. Commission for a friend


A bunch of old Talisman Wizards


Limited BOYL 2017 miniature of Helsreach Governor. Thanks to Curtis of Remshackle Games

Encounter in Bangkok

My trip to Thailand had an additional hobby perk. Besides, painting miniatures, I had a opportunity and a pleasure to meet and throw some dice with Mr Papafakis ( Oldhammer Australian living in Bangkok. I happen to meet Erasmus Papafakis at BOYL in 2017. One year and a half later and I finally had a chance to visit him ‘out there’. We played a fun game of Rogue Trader. Ork ambushed a column of Imperial armoured cars with The Governor escorted by a squad of Imperial Fists. The Gov managed to escaped the ambush, but it was a close call.

Mr. Papafakis, thanks a lot for the game. It was a blast! Next time I’m in Thailand we have to repeat that. Hopefully fall 2019…:)


One of the best wargaming tables I’ve ever seen. Bangkok based at Mr. Papafakis home…


The Governor leaves the infamous Papa’s Place pub…


…and The Orks are just waiting for him!


Erasmus Papafakis in action


Not today Orks!

Back to Warsaw, thrown into Holiday season madness, trying to remain sane.  Lukly is all over. Today, January 4th I begin another adventure. Two and a half months – back in Asia (Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore) and Australia, and literally I’m counting hours to the departure. And, obviously I’m taking with me big stash of miniatures to handle my painting urges throughout the whole trip. It’s quite some time, so my painting kit will be a bit larger this time. Some minis will be my personal thing, and other commissioned.

Here what I plan to accomplish this time:


Another trip, another miniatures pack:)

Skaven. I try to re-invent my Skaven project. Get rid of all plastic models, and make a core of my army more Oldhammer. Most of the models will come from 1980s and 90s. For this trip I take:

4 warlocks, Grey Seer, Throt the Unclean, Chieftain, 2 Warpfire Thrower teams, and Ratling Gun

Goblins. Part of painting challenge I’m doing at the moment. Goblin Witch, Goblin Hero, and a regiment of Night Goblins

Wood Elves. Ongoing commission. Unit of War Dancers and unit of Scouts.

Ultramarines. 5 veterans with jump packs. Captain and Standard Bearer. Another commission.

Most probably I’ll pack a miniature or two to have something in reserve, but according to my estimate, there’s a slight Chance I won’t make it even with those I planned. Discipline is key here, but obviously we’ll see how it goes.

And a final announcement for all Oldhammers!

If anybody’s out there, somewhere in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore, Australia (Perth and Melbourne) or Vietnam (Da Nang, Ho Chi Min), interested of in a game of any Oldhammer oriented games (whatever comes to your mind), please contact me. I’ll be more than happy to meet with you.

Cheers folks!


  1. airbornegrove26 says

    Some amazing work there Tytus, and most of it done abroad! Hope you have a good trip, and maybe get in an Oldhammer game. I’m really looking ahead to Boyl 2019, hope to see you there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks:) I never leave house with paints and brushes;)

      gamewise – already got some contacts from Australia, so who knows:)

      and yes! BOYL for sure. flights, hotel booked, so, this will happen:) see you!


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