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A Tale of Seven Gamers – Stage One completed

Yay! I made it! I completed the first stage of local painting challenge we organized at the end of the October.

The goal was simple: to complete 500 army points until the end of January 2019. To check all the rules of our game, check this link.

…and I did it, no sweat;). The road was a bit bumpy. First of all, the models I pledged to the challenge arrived to me December 18th 2018. The second, Christmas season is crazy time for me filled with other obligations. So called, serious (you can call it: not hobby related) obligations. The third, I was between my journey to Thailand and my next trip to Vietnam.  Basically, that two weeks were all about cleaning, assembling, priming and prepering my hobby kit for another trip. And believe me, it’s really time consuming.

Anyway, I beat those odds, and I’m here to brag with my creations.

Glaxo Slimslom. The Goblin King


Oh, bow before your King! The Everking of all goblins, The Ruler of Old World, The Liberator of Dark Lands, The Conqueror of Miragliano, The Wielder of The Moot Sausage, The Raider of Lustria, The Looter of Dwarfling Mines and The Destroyer of The Northern Wastes.

I still work on the background story of The King Glaxo. What I know for now, he is a former slave of Chaos Dwarfs mines of Tower of Gorgoth, where we was initiator of a massive slave rebellion, and managed to liberate a group of Goblins. After that he travelled west, and on the way the Goblin tribes joined his journey, driven by his charisma and stories of his deeds. More to come…

Points: 182 /including 130 points reserved for magic items. Still to be chosen/

The Doom Goblins





The one of many tribes that follow King Glaxo Slimslom. They are distant cousins of Night Goblin Tribe. Less known for a fact, but still they worship The Bad Moon, and they explore various mushroom as the way of life, in the same fashion as Night Goblins. The shamans of The Doom Goblins are famous of their mushroom hallucinogenic mushroom brew. True delicacy of the tribe.

The unit of 30 Doom Goblins looks proudly with the Bad Moon symbol on their shields, and The Red Eye on the banner. Not strict about the uniforms like their cousins, but with equal, if not greater fanaticism and fighting skills.

Accompanied with three fanatics.

Points: 275,50 /50 points reserved for magic banner and 25 points for some small magic item for the champion/

The Goblin Bolt Thrower. ‘Da Poke in Da Eye’



It’s not common that goblins operate Greenskin war machines. All stone throwers or  spear chukkas seemed to be Ork inventions. However, the true is, Goblins are far superior with constructing and operating those machines. Orks simply came, bullied the lesser, grab their creations and claimed that they invented it. King Glaxo made Goblins realise, that they are no worse than any Ork, and they can do better.  ‘Da Poke in Da Eye’ Thrower is a real life evidence of that.

Points: 46,50

Total: 504 points

All miniatures in this stage are manufactured by Knightmare Miniatures. Highly recommended stuff, I tell you.

So, what’s next?

Next stage of the painting challenge started February 1st, and the deadline is planned for April 30th. I planned this to be a bit easier than the first. I have other projects to look after, don’t mentioning the commissions, plus I’m still in South East Asia until 25th March.

Therefore, I’ll concentrate on these three miniatures

88-ylscxn8x-bruja-goblin-1Zeep The Green Witch. One of the very few Goblin females ever appeared publicly. Incredible smart, and sneaky as hell. The rumour says that Gertrude is behind the surprising King Glaxo success of unification. Points: 234 /3. level Shaman. 75 points reserved for possible magic items/.



112-s1zge7cr-carruaje-goblin-3The Lupo Cart. Goblin Wolf chariot. Points: 85




giant trollRisotto, The Giant Troll. Incredibly dumb but faithful and effective bodyguard of The Goblin King. No one will pass trough him. Mainly because, no one ever tried. This guy’s too huuuuge and too scary! Points: 230.

The Goblin Witch model is the only one from the challenge I actually have with me right now. So, I’ll start with her, and paint The Troll and The Chariot right after I’m back to Europe in March.

The Tale of Seven Gamers. The rest of the crew

As mentioned before, there are seven of us. Or maybe I should write, they were seven… Right now, two are out and 4 of us remained. Here’s the magnificent four:

Adam (Halflings)


The Hungry Horde of The Moot

Adam’s plan is ambitious. He tries to complete 2000 points of Halfling army (following Citadel Journal WHFB 4th Army List), plus he’d like to sculpt most of the models in his army. So far, so good – 8 sculpted models plus a few from regular range. Total points of the stage is: 263,5 points, so not even close to 500. But, man – 8 sculpts! That’s impressive and I think we can all agree it’s enough.Next stage, though, no excuses, no exceptions. 1000 points need to be reached! More photos on Adam’s blog:

Piotr (Chaos Dwarfs)


Gilgamesh and The Bull of Heaven. Hashut is proud. Beautifully painted 500 points. More of Piotr creations on his blog:


Jarek (Chaos Warriors)


Salazar The Pale, The Champion of Chaos and his followers

More photos of Salazar The Pale and his band on Jarek’s blog-

Unfortunately the last three, Jan, Tomek and Maks failed to achieve the glory of finishing their pledges in time and they are off. We’d be happy to welcome them in once again, if they paint the first stage miniatures, and will have enough perseverance to catch up with the second stage on time. Fingers crossed!

Back to painting then. No time to waste!



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