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On the road again!

[I actually wrote most of this post Friday lat week, but the last couple of days were super crazy and I had a very little spare time to finish and publish it. Right now, I’m in Bangkok, Thailand in a lovely hotel, planning my next move here:)]


My first portable workstation setup, Bangkok. Thailand. No palm trees, parrots, and tropical sunset in the background. Not yet;)

Just a few days and I change scenery again. I say good bye to chilling, depressing Polish fall. Thailand will be the place for me for the next 40 days. Leaving this Sunday:)

I don’t have any specific plans yet. Two things I know for sure.

I will enjoy sun, sea and food big time.

And I plan to paint a big bunch of miniatures.

Oh, how exciting I am at the moment. Everything is already set up. Brushes selected, paints sorted, miniatures prepared. Gosh, I haven’t done this kind of preparation for a quite some time now.  I believe since the last time I was doing ‘the travelling painter’ thing it was 2015. Three long years passed. I lived in Spain for some time, I go back to Poland. Constantly working, and made no break to hobby business, no. I’m too determined to learn new tricks, to develop my painting skills.

To quote ancient artist Apelles: Not a day without a line drawn. My life looks like that right now. I try to paint everyday, even an hour a day if it’s possible. Optimal daily routine is 4-5 hours of painting. Only that way I can get better and better. No short cuts.

So… Poland, Spain, Thailand…makes no difference. The miniatures I owe don’t paint themselves. This is my job. And here I am. Spent entire All Souls Day on pinning, glueing, priming the stuff I will bring across the half of the globe and will sit on the porch of my bungalow or something, sweat like shit in tropical evening, listen to geckos and paint like nothing else matters.

Ok. So let me show you what I have here.

First of all, I

need to brag a bit with my latest purchase.


This LED Daylight Lamp is fully rechargeable via USB with battery that last 3-4 hours. Light is strong and spread enough to cover space necessary to paint. I already gave it a try during a short business trip to London at the beginning of October, and really, I must say – this is a gamechanger. My hobby life will be so much better from now on.

The lamp is available on Amazon for 29 GBP. In my opinion, it’s a great deal. Absolutely a must have for any semi-nomadic painter like me.

With this lamp and a wet palette, I feel so boosted up. Sky is the limit! No excuses. Give me my minis – I will paint them ALL!

Speaking of them. I take this pile of lead with me:

Skaven Clanrats


I neglected my furry friends for too long. I’ve been focused on so many other projects and commissions, and the Skaven were left alone. No more.

This little far east trip is a perfect opportunity for me to get back to them. The unit of 30 Clanrats is my first choice here. I eventually plan to get rid of all modern plastic miniatures from the army, so these Clanrats are the first replacement regiment.




Second bunch. The Moot hungry boys. A unit of 15 archers and The Hot Pot. They will painted in Averland colours /The Moot is more or less part of Averland. So everything works here. At least geographically/. The whole pack is a part of ongoing commission job I’ve been doing for the last year for my friend.

Empire Great Cannon


Also a part of Averland job. I don’t see the bottom here. More and more units are coming. Man, I think, I painted more for my friend’s Averland than for my Aldtorf project. No complaining here, just stating the fact. Averland  is so cool to paint (yellow/black combination – sick!), so I must be crazy if I would complain:)

Wood Elf Waywatchers


All of the sudden I got almost full spectrum of Warhammer races with me. Here are the elves. I was thinking so hard about painting Elves recently, so I made it real and I received really nice commission for quite a few regiments of Wood Elves. I decided to start with these.  12 Waywatchers. 5th edition style. Papa like it:)

Three Talisman Wizards


These guys will be sitting on a substitute bench. I’ll be in Thailand for 40 days, so it should be enough to paint those black/yellow Averlanders, my precious Skaven and The Waywatchers. But, if by any chance there will be some extra time left I’d gladly give some colours to this bunch. Light, Celestial and Bright Collages Wizards. I bought them real cheap a few years ago along with other Empire minis. Time to boost them up. Hopefully there I’ll make it:).

Helsreach Mayor


…and finally the last but not least – as I call him – Helsreach Mayor. This is limited giveaway model from BOYL 2017. It was ta my desk for so long now, primed and just lurking at me from the corner of my work station, kind of trying to push it self up the painting line. I’ll try make it right now for little Mayor. Especially there will be a good opportunity to test Mr Mayor in action very soon somewhere around in Bangkok:)

So, that was a quick recap of my preparations to my little trip to Thailand. It’s so good to be back on the road again. And it’s awesome to back to blogging! I’ll give you updates on work in progress with these, plus some extra stories I should have written like ages ago:)



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